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we are looking for an agreement with an International Journal to publish a special issue with an accurate selection of works presented at CMA4CH 2018
For the Virtual Meeting the deadline for submission of long abstract remain 31 July 2018.
Opening Lecture Author Title
for Applied Statistics to Environment  A. Mistaro, F. Marini, A. Biancolillo, F. Moimas, A. Abatangelo, T. Asquini, C. Del Bianco  Chemometric Classification (SIMCA) of Atmospheric Particulate Matter in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (NE Italy) According to Elemental Content
for Environment section  M. Manigrasso, V. Mattei, S. Martellucci, C. Protano, M. Vitali, Pasquale Avino  Submicron Particles in Urban, Industrial, Suburban and Remote Areas: Characterization, Evaluation and Comparison
for Applied Statistics  Giovanni Visco, P.G. Agostinucci  Missing Data Imputation by Serpentine Sorting and Inverse Least Square Regression (ILS) [E]
for Cultural Heritage section  Alessandra De Lorenzi Pezzolo, A. Dal Farra, M. Cappellaro  DRFITS Characterization of the Soft Stone of the Berici Hills (NE Italy) and Classification of its Main Varieties Through Multivariate Analysis


Table of received contribute Virtual meeting

First author, coworkers; affiliation; country
(Authors list)
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 G. Visco, E. Dell'Aglio, M.P. Sammartino;
Chemistry Department, Department of Earth Sciences, Sapienza University, Rome; Italy
  Calibration of an Arduino Based Project for Measuring Water Conductivity With a Correct Procedure and an Inexpensive Hand-made Electrode Oral A C.H.
abstract OK
 L. Ivanova, P. Vassileva, A. Detcheva;
Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia; Bulgaria
 Biosorption of Cu2+ Ions Using Mentha Spicata L. and Ruta Graveolens L. Oral A Envir.
abstract OK
 A. Detcheva, V. Simeonov;
Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry and Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia; Bulgaria
 Chemometric Expertise of a Data Set of Bulgarian Medieval Glasses Oral A C.H.
abstract OK
 G. Visco, M.P. Sammartino;
La Sapienza Rome University, Mathematical Physical Natural Science Faculty, Rome; Italy
 Better of Box & Whisker, the Distribution Profile View for a Better Visual Description of a Multivariate Data Set. Oral P Chemom.
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 L. Campanella, F. Grimaldi, R. Angeloni, R. Reale;
La Sapienza Rome University, Mathematical Physical Natural Science Faculty, Rome; Italy
 Evaluation of Concentration Effects of Gaseous GTA on Archaeological Bones Consolidation by Chemometrics Analysis Oral P C.H.
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 V.C. Măruţoiu, I. Bratu, I. Feher, O.F. Măruţoiu, C. Măruţoiu;
Babeş-Bolyai University, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Cluj-Napoca; Romania
 Employment of Chemometric Methods for Determining the Wood Species Used for the Construction of Wooden Churches from Transilvania Oral A C.H.
abstract OK
 S. Tsakovski;
Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Sofia; Bulgaria
 Environmental Risk Assessment of Waste Water Treatment Plants: Multivariate Sustainable Development Challenge Oral P Envir.
wait abstract
 G. Yotova;
Department of Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University ; Bulgaria
 Source Apportioning of PTEs in Bulgarian Soil Quality Monitoring Network Poster (s) P Envir.
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 A. Biancolillo, M. Tomassetti, R. Bucci, S. Izzo, F. Candilio, F. Marini, L. Campanella;
Dept. of Chemistry, Dept. of Environmental Biology, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Rome; Italy
 NIR, Thermogravimetry and Chemometrics, a Case Study: Burnt and Unburnt Human Bones Oral A C.H.
abstract OK
 P. Ielpo, A. Pellegrini, C.M. Placentino, V. Comite, V. Ancona, V.F. Uricchio, P. Fermo;
Italian National Research Council (CNR), Lecce; Italy
  Indoor Airborne Particulate Matter of a Bakery: Size Distribution and Chemical Characterization Oral A Envir.
abstract OK
 F. Frasca, G. Grottesi, M. Botticelli, A. Maras, C. Cornaro, A.M. Siani;
Sapienza University of Rome, Tor Vergata University, Rome; Italy
  Evaluation of Wood Material Response to Relative Humidity: the Archaeological Museum of Priverno (Latina, Italy) Oral A C.H.
abstract OK
 R. Reale, T. Lovaglio, F. Langerame, G. Andreozzi, A.M. Salvi, M.P. Sammartino;
Chemistry Department, Department of Earth Sciences, Sapienza University, Rome; Dept of Science, University of Basilicata; Italy
  Spectroscopic Investigations on Spots and Stains Produced by Iron on Carbonatic Stones Oral A C.H.
abstract OK
 M.P. Sammartino, E. Dell'Aglio, L. Fontanella, L. Mancini, S. Marcheggiani, G.Visco;
Chemistry Department at La Sapienza University, Istituto Superiore di Sanita'; Rome, Italy
  Preliminary Biological, Chemical, Physical Study on Some Sacred Spring Waters Inside the Roman Forum Oral A C.H.
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Received= submitted to Meeting organisation but before the registration, after registration go to in peer-review process. *= corresponding author if not first name.

The name of 57 Authors in alphabetic list, from 5 countries

 A. Abatangelo, Italy  V. Ancona, Italy  G. Andreozzi, Italy  R. Angeloni, Italy  P.G. Agostinucci, Italy  T. Asquini, Italy  P. Avino, Italy  A. Biancolillo, Italy  M. Botticelli, Italy  I. Bratu, Romania  R. Bucci, Italy  L. Campanella, Italy  F. Candilio, Italy  M. Cappellaro, Italy  C. Cornaro, Italy  A. Dal Farra, Switzerland  E. Dell'Aglio, Italy  C. Del Bianco, Italy  A. De Lorenzi Pezzolo, Italy  A. Detcheva, Bulgaria  I. Feher, Romania  P. Fermo, Italy  L. Fontanella, Italy  F. Frasca, Italy  F. Grimaldi, Italy  G. Grottesi, Italy  P. Ielpo, Italy  L. Ivanova, Bulgaria  S. Izzo, Italy  F. Langerame, Italy  T. Lovaglio, Italy  L. Mancini, Italy  M. Manigrasso, Italy  S. Marcheggiani, Italy  S. Martellucci, Italy  F. Marini, Italy  C. Măruţoiu, Romania  O.F. Măruţoiu, Romania  V.C. Măruţoiu, Romania  V. Mattei, Italy  A. Mistaro, Italy  F. Moimas, Italy  A. Pellegrini, Italy  C.M. Placentino, Italy  C. Protano, Italy  R. Reale, Vatican City  A.M. Salvi, Italy  M.P. Sammartino, Italy  A.M. Siani, Italy  V. Simeonov, Bulgaria  M. Tomassetti, Italy  S. Tsakovski, Bulgaria  V.F. Uricchio, Italy  P. Vassileva, Bulgaria  G. Visco, Italy  M. Vitali, Italy  G. Yotova, Bulgaria

Rome University, La Sapienza
Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty
Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH Meeting 2018, Multivariate Analysis and Chemometry: an essential support for Environment and Cultural Heritage researchers
→ in the even years of III millennium ←
Laurea Degree Course of
Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation
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