Summary of information  pca-2008-ani
  1. CMA4CH Meeting
    1. When: in July, but please wait for more information on place and meeting room
    2. Where: probably in Rome but wait for more information
    3. Registration fee: after find place and date we set the values. As Hybrid Meeting we have two registration fee, one for scientist present and other for remote participation
    4. Deadline: wait please
    5. Virtual Meeting: from this edition we accept virtual presentation to permit participation of researchers not able to reach Rome in July. There are a few virtual place and we use FIFO method to accept presentation. Participants can make their presentations online or in meeting room
    6. Who: we have a web page dedicated to reach short curricula and photo of Scientific Committee, Organising Committee and Authors
    7. for Authors: all work presented, poster or oral are subjected to a peer review procedure, of course there are rules for authors, please follow them accurately to speed up the acceptance of your work
    8. some prizes have been established, but we are looking for support for this
    9. special issue: for previous edition we close an agreement to publish a selection of presented paper. We hope to do this for CMA4CH next edition
    10. sometime friends and authors make query to us about logo, all background and logos are produced, by hand, starting from some photos or drawing, click on the link of this edition
  2. Contacts
    1. If you like to contact the Organising Committee please click . If you are going to do a hotel booking write to HERE
Organizer work at:
Rome University, La Sapienza: Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty: Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH Meeting, measurements, diagnostics, statistics in Environment and Cultural Heritage fields
→ in the even years of III millennium ←
Organizer teach on:
Laurea Degree Course of Chemistry and Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and Conservation
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