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The Lectures. Contribute for Talk, Poster or Virtual. List of authors names

Opening Lecture Author Title
introduction and acknowledgement    
for Environment section    
for Applied Statistics to .... section    
for Cultural Heritage section    


Table of received contribute for Talk or Poster

First author, coworkers; affiliation; country
(Authors list)
Title Poster
or Oral
as PreSubmission,
in pEerRew.,
author(s) registr.?
out of proceeding book        

Received= submitted to Meeting organisation but before the registration, after registration go to in peer-review process. *= corresponding author if not first name.

The name of xyx Authors in alphabetic list, from xy countries
Organizer work at:
Rome University, La Sapienza: Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty: Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH Meeting, measurements, diagnostics, statistics in Environment and Cultural Heritage fields
→ in the even years of III millennium ←
Organizer teach on:
Laurea Degree Course of Chemistry and Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and Conservation
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