Laboratorio di Diagnostica per i Beni Culturali
PhD Maria Luisa Astolfi

 Director. Today she is researcher at the Department of Chemistry of Sapienza University of Rome and was awarded the National Scientific Qualification to the position of associate professor in Analytical Chemistry.
 She is the author of 71 publications in international journals, one patent, and more than 100 conference papers. He is a member of the Editorial Board of international journals as Plos One, Open Chemistry, Methods and Protocols, Analytica, Frontiers in Analytical Science.
 The researches of Dr. Astolfi mainly concern the development of new analytical methods in the environmental, analytical and bioanalytical field based on spectroscopic techniques. In particular, she develops innovative approaches for the elemental characterization of environmental and biological complex matrices.
 Other research linees are: elementary analysis can allow to establish the geographical origin and the authenticity of artworks and samples in Cultural Heritage field, development and application of analytical methods for environmental monitoring studies at sites of cultural interest.

PhD Maria Pia Sammartino

 past director.Researcher at Rome University, La Sapienza. The research activity was mainly focused on analytical applications of chemistry and electrochemistry one Environment and Cultural Heritage fields. In the past she was strongly bound with the didactic activity and regards the application of, mainly, non invasive/non destructive or microinvasive/non destructive analysis of ancient objects of art in Cultural Heritage field.
 The full activity (didactic and scientific) aims to suggest the proper "analyticae itineri", to be followed approaching a work of art, in order to ensure the maximum information with the minimum damage.
 Author of about 100 papers in international journal, with more congressess presentations and held 2 patents in her research filed. More act as co-major in the international congres CMA4CH.

R. Reale
PhD Rita Reale

 Master degree at 2010 in "Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation" at Rome University with a thesis on Corrosion Study of Burried Roman's Coins Using Multivarite Methods obtaining the full voting.
 Obtain the PhD at La Sapienza University in 2010 with a partnership with Vatican City restoration laboratory where she works for the next 5 years.
 Today work as Senior Restorer with works and consulences on frescoes, ceramics, woods, stones, metals and archaeometrics.
 Co-author of about 10 papers in international journals and more congress presentations.

E. Dell'Aglio
Dr. Emanuele Dell'Aglio

 Emanuele Dell'Aglio received his Master in Science and Technology for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage, with honours, in 2017 at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome. Currently he is continuing his studies by attending the course Degree in Analytical Chemistry at the same University. He is a member of research groups whose objectives are preservation of Cultural Heritage through the production of innovative methodologies and tools for conservation and restoration, in this regard since 2018 participates in the Italian national project "Smart Cities".
 He is actively involved in the field of scientific dissemination as a member of the jury of national awards for scientific dissemination, moreover, he writes from 2017 articles published on the blog "Research for Cultural Heritage".
 From the 6th edition of the Mediterraneum meeting CMA4CH (2016) he is part of the organizing committee. He is author of articles and posters on new methods of restoration and environmental monitoring of natural waters.

Dr. Giovanni Visco

 Major of CMA4CH Meeting from the first edition, 2006 and coordinator of Committees. In the past contract professor in Rome University; in the course "Laboratorio Chimico di Conservazione e Trattamento dei Materiali". In previous contract professor, and contract researcher, at Chemistry Department, as well as coworker from 1982 for the acquisition, processing, and chemometrics treatment of the analytical and environmental chemist data with the Prof. L. Campanella research group
 As visible in photo engaged in diagnoses on cultural heritage (XVI century frescos, XV century tortoises fountain) and environmental remediation. He is co-author of more than 45 papers on international scientific journals and same number of congress communications. Last work is scientific coordinator of a chemometrics training course for International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

External persons
Prof. Luigi Campanella

 Co-Chairman for Cultural Heritage. Full professor of Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry at Rome University, La Sapienza. Already full professor of Analytical Chemistry. Actually engaged in the field of Environmental Chemistry, Toxicological Analytical Chemistry and Biosensors. In the past other fields of interest: Electroanalytical Chemistry, Food Analysis, Bioindicators, Cultural Heritage and diffusion of Scientific Culture.
 Author of three books of Analytical Applied Chemistry, of more than 400 papers in the preferred research topics and of three patents. From 2008 President of Italian Chemical Society, also President of Government National Order of Chemist for italian centre region.

A.M. Salvi
Prof. Anna Maria Salvi

 Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry at University of Basilicata, Potenza, Italy. Her scientific activity is centred on the study of surfaces and interfaces by XPS (X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy) and specialises in the analysis of spectra by curve fitting using a program which was developed in the course of a long-standing collaboration with the University of Surrey, UK (PhD thesis). The XPS laboratory work principally for students courses and applications on environmental issues and on the preservation and restoration of artistic and monumental heritage.
 The prof. Salvi published more then 65 papers (and as many Congress contributions) in the filed of surface analysis and participate to several projects of National and European significance.

Prof. Mauro Tomassetti

 Full professor at Rome University. Research interests are in the development of electrochemical sensors and biosensors working both in aqueous and organic solvents and in their application to environmental, biopharmaceutical and food analysis.
 Also interests are in thermoanalytical studies (TG, DTA, DSC) for the stability or purity control and the characterisation of several materials (drugs, foodstuffs, polymers, ancients, etc.) and in the study and characterisation of archaeological finds and cultural heritages, investigated by means of several instrumental techniques of chemical analysis.
 Have about 300 publications and 450 communications to Congresses, overall in the above recorded fields of research.

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