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Photo Gallery of Town and Meeting

Tao Animation n.1
Taormina City Council

  The 2010 Edition of CMA4CH Meeting should be held in one of the most famous island of the Mediterranean area, in Sicily. This is a larger island of the Mediterreneum. Many and many cultures and people come in this island for their position, the minerals commerce and water and food loading. Today the island is an "autonomy region" of the Italy and is going to re-discovery their ancient importance.

References, links
  1. Taormina e la riviera jonica, in four languages
  2. Sicily for tourist, good site to obtain information in many languages,
  3. Best of Sicily, an independent and good guide to travel,
  4. A swiss site write by a sicilian enthusiastic, in french also,
Photo gallery, the Meeting and the town

  As usual for the CMA4CH we put online some photo of the metting and of the city.

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some photos are obtained with one of better digital camera, other with a phone!
where the Meeting? (223 KB)
the sea
Are we able to build a bridge before the next Big Earthquake destroys it? (220 KB)
cannoli siciliani
do not forget to eat the cannoli siciliani (338 KB)
not only for dessert, a typical sweet, the marzapane, (308 KB)
one good, expensive ceramic and pottery seller (418 KB)
one small restaurant with ceramics in the centre (377 KB)
bronze, villa
after a path in the City sitting in the City Garden (415 KB)
golfo ovest
from the Garden you can see the gulf, the railway station, the ... (254 KB)
in september, flowers inside the ancient Naxos colony excavation (513 KB)
after the flora a look to fauna in the island (111 KB)
you excuse me but someone say that I am not suitable for flying (760 KB)
the harbour of Naxos and the Etna volcano (232 KB)
one of the largest beaches in the world! (316 KB)
the Course
the Course, participants and prof. Brereton (359 KB)
the Course winner
the Course, the winner of the prize (243 KB)
poster 1
the Poster session, prof. Kosmus (268 KB)
poster 2
Poster session, dr. Caneve and dr. Porrovecchio (240 KB)
poster 3
on the left dr. Leory and prof. Ortaggi at Poster session (234 KB)
go to Theatre
climbing to the Greek Theatre. See the gulf! (329 KB)
go to Theatre 2
walking to Theatre, on the right prof. Montenero and prof. Russo (315 KB)
go to Theatre 3
a pause going to Theatre! (293 KB)
go to Theatre 4
in front, a member of the staff M.G. Papa and dr. Leroy (353 KB)
the Taormina Greek Theatre
and finally the Taorimina Greek Theatre (247 KB)
at Theatre
phd. Marini and dr. Kapsalas in red t-shirt (278 KB)
at Theatre 2
sitting in Theatre after climbing (353 KB)
at Theatre 3
from left, prof. Jabbari, prof. Ghasemi in front of Barry Wise and wife (308 KB)
at Theatre 4
sitting one of the joung, dr. Baglivi (333 KB)
at Theatre 5
she describe the view of Etna from the Theatre (323 KB)
at Theatre 6
from right, ms. Wise, dr. Marini, ms. Papa, prof. Brereton (333 KB)
part of the staff
two of the major of organization, phd Sammartino e prof. Salvi (289 KB)
the cake
the cake for the Prize Party (194 KB)
the extraction of the prize among all participants (172 KB)
dinner 1
Social Dinner, the table of young scientists (242 KB)
dinner 2
the table of Committees of the meeting and friends (226 KB)
dinner 3
the Iranian delegation and phd. Sammartino (251 KB)
dinner 4
from left, prof. Tomassetti, prof. Montenero et al. (251 KB)
dinner 5
from right, prof. Marabelli, phd Sammartino, prof. Ortaggi, prof. Campanella (246 KB)
dinner 6
the young table with dr. Macchia and dr. Baciu (260 KB)
lunch 1
the lunch after the end of the meeting (235 KB)
lunch 2
sorry, prof. Cavicchioli is covered by dr. Barbu (235 KB)
lunch 3
the Iranian delegation and italian fish (266 KB)
a trip after the meeting, Randazzo city famous for the museums (271 KB)
Castelmola town, the donkey for waste sorting (230 KB)
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Rome University, La Sapienza
Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty
Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH, Application of Multivariate Analysis and Chemometrics to Environment and Cultural Heritage
in the even years of III millennium, 2010
Laurea Degree Course of
Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation
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