15.625 HTML colors codes, for you

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A table of HTML color codes (hexadecimal RBG triplets) useful for your web page, freeware you can use any of this color, or similar, in your personal page. If you need names for the colors I suggest read this page from Kevin J. Walsh.

Or if you like to know more about "colors" check this one.

family dark         middle           light
00-00-xx 00-00-00 00-00-04 00-00-08 00-00-0C 00-00-0F 00-00-40 00-00-44 00-00-48 00-00-4C 00-00-4F 00-00-80 00-00-84
00-00-88 00-00-8C 00-00-8F 00-00-C0 00-00-C4 00-00-C8 00-00-CC 00-00-CF 00-00-F0 00-00-F4 00-00-F8 00-00-FC 00-00-FF
00-04-xx 00-04-00 00-04-04 00-04-08 00-04-0C 00-04-0F 00-04-40 00-04-44 00-04-48 00-04-4C 00-04-4F 00-04-80 00-04-84
00-04-88 00-04-8C 00-04-8F 00-04-C0 00-04-C4 00-04-C8 00-04-CC 00-04-CF 00-04-F0 00-04-F4 00-04-F8 00-04-FC 00-04-FF
00-08-xx 00-08-00 00-08-04 00-08-08 00-08-0C 00-08-0F 00-08-40 00-08-44 00-08-48 00-08-4C 00-08-4F 00-08-80 00-08-84
00-08-88 00-08-8C 00-08-8F 00-08-C0 00-08-C4 00-08-C8 00-08-CC 00-08-CF 00-08-F0 00-08-F4 00-08-f8 00-08-FC 00-08-FF
00-0C-xx 00-0C-00 00-0C-04 00-0C-08 00-0C-0C 00-0C-0F 00-0C-40 00-0C-44 00-0C-48 00-0C-4C 00-0C-4F 00-0C-80 00-0C-84
00-0C-88 00-0C-8C 00-0C-8F 00-0C-C0 00-0C-C4 00-0C-C8 00-0C-CC 00-0C-CF 00-0C-F0 00-0C-F4 00-0C-F8 00-0C-FC 00-0C-FF
00-0F-xx 00-0F-00 00-0F-04 00-0F-08 00-0F-0C 00-0F-0F 00-0F-40 00-0F-44 00-0F-48 00-0F-4C 00-0F-4F 00-0F-80 00-0F-84
00-0F-88 00-0F-8C 00-0F-8F 00-0F-C0 00-0F-C4 00-0F-C8 00-0F-CC 00-0F-CF 00-0F-F0 00-0F-F4 00-0F-F8 00-0F-FC 00-0F-FF
00-40-xx 00-40-00 00-40-04 00-40-08 00-40-0C 00-40-0F 00-40-40 00-40-44 00-40-48 00-40-4C 00-40-4F 00-40-80 00-40-84
00-40-88 00-40-8C 00-40-8F 00-40-C0 00-40-C4 00-40-C8 00-40-CC 00-40-CF 00-40-F0 00-40-F4 00-40-F8 00-40-FC 00-40-FF
00-44-xx 00-44-00 00-44-04 00-44-08 00-44-0C 00-44-0F 00-44-40 00-44-44 00-44-48 00-44-4C 00-44-4F 00-44-80 00-44-84
00-44-88 00-44-8C 00-44-8F 00-44-C0 00-44-C4 00-44-C8 00-44-CC 00-44-CF 00-44-F0 00-44-F4 00-44-F8 00-44-FC 00-44-FF
00-48-xx 00-48-00 00-48-04 00-48-08 00-48-0C 00-48-0F 00-48-40 00-48-44 00-48-48 00-48-4C 00-48-4F 00-48-80 00-48-84
00-48-88 00-48-8C 00-48-8F 00-48-C0 00-48-C4 00-48-C8 00-48-CC 00-48-CF 00-48-F0 00-48-F4 00-48-f8 00-48-FC 00-48-FF
00-4C-xx 00-4C-00 00-4C-04 00-4C-08 00-4C-0C 00-4C-0F 00-4C-40 00-4C-44 00-4C-48 00-4C-4C 00-4C-4F 00-4C-80 00-4C-84
00-4C-88 00-4C-8C 00-4C-8F 00-4C-C0 00-4C-C4 00-4C-C8 00-4C-CC 00-4C-CF 00-4C-F0 00-4C-F4 00-4C-F8 00-4C-FC 00-4C-FF
00-4F-xx 00-4F-00 00-4F-04 00-4F-08 00-4F-0C 00-4F-0F 00-4F-40 00-4F-44 00-4F-48 00-4F-4C 00-4F-4F 00-4F-80 00-4F-84
00-4F-88 00-4F-8C 00-4F-8F 00-4F-C0 00-4F-C4 00-4F-C8 00-4F-CC 00-4F-CF 00-4F-F0 00-4F-F4 00-4F-F8 00-4F-FC 00-4F-FF
00-80-xx 00-80-00 00-80-04 00-80-08 00-80-0C 00-80-0F 00-80-40 00-80-44 00-80-48 00-80-4C 00-80-4F 00-80-80 00-80-84
00-80-88 00-80-8C 00-80-8F 00-80-C0 00-80-C4 00-80-C8 00-80-CC 00-80-CF 00-80-F0 00-80-F4 00-80-F8 00-80-FC 00-80-FF
00-84-xx 00-84-00 00-84-04 00-84-08 00-84-0C 00-84-0F 00-84-40 00-84-44 00-84-48 00-84-4C 00-84-4F 00-84-80 00-84-84
00-84-88 00-84-8C 00-84-8F 00-84-C0 00-84-C4 00-84-C8 00-84-CC 00-84-CF 00-84-F0 00-84-F4 00-84-F8 00-84-FC 00-84-FF
00-88-xx 00-88-00 00-88-04 00-88-08 00-88-0C 00-88-0F 00-88-40 00-88-44 00-88-48 00-88-4C 00-88-4F 00-88-80 00-88-84
00-88-88 00-88-8C 00-88-8F 00-88-C0 00-88-C4 00-88-C8 00-88-CC 00-88-CF 00-88-F0 00-88-F4 00-88-f8 00-88-FC 00-88-FF
00-8C-xx 00-8C-00 00-8C-04 00-8C-08 00-8C-0C 00-8C-0F 00-8C-40 00-8C-44 00-8C-48 00-8C-4C 00-8C-4F 00-8C-80 00-8C-84
00-8C-88 00-8C-8C 00-8C-8F 00-8C-C0 00-8C-C4 00-8C-C8 00-8C-CC 00-8C-CF 00-8C-F0 00-8C-F4 00-8C-F8 00-8C-FC 00-8C-FF
00-8F-xx 00-8F-00 00-8F-04 00-8F-08 00-8F-0C 00-8F-0F 00-8F-40 00-8F-44 00-8F-48 00-8F-4C 00-8F-4F 00-8F-80 00-8F-84
00-8F-88 00-8F-8C 00-8F-8F 00-8F-C0 00-8F-C4 00-8F-C8 00-8F-CC 00-8F-CF 00-8F-F0 00-8F-F4 00-8F-F8 00-8F-FC 00-8F-FF
00-C0-xx 00-C0-00 00-C0-04 00-C0-08 00-C0-0C 00-C0-0F 00-C0-40 00-C0-44 00-C0-48 00-C0-4C 00-C0-4F 00-C0-80 00-C0-84
00-C0-88 00-C0-8C 00-C0-8F 00-C0-C0 00-C0-C4 00-C0-C8 00-C0-CC 00-C0-CF 00-C0-F0 00-C0-F4 00-C0-F8 00-C0-FC 00-C0-FF
00-C4-xx 00-C4-00 00-C4-04 00-C4-08 00-C4-0C 00-C4-0F 00-C4-40 00-C4-44 00-C4-48 00-C4-4C 00-C4-4F 00-C4-80 00-C4-84
00-C4-88 00-C4-8C 00-C4-8F 00-C4-C0 00-C4-C4 00-C4-C8 00-C4-CC 00-C4-CF 00-C4-F0 00-C4-F4 00-C4-F8 00-C4-FC 00-C4-FF
00-C8-xx 00-C8-00 00-C8-04 00-C8-08 00-C8-0C 00-C8-0F 00-C8-40 00-C8-44 00-C8-48 00-C8-4C 00-C8-4F 00-C8-80 00-C8-84
00-C8-88 00-C8-8C 00-C8-8F 00-C8-C0 00-C8-C4 00-C8-C8 00-C8-CC 00-C8-CF 00-C8-F0 00-C8-F4 00-C8-f8 00-C8-FC 00-C8-FF
00-CC-xx 00-CC-00 00-CC-04 00-CC-08 00-CC-0C 00-CC-0F 00-CC-40 00-CC-44 00-CC-48 00-CC-4C 00-CC-4F 00-CC-80 00-CC-84
00-CC-88 00-CC-8C 00-CC-8F 00-CC-C0 00-CC-C4 00-CC-C8 00-CC-CC 00-CC-CF 00-CC-F0 00-CC-F4 00-CC-F8 00-CC-FC 00-CC-FF
00-CF-xx 00-CF-00 00-CF-04 00-CF-08 00-CF-0C 00-CF-0F 00-CF-40 00-CF-44 00-CF-48 00-CF-4C 00-CF-4F 00-CF-80 00-CF-84
00-CF-88 00-CF-8C 00-CF-8F 00-CF-C0 00-CF-C4 00-CF-C8 00-CF-CC 00-CF-CF 00-CF-F0 00-CF-F4 00-CF-F8 00-CF-FC 00-CF-FF
00-F0-xx 00-F0-00 00-F0-04 00-F0-08 00-F0-0C 00-F0-0F 00-F0-40 00-F0-44 00-F0-48 00-F0-4C 00-F0-4F 00-F0-80 00-F0-84
00-F0-88 00-F0-8C 00-F0-8F 00-F0-C0 00-F0-C4 00-F0-C8 00-F0-CC 00-F0-CF 00-F0-F0 00-F0-F4 00-F0-F8 00-F0-FC 00-F0-FF
00-F4-xx 00-F4-00 00-F4-04 00-F4-08 00-F4-0C 00-F4-0F 00-F4-40 00-F4-44 00-F4-48 00-F4-4C 00-F4-4F 00-F4-80 00-F4-84
00-F4-88 00-F4-8C 00-F4-8F 00-F4-C0 00-F4-C4 00-F4-C8 00-F4-CC 00-F4-CF 00-F4-F0 00-F4-F4 00-F4-F8 00-F4-FC 00-F4-FF
00-F8-xx 00-F8-00 00-F8-04 00-F8-08 00-F8-0C 00-F8-0F 00-F8-40 00-F8-44 00-F8-48 00-F8-4C 00-F8-4F 00-F8-80 00-F8-84
00-F8-88 00-F8-8C 00-F8-8F 00-F8-C0 00-F8-C4 00-F8-C8 00-F8-CC 00-F8-CF 00-F8-F0 00-F8-F4 00-F8-f8 00-F8-FC 00-F8-FF
00-FC-xx 00-FC-00 00-FC-04 00-FC-08 00-FC-0C 00-FC-0F 00-FC-40 00-FC-44 00-FC-48 00-FC-4C 00-FC-4F 00-FC-80 00-FC-84
00-FC-88 00-FC-8C 00-FC-8F 00-FC-C0 00-FC-C4 00-FC-C8 00-FC-CC 00-FC-CF 00-FC-F0 00-FC-F4 00-FC-F8 00-FC-FC 00-FC-FF
00-FF-xx 00-FF-00 00-FF-04 00-FF-08 00-FF-0C 00-FF-0F 00-FF-40 00-FF-44 00-FF-48 00-FF-4C 00-FF-4F 00-FF-80 00-FF-84
00-FF-88 00-FF-8C 00-FF-8F 00-FF-C0 00-FF-C4 00-FF-C8 00-FF-CC 00-FF-CF 00-FF-F0 00-FF-F4 00-FF-F8 00-FF-FC 00-FF-FF
04-00-xx 04-00-00 04-00-04 04-00-08 04-00-0C 04-00-0F 04-00-40 04-00-44 04-00-48 04-00-4C 04-00-4F 04-00-80 04-00-84
04-00-88 04-00-8C 04-00-8F 04-00-C0 04-00-C4 04-00-C8 04-00-CC 04-00-CF 04-00-F0 04-00-F4 04-00-F8 04-00-FC 04-00-FF
04-04-xx 04-04-00 04-04-04 04-04-08 04-04-0C 04-04-0F 04-04-40 04-04-44 04-04-48 04-04-4C 04-04-4F 04-04-80 04-04-84
04-04-88 04-04-8C 04-04-8F 04-04-C0 04-04-C4 04-04-C8 04-04-CC 04-04-CF 04-04-F0 04-04-F4 04-04-F8 04-04-FC 04-04-FF
04-08-xx 04-08-00 04-08-04 04-08-08 04-08-0C 04-08-0F 04-08-40 04-08-44 04-08-48 04-08-4C 04-08-4F 04-08-80 04-08-84
04-08-88 04-08-8C 04-08-8F 04-08-C0 04-08-C4 04-08-C8 04-08-CC 04-08-CF 04-08-F0 04-08-F4 04-08-f8 04-08-FC 04-08-FF
04-0C-xx 04-0C-00 04-0C-04 04-0C-08 04-0C-0C 04-0C-0F 04-0C-40 04-0C-44 04-0C-48 04-0C-4C 04-0C-4F 04-0C-80 04-0C-84
04-0C-88 04-0C-8C 04-0C-8F 04-0C-C0 04-0C-C4 04-0C-C8 04-0C-CC 04-0C-CF 04-0C-F0 04-0C-F4 04-0C-F8 04-0C-FC 04-0C-FF
04-0F-xx 04-0F-00 04-0F-04 04-0F-08 04-0F-0C 04-0F-0F 04-0F-40 04-0F-44 04-0F-48 04-0F-4C 04-0F-4F 04-0F-80 04-0F-84
04-0F-88 04-0F-8C 04-0F-8F 04-0F-C0 04-0F-C4 04-0F-C8 04-0F-CC 04-0F-CF 04-0F-F0 04-0F-F4 04-0F-F8 04-0F-FC 04-0F-FF
04-40-xx 04-40-00 04-40-04 04-40-08 04-40-0C 04-40-0F 04-40-40 04-40-44 04-40-48 04-40-4C 04-40-4F 04-40-80 04-40-84
04-40-88 04-40-8C 04-40-8F 04-40-C0 04-40-C4 04-40-C8 04-40-CC 04-40-CF 04-40-F0 04-40-F4 04-40-F8 04-40-FC 04-40-FF
04-44-xx 04-44-00 04-44-04 04-44-08 04-44-0C 04-44-0F 04-44-40 04-44-44 04-44-48 04-44-4C 04-44-4F 04-44-80 04-44-84
04-44-88 04-44-8C 04-44-8F 04-44-C0 04-44-C4 04-44-C8 04-44-CC 04-44-CF 04-44-F0 04-44-F4 04-44-F8 04-44-FC 04-44-FF
04-48-xx 04-48-00 04-48-04 04-48-08 04-48-0C 04-48-0F 04-48-40 04-48-44 04-48-48 04-48-4C 04-48-4F 04-48-80 04-48-84
04-48-88 04-48-8C 04-48-8F 04-48-C0 04-48-C4 04-48-C8 04-48-CC 04-48-CF 04-48-F0 04-48-F4 04-48-f8 04-48-FC 04-48-FF
04-4C-xx 04-4C-00 04-4C-04 04-4C-08 04-4C-0C 04-4C-0F 04-4C-40 04-4C-44 04-4C-48 04-4C-4C 04-4C-4F 04-4C-80 04-4C-84
04-4C-88 04-4C-8C 04-4C-8F 04-4C-C0 04-4C-C4 04-4C-C8 04-4C-CC 04-4C-CF 04-4C-F0 04-4C-F4 04-4C-F8 04-4C-FC 04-4C-FF
04-4F-xx 04-4F-00 04-4F-04 04-4F-08 04-4F-0C 04-4F-0F 04-4F-40 04-4F-44 04-4F-48 04-4F-4C 04-4F-4F 04-4F-80 04-4F-84
04-4F-88 04-4F-8C 04-4F-8F 04-4F-C0 04-4F-C4 04-4F-C8 04-4F-CC 04-4F-CF 04-4F-F0 04-4F-F4 04-4F-F8 04-4F-FC 04-4F-FF
04-80-xx 04-80-00 04-80-04 04-80-08 04-80-0C 04-80-0F 04-80-40 04-80-44 04-80-48 04-80-4C 04-80-4F 04-80-80 04-80-84
04-80-88 04-80-8C 04-80-8F 04-80-C0 04-80-C4 04-80-C8 04-80-CC 04-80-CF 04-80-F0 04-80-F4 04-80-F8 04-80-FC 04-80-FF
04-84-xx 04-84-00 04-84-04 04-84-08 04-84-0C 04-84-0F 04-84-40 04-84-44 04-84-48 04-84-4C 04-84-4F 04-84-80 04-84-84
04-84-88 04-84-8C 04-84-8F 04-84-C0 04-84-C4 04-84-C8 04-84-CC 04-84-CF 04-84-F0 04-84-F4 04-84-F8 04-84-FC 04-84-FF
04-88-xx 04-88-00 04-88-04 04-88-08 04-88-0C 04-88-0F 04-88-40 04-88-44 04-88-48 04-88-4C 04-88-4F 04-88-80 04-88-84
04-88-88 04-88-8C 04-88-8F 04-88-C0 04-88-C4 04-88-C8 04-88-CC 04-88-CF 04-88-F0 04-88-F4 04-88-f8 04-88-FC 04-88-FF
04-8C-xx 04-8C-00 04-8C-04 04-8C-08 04-8C-0C 04-8C-0F 04-8C-40 04-8C-44 04-8C-48 04-8C-4C 04-8C-4F 04-8C-80 04-8C-84
04-8C-88 04-8C-8C 04-8C-8F 04-8C-C0 04-8C-C4 04-8C-C8 04-8C-CC 04-8C-CF 04-8C-F0 04-8C-F4 04-8C-F8 04-8C-FC 04-8C-FF
04-8F-xx 04-8F-00 04-8F-04 04-8F-08 04-8F-0C 04-8F-0F 04-8F-40 04-8F-44 04-8F-48 04-8F-4C 04-8F-4F 04-8F-80 04-8F-84
04-8F-88 04-8F-8C 04-8F-8F 04-8F-C0 04-8F-C4 04-8F-C8 04-8F-CC 04-8F-CF 04-8F-F0 04-8F-F4 04-8F-F8 04-8F-FC 04-8F-FF
04-C0-xx 04-C0-00 04-C0-04 04-C0-08 04-C0-0C 04-C0-0F 04-C0-40 04-C0-44 04-C0-48 04-C0-4C 04-C0-4F 04-C0-80 04-C0-84
04-C0-88 04-C0-8C 04-C0-8F 04-C0-C0 04-C0-C4 04-C0-C8 04-C0-CC 04-C0-CF 04-C0-F0 04-C0-F4 04-C0-F8 04-C0-FC 04-C0-FF
04-C4-xx 04-C4-00 04-C4-04 04-C4-08 04-C4-0C 04-C4-0F 04-C4-40 04-C4-44 04-C4-48 04-C4-4C 04-C4-4F 04-C4-80 04-C4-84
04-C4-88 04-C4-8C 04-C4-8F 04-C4-C0 04-C4-C4 04-C4-C8 04-C4-CC 04-C4-CF 04-C4-F0 04-C4-F4 04-C4-F8 04-C4-FC 04-C4-FF
04-C8-xx 04-C8-00 04-C8-04 04-C8-08 04-C8-0C 04-C8-0F 04-C8-40 04-C8-44 04-C8-48 04-C8-4C 04-C8-4F 04-C8-80 04-C8-84
04-C8-88 04-C8-8C 04-C8-8F 04-C8-C0 04-C8-C4 04-C8-C8 04-C8-CC 04-C8-CF 04-C8-F0 04-C8-F4 04-C8-f8 04-C8-FC 04-C8-FF
04-CC-xx 04-CC-00 04-CC-04 04-CC-08 04-CC-0C 04-CC-0F 04-CC-40 04-CC-44 04-CC-48 04-CC-4C 04-CC-4F 04-CC-80 04-CC-84
04-CC-88 04-CC-8C 04-CC-8F 04-CC-C0 04-CC-C4 04-CC-C8 04-CC-CC 04-CC-CF 04-CC-F0 04-CC-F4 04-CC-F8 04-CC-FC 04-CC-FF
04-CF-xx 04-CF-00 04-CF-04 04-CF-08 04-CF-0C 04-CF-0F 04-CF-40 04-CF-44 04-CF-48 04-CF-4C 04-CF-4F 04-CF-80 04-CF-84
04-CF-88 04-CF-8C 04-CF-8F 04-CF-C0 04-CF-C4 04-CF-C8 04-CF-CC 04-CF-CF 04-CF-F0 04-CF-F4 04-CF-F8 04-CF-FC 04-CF-FF
04-F0-xx 04-F0-00 04-F0-04 04-F0-08 04-F0-0C 04-F0-0F 04-F0-40 04-F0-44 04-F0-48 04-F0-4C 04-F0-4F 04-F0-80 04-F0-84
04-F0-88 04-F0-8C 04-F0-8F 04-F0-C0 04-F0-C4 04-F0-C8 04-F0-CC 04-F0-CF 04-F0-F0 04-F0-F4 04-F0-F8 04-F0-FC 04-F0-FF
04-F4-xx 04-F4-00 04-F4-04 04-F4-08 04-F4-0C 04-F4-0F 04-F4-40 04-F4-44 04-F4-48 04-F4-4C 04-F4-4F 04-F4-80 04-F4-84
04-F4-88 04-F4-8C 04-F4-8F 04-F4-C0 04-F4-C4 04-F4-C8 04-F4-CC 04-F4-CF 04-F4-F0 04-F4-F4 04-F4-F8 04-F4-FC 04-F4-FF
04-F8-xx 04-F8-00 04-F8-04 04-F8-08 04-F8-0C 04-F8-0F 04-F8-40 04-F8-44 04-F8-48 04-F8-4C 04-F8-4F 04-F8-80 04-F8-84
04-F8-88 04-F8-8C 04-F8-8F 04-F8-C0 04-F8-C4 04-F8-C8 04-F8-CC 04-F8-CF 04-F8-F0 04-F8-F4 04-F8-f8 04-F8-FC 04-F8-FF
04-FC-xx 04-FC-00 04-FC-04 04-FC-08 04-FC-0C 04-FC-0F 04-FC-40 04-FC-44 04-FC-48 04-FC-4C 04-FC-4F 04-FC-80 04-FC-84
04-FC-88 04-FC-8C 04-FC-8F 04-FC-C0 04-FC-C4 04-FC-C8 04-FC-CC 04-FC-CF 04-FC-F0 04-FC-F4 04-FC-F8 04-FC-FC 04-FC-FF
04-FF-xx 04-FF-00 04-FF-04 04-FF-08 04-FF-0C 04-FF-0F 04-FF-40 04-FF-44 04-FF-48 04-FF-4C 04-FF-4F 04-FF-80 04-FF-84
04-FF-88 04-FF-8C 04-FF-8F 04-FF-C0 04-FF-C4 04-FF-C8 04-FF-CC 04-FF-CF 04-FF-F0 04-FF-F4 04-FF-F8 04-FF-FC 04-FF-FF
08-00-xx 08-00-00 08-00-04 08-00-08 08-00-0C 08-00-0F 08-00-40 08-00-44 08-00-48 08-00-4C 08-00-4F 08-00-80 08-00-84
08-00-88 08-00-8C 08-00-8F 08-00-C0 08-00-C4 08-00-C8 08-00-CC 08-00-CF 08-00-F0 08-00-F4 08-00-F8 08-00-FC 08-00-FF
08-04-xx 08-04-00 08-04-04 08-04-08 08-04-0C 08-04-0F 08-04-40 08-04-44 08-04-48 08-04-4C 08-04-4F 08-04-80 08-04-84
08-04-88 08-04-8C 08-04-8F 08-04-C0 08-04-C4 08-04-C8 08-04-CC 08-04-CF 08-04-F0 08-04-F4 08-04-F8 08-04-FC 08-04-FF
08-08-xx 08-08-00 08-08-04 08-08-08 08-08-0C 08-08-0F 08-08-40 08-08-44 08-08-48 08-08-4C 08-08-4F 08-08-80 08-08-84
08-08-88 08-08-8C 08-08-8F 08-08-C0 08-08-C4 08-08-C8 08-08-CC 08-08-CF 08-08-F0 08-08-F4 08-08-f8 08-08-FC 08-08-FF
08-0C-xx 08-0C-00 08-0C-04 08-0C-08 08-0C-0C 08-0C-0F 08-0C-40 08-0C-44 08-0C-48 08-0C-4C 08-0C-4F 08-0C-80 08-0C-84
08-0C-88 08-0C-8C 08-0C-8F 08-0C-C0 08-0C-C4 08-0C-C8 08-0C-CC 08-0C-CF 08-0C-F0 08-0C-F4 08-0C-F8 08-0C-FC 08-0C-FF
08-0F-xx 08-0F-00 08-0F-04 08-0F-08 08-0F-0C 08-0F-0F 08-0F-40 08-0F-44 08-0F-48 08-0F-4C 08-0F-4F 08-0F-80 08-0F-84
08-0F-88 08-0F-8C 08-0F-8F 08-0F-C0 08-0F-C4 08-0F-C8 08-0F-CC 08-0F-CF 08-0F-F0 08-0F-F4 08-0F-F8 08-0F-FC 08-0F-FF
08-40-xx 08-40-00 08-40-04 08-40-08 08-40-0C 08-40-0F 08-40-40 08-40-44 08-40-48 08-40-4C 08-40-4F 08-40-80 08-40-84
08-40-88 08-40-8C 08-40-8F 08-40-C0 08-40-C4 08-40-C8 08-40-CC 08-40-CF 08-40-F0 08-40-F4 08-40-F8 08-40-FC 08-40-FF
08-44-xx 08-44-00 08-44-04 08-44-08 08-44-0C 08-44-0F 08-44-40 08-44-44 08-44-48 08-44-4C 08-44-4F 08-44-80 08-44-84
08-44-88 08-44-8C 08-44-8F 08-44-C0 08-44-C4 08-44-C8 08-44-CC 08-44-CF 08-44-F0 08-44-F4 08-44-F8 08-44-FC 08-44-FF
08-48-xx 08-48-00 08-48-04 08-48-08 08-48-0C 08-48-0F 08-48-40 08-48-44 08-48-48 08-48-4C 08-48-4F 08-48-80 08-48-84
08-48-88 08-48-8C 08-48-8F 08-48-C0 08-48-C4 08-48-C8 08-48-CC 08-48-CF 08-48-F0 08-48-F4 08-48-f8 08-48-FC 08-48-FF
08-4C-xx 08-4C-00 08-4C-04 08-4C-08 08-4C-0C 08-4C-0F 08-4C-40 08-4C-44 08-4C-48 08-4C-4C 08-4C-4F 08-4C-80 08-4C-84
08-4C-88 08-4C-8C 08-4C-8F 08-4C-C0 08-4C-C4 08-4C-C8 08-4C-CC 08-4C-CF 08-4C-F0 08-4C-F4 08-4C-F8 08-4C-FC 08-4C-FF
08-4F-xx 08-4F-00 08-4F-04 08-4F-08 08-4F-0C 08-4F-0F 08-4F-40 08-4F-44 08-4F-48 08-4F-4C 08-4F-4F 08-4F-80 08-4F-84
08-4F-88 08-4F-8C 08-4F-8F 08-4F-C0 08-4F-C4 08-4F-C8 08-4F-CC 08-4F-CF 08-4F-F0 08-4F-F4 08-4F-F8 08-4F-FC 08-4F-FF
08-80-xx 08-80-00 08-80-04 08-80-08 08-80-0C 08-80-0F 08-80-40 08-80-44 08-80-48 08-80-4C 08-80-4F 08-80-80 08-80-84
08-80-88 08-80-8C 08-80-8F 08-80-C0 08-80-C4 08-80-C8 08-80-CC 08-80-CF 08-80-F0 08-80-F4 08-80-F8 08-80-FC 08-80-FF
08-84-xx 08-84-00 08-84-04 08-84-08 08-84-0C 08-84-0F 08-84-40 08-84-44 08-84-48 08-84-4C 08-84-4F 08-84-80 08-84-84
08-84-88 08-84-8C 08-84-8F 08-84-C0 08-84-C4 08-84-C8 08-84-CC 08-84-CF 08-84-F0 08-84-F4 08-84-F8 08-84-FC 08-84-FF
08-88-xx 08-88-00 08-88-04 08-88-08 08-88-0C 08-88-0F 08-88-40 08-88-44 08-88-48 08-88-4C 08-88-4F 08-88-80 08-88-84
08-88-88 08-88-8C 08-88-8F 08-88-C0 08-88-C4 08-88-C8 08-88-CC 08-88-CF 08-88-F0 08-88-F4 08-88-f8 08-88-FC 08-88-FF
08-8C-xx 08-8C-00 08-8C-04 08-8C-08 08-8C-0C 08-8C-0F 08-8C-40 08-8C-44 08-8C-48 08-8C-4C 08-8C-4F 08-8C-80 08-8C-84
08-8C-88 08-8C-8C 08-8C-8F 08-8C-C0 08-8C-C4 08-8C-C8 08-8C-CC 08-8C-CF 08-8C-F0 08-8C-F4 08-8C-F8 08-8C-FC 08-8C-FF
08-8F-xx 08-8F-00 08-8F-04 08-8F-08 08-8F-0C 08-8F-0F 08-8F-40 08-8F-44 08-8F-48 08-8F-4C 08-8F-4F 08-8F-80 08-8F-84
08-8F-88 08-8F-8C 08-8F-8F 08-8F-C0 08-8F-C4 08-8F-C8 08-8F-CC 08-8F-CF 08-8F-F0 08-8F-F4 08-8F-F8 08-8F-FC 08-8F-FF
08-C0-xx 08-C0-00 08-C0-04 08-C0-08 08-C0-0C 08-C0-0F 08-C0-40 08-C0-44 08-C0-48 08-C0-4C 08-C0-4F 08-C0-80 08-C0-84
08-C0-88 08-C0-8C 08-C0-8F 08-C0-C0 08-C0-C4 08-C0-C8 08-C0-CC 08-C0-CF 08-C0-F0 08-C0-F4 08-C0-F8 08-C0-FC 08-C0-FF
08-C4-xx 08-C4-00 08-C4-04 08-C4-08 08-C4-0C 08-C4-0F 08-C4-40 08-C4-44 08-C4-48 08-C4-4C 08-C4-4F 08-C4-80 08-C4-84
08-C4-88 08-C4-8C 08-C4-8F 08-C4-C0 08-C4-C4 08-C4-C8 08-C4-CC 08-C4-CF 08-C4-F0 08-C4-F4 08-C4-F8 08-C4-FC 08-C4-FF
08-C8-xx 08-C8-00 08-C8-04 08-C8-08 08-C8-0C 08-C8-0F 08-C8-40 08-C8-44 08-C8-48 08-C8-4C 08-C8-4F 08-C8-80 08-C8-84
08-C8-88 08-C8-8C 08-C8-8F 08-C8-C0 08-C8-C4 08-C8-C8 08-C8-CC 08-C8-CF 08-C8-F0 08-C8-F4 08-C8-f8 08-C8-FC 08-C8-FF
08-CC-xx 08-CC-00 08-CC-04 08-CC-08 08-CC-0C 08-CC-0F 08-CC-40 08-CC-44 08-CC-48 08-CC-4C 08-CC-4F 08-CC-80 08-CC-84
08-CC-88 08-CC-8C 08-CC-8F 08-CC-C0 08-CC-C4 08-CC-C8 08-CC-CC 08-CC-CF 08-CC-F0 08-CC-F4 08-CC-F8 08-CC-FC 08-CC-FF
08-CF-xx 08-CF-00 08-CF-04 08-CF-08 08-CF-0C 08-CF-0F 08-CF-40 08-CF-44 08-CF-48 08-CF-4C 08-CF-4F 08-CF-80 08-CF-84
08-CF-88 08-CF-8C 08-CF-8F 08-CF-C0 08-CF-C4 08-CF-C8 08-CF-CC 08-CF-CF 08-CF-F0 08-CF-F4 08-CF-F8 08-CF-FC 08-CF-FF
08-F0-xx 08-F0-00 08-F0-04 08-F0-08 08-F0-0C 08-F0-0F 08-F0-40 08-F0-44 08-F0-48 08-F0-4C 08-F0-4F 08-F0-80 08-F0-84
08-F0-88 08-F0-8C 08-F0-8F 08-F0-C0 08-F0-C4 08-F0-C8 08-F0-CC 08-F0-CF 08-F0-F0 08-F0-F4 08-F0-F8 08-F0-FC 08-F0-FF
08-F4-xx 08-F4-00 08-F4-04 08-F4-08 08-F4-0C 08-F4-0F 08-F4-40 08-F4-44 08-F4-48 08-F4-4C 08-F4-4F 08-F4-80 08-F4-84
08-F4-88 08-F4-8C 08-F4-8F 08-F4-C0 08-F4-C4 08-F4-C8 08-F4-CC 08-F4-CF 08-F4-F0 08-F4-F4 08-F4-F8 08-F4-FC 08-F4-FF
08-F8-xx 08-F8-00 08-F8-04 08-F8-08 08-F8-0C 08-F8-0F 08-F8-40 08-F8-44 08-F8-48 08-F8-4C 08-F8-4F 08-F8-80 08-F8-84
08-F8-88 08-F8-8C 08-F8-8F 08-F8-C0 08-F8-C4 08-F8-C8 08-F8-CC 08-F8-CF 08-F8-F0 08-F8-F4 08-F8-f8 08-F8-FC 08-F8-FF
08-FC-xx 08-FC-00 08-FC-04 08-FC-08 08-FC-0C 08-FC-0F 08-FC-40 08-FC-44 08-FC-48 08-FC-4C 08-FC-4F 08-FC-80 08-FC-84
08-FC-88 08-FC-8C 08-FC-8F 08-FC-C0 08-FC-C4 08-FC-C8 08-FC-CC 08-FC-CF 08-FC-F0 08-FC-F4 08-FC-F8 08-FC-FC 08-FC-FF
08-FF-xx 08-FF-00 08-FF-04 08-FF-08 08-FF-0C 08-FF-0F 08-FF-40 08-FF-44 08-FF-48 08-FF-4C 08-FF-4F 08-FF-80 08-FF-84
08-FF-88 08-FF-8C 08-FF-8F 08-FF-C0 08-FF-C4 08-FF-C8 08-FF-CC 08-FF-CF 08-FF-F0 08-FF-F4 08-FF-F8 08-FF-FC 08-FF-FF
0C-00-xx 0C-00-00 0C-00-04 0C-00-08 0C-00-0C 0C-00-0F 0C-00-40 0C-00-44 0C-00-48 0C-00-4C 0C-00-4F 0C-00-80 0C-00-84
0C-00-88 0C-00-8C 0C-00-8F 0C-00-C0 0C-00-C4 0C-00-C8 0C-00-CC 0C-00-CF 0C-00-F0 0C-00-F4 0C-00-F8 0C-00-FC 0C-00-FF
0C-04-xx 0C-04-00 0C-04-04 0C-04-08 0C-04-0C 0C-04-0F 0C-04-40 0C-04-44 0C-04-48 0C-04-4C 0C-04-4F 0C-04-80 0C-04-84
0C-04-88 0C-04-8C 0C-04-8F 0C-04-C0 0C-04-C4 0C-04-C8 0C-04-CC 0C-04-CF 0C-04-F0 0C-04-F4 0C-04-F8 0C-04-FC 0C-04-FF
0C-08-xx 0C-08-00 0C-08-04 0C-08-08 0C-08-0C 0C-08-0F 0C-08-40 0C-08-44 0C-08-48 0C-08-4C 0C-08-4F 0C-08-80 0C-08-84
0C-08-88 0C-08-8C 0C-08-8F 0C-08-C0 0C-08-C4 0C-08-C8 0C-08-CC 0C-08-CF 0C-08-F0 0C-08-F4 0C-08-f8 0C-08-FC 0C-08-FF
0C-0C-xx 0C-0C-00 0C-0C-04 0C-0C-08 0C-0C-0C 0C-0C-0F 0C-0C-40 0C-0C-44 0C-0C-48 0C-0C-4C 0C-0C-4F 0C-0C-80 0C-0C-84
0C-0C-88 0C-0C-8C 0C-0C-8F 0C-0C-C0 0C-0C-C4 0C-0C-C8 0C-0C-CC 0C-0C-CF 0C-0C-F0 0C-0C-F4 0C-0C-F8 0C-0C-FC 0C-0C-FF
0C-0F-xx 0C-0F-00 0C-0F-04 0C-0F-08 0C-0F-0C 0C-0F-0F 0C-0F-40 0C-0F-44 0C-0F-48 0C-0F-4C 0C-0F-4F 0C-0F-80 0C-0F-84
0C-0F-88 0C-0F-8C 0C-0F-8F 0C-0F-C0 0C-0F-C4 0C-0F-C8 0C-0F-CC 0C-0F-CF 0C-0F-F0 0C-0F-F4 0C-0F-F8 0C-0F-FC 0C-0F-FF
0C-40-xx 0C-40-00 0C-40-04 0C-40-08 0C-40-0C 0C-40-0F 0C-40-40 0C-40-44 0C-40-48 0C-40-4C 0C-40-4F 0C-40-80 0C-40-84
0C-40-88 0C-40-8C 0C-40-8F 0C-40-C0 0C-40-C4 0C-40-C8 0C-40-CC 0C-40-CF 0C-40-F0 0C-40-F4 0C-40-F8 0C-40-FC 0C-40-FF
0C-44-xx 0C-44-00 0C-44-04 0C-44-08 0C-44-0C 0C-44-0F 0C-44-40 0C-44-44 0C-44-48 0C-44-4C 0C-44-4F 0C-44-80 0C-44-84
0C-44-88 0C-44-8C 0C-44-8F 0C-44-C0 0C-44-C4 0C-44-C8 0C-44-CC 0C-44-CF 0C-44-F0 0C-44-F4 0C-44-F8 0C-44-FC 0C-44-FF
0C-48-xx 0C-48-00 0C-48-04 0C-48-08 0C-48-0C 0C-48-0F 0C-48-40 0C-48-44 0C-48-48 0C-48-4C 0C-48-4F 0C-48-80 0C-48-84
0C-48-88 0C-48-8C 0C-48-8F 0C-48-C0 0C-48-C4 0C-48-C8 0C-48-CC 0C-48-CF 0C-48-F0 0C-48-F4 0C-48-f8 0C-48-FC 0C-48-FF
0C-4C-xx 0C-4C-00 0C-4C-04 0C-4C-08 0C-4C-0C 0C-4C-0F 0C-4C-40 0C-4C-44 0C-4C-48 0C-4C-4C 0C-4C-4F 0C-4C-80 0C-4C-84
0C-4C-88 0C-4C-8C 0C-4C-8F 0C-4C-C0 0C-4C-C4 0C-4C-C8 0C-4C-CC 0C-4C-CF 0C-4C-F0 0C-4C-F4 0C-4C-F8 0C-4C-FC 0C-4C-FF
0C-4F-xx 0C-4F-00 0C-4F-04 0C-4F-08 0C-4F-0C 0C-4F-0F 0C-4F-40 0C-4F-44 0C-4F-48 0C-4F-4C 0C-4F-4F 0C-4F-80 0C-4F-84
0C-4F-88 0C-4F-8C 0C-4F-8F 0C-4F-C0 0C-4F-C4 0C-4F-C8 0C-4F-CC 0C-4F-CF 0C-4F-F0 0C-4F-F4 0C-4F-F8 0C-4F-FC 0C-4F-FF
0C-80-xx 0C-80-00 0C-80-04 0C-80-08 0C-80-0C 0C-80-0F 0C-80-40 0C-80-44 0C-80-48 0C-80-4C 0C-80-4F 0C-80-80 0C-80-84
0C-80-88 0C-80-8C 0C-80-8F 0C-80-C0 0C-80-C4 0C-80-C8 0C-80-CC 0C-80-CF 0C-80-F0 0C-80-F4 0C-80-F8 0C-80-FC 0C-80-FF
0C-84-xx 0C-84-00 0C-84-04 0C-84-08 0C-84-0C 0C-84-0F 0C-84-40 0C-84-44 0C-84-48 0C-84-4C 0C-84-4F 0C-84-80 0C-84-84
0C-84-88 0C-84-8C 0C-84-8F 0C-84-C0 0C-84-C4 0C-84-C8 0C-84-CC 0C-84-CF 0C-84-F0 0C-84-F4 0C-84-F8 0C-84-FC 0C-84-FF
0C-88-xx 0C-88-00 0C-88-04 0C-88-08 0C-88-0C 0C-88-0F 0C-88-40 0C-88-44 0C-88-48 0C-88-4C 0C-88-4F 0C-88-80 0C-88-84
0C-88-88 0C-88-8C 0C-88-8F 0C-88-C0 0C-88-C4 0C-88-C8 0C-88-CC 0C-88-CF 0C-88-F0 0C-88-F4 0C-88-f8 0C-88-FC 0C-88-FF
0C-8C-xx 0C-8C-00 0C-8C-04 0C-8C-08 0C-8C-0C 0C-8C-0F 0C-8C-40 0C-8C-44 0C-8C-48 0C-8C-4C 0C-8C-4F 0C-8C-80 0C-8C-84
0C-8C-88 0C-8C-8C 0C-8C-8F 0C-8C-C0 0C-8C-C4 0C-8C-C8 0C-8C-CC 0C-8C-CF 0C-8C-F0 0C-8C-F4 0C-8C-F8 0C-8C-FC 0C-8C-FF
0C-8F-xx 0C-8F-00 0C-8F-04 0C-8F-08 0C-8F-0C 0C-8F-0F 0C-8F-40 0C-8F-44 0C-8F-48 0C-8F-4C 0C-8F-4F 0C-8F-80 0C-8F-84
0C-8F-88 0C-8F-8C 0C-8F-8F 0C-8F-C0 0C-8F-C4 0C-8F-C8 0C-8F-CC 0C-8F-CF 0C-8F-F0 0C-8F-F4 0C-8F-F8 0C-8F-FC 0C-8F-FF
0C-C0-xx 0C-C0-00 0C-C0-04 0C-C0-08 0C-C0-0C 0C-C0-0F 0C-C0-40 0C-C0-44 0C-C0-48 0C-C0-4C 0C-C0-4F 0C-C0-80 0C-C0-84
0C-C0-88 0C-C0-8C 0C-C0-8F 0C-C0-C0 0C-C0-C4 0C-C0-C8 0C-C0-CC 0C-C0-CF 0C-C0-F0 0C-C0-F4 0C-C0-F8 0C-C0-FC 0C-C0-FF
0C-C4-xx 0C-C4-00 0C-C4-04 0C-C4-08 0C-C4-0C 0C-C4-0F 0C-C4-40 0C-C4-44 0C-C4-48 0C-C4-4C 0C-C4-4F 0C-C4-80 0C-C4-84
0C-C4-88 0C-C4-8C 0C-C4-8F 0C-C4-C0 0C-C4-C4 0C-C4-C8 0C-C4-CC 0C-C4-CF 0C-C4-F0 0C-C4-F4 0C-C4-F8 0C-C4-FC 0C-C4-FF
0C-C8-xx 0C-C8-00 0C-C8-04 0C-C8-08 0C-C8-0C 0C-C8-0F 0C-C8-40 0C-C8-44 0C-C8-48 0C-C8-4C 0C-C8-4F 0C-C8-80 0C-C8-84
0C-C8-88 0C-C8-8C 0C-C8-8F 0C-C8-C0 0C-C8-C4 0C-C8-C8 0C-C8-CC 0C-C8-CF 0C-C8-F0 0C-C8-F4 0C-C8-f8 0C-C8-FC 0C-C8-FF
0C-CC-xx 0C-CC-00 0C-CC-04 0C-CC-08 0C-CC-0C 0C-CC-0F 0C-CC-40 0C-CC-44 0C-CC-48 0C-CC-4C 0C-CC-4F 0C-CC-80 0C-CC-84
0C-CC-88 0C-CC-8C 0C-CC-8F 0C-CC-C0 0C-CC-C4 0C-CC-C8 0C-CC-CC 0C-CC-CF 0C-CC-F0 0C-CC-F4 0C-CC-F8 0C-CC-FC 0C-CC-FF
0C-CF-xx 0C-CF-00 0C-CF-04 0C-CF-08 0C-CF-0C 0C-CF-0F 0C-CF-40 0C-CF-44 0C-CF-48 0C-CF-4C 0C-CF-4F 0C-CF-80 0C-CF-84
0C-CF-88 0C-CF-8C 0C-CF-8F 0C-CF-C0 0C-CF-C4 0C-CF-C8 0C-CF-CC 0C-CF-CF 0C-CF-F0 0C-CF-F4 0C-CF-F8 0C-CF-FC 0C-CF-FF
0C-F0-xx 0C-F0-00 0C-F0-04 0C-F0-08 0C-F0-0C 0C-F0-0F 0C-F0-40 0C-F0-44 0C-F0-48 0C-F0-4C 0C-F0-4F 0C-F0-80 0C-F0-84
0C-F0-88 0C-F0-8C 0C-F0-8F 0C-F0-C0 0C-F0-C4 0C-F0-C8 0C-F0-CC 0C-F0-CF 0C-F0-F0 0C-F0-F4 0C-F0-F8 0C-F0-FC 0C-F0-FF
0C-F4-xx 0C-F4-00 0C-F4-04 0C-F4-08 0C-F4-0C 0C-F4-0F 0C-F4-40 0C-F4-44 0C-F4-48 0C-F4-4C 0C-F4-4F 0C-F4-80 0C-F4-84
0C-F4-88 0C-F4-8C 0C-F4-8F 0C-F4-C0 0C-F4-C4 0C-F4-C8 0C-F4-CC 0C-F4-CF 0C-F4-F0 0C-F4-F4 0C-F4-F8 0C-F4-FC 0C-F4-FF
0C-F8-xx 0C-F8-00 0C-F8-04 0C-F8-08 0C-F8-0C 0C-F8-0F 0C-F8-40 0C-F8-44 0C-F8-48 0C-F8-4C 0C-F8-4F 0C-F8-80 0C-F8-84
0C-F8-88 0C-F8-8C 0C-F8-8F 0C-F8-C0 0C-F8-C4 0C-F8-C8 0C-F8-CC 0C-F8-CF 0C-F8-F0 0C-F8-F4 0C-F8-f8 0C-F8-FC 0C-F8-FF
0C-FC-xx 0C-FC-00 0C-FC-04 0C-FC-08 0C-FC-0C 0C-FC-0F 0C-FC-40 0C-FC-44 0C-FC-48 0C-FC-4C 0C-FC-4F 0C-FC-80 0C-FC-84
0C-FC-88 0C-FC-8C 0C-FC-8F 0C-FC-C0 0C-FC-C4 0C-FC-C8 0C-FC-CC 0C-FC-CF 0C-FC-F0 0C-FC-F4 0C-FC-F8 0C-FC-FC 0C-FC-FF
0C-FF-xx 0C-FF-00 0C-FF-04 0C-FF-08 0C-FF-0C 0C-FF-0F 0C-FF-40 0C-FF-44 0C-FF-48 0C-FF-4C 0C-FF-4F 0C-FF-80 0C-FF-84
0C-FF-88 0C-FF-8C 0C-FF-8F 0C-FF-C0 0C-FF-C4 0C-FF-C8 0C-FF-CC 0C-FF-CF 0C-FF-F0 0C-FF-F4 0C-FF-F8 0C-FF-FC 0C-FF-FF
0F-00-xx 0F-00-00 0F-00-04 0F-00-08 0F-00-0C 0F-00-0F 0F-00-40 0F-00-44 0F-00-48 0F-00-4C 0F-00-4F 0F-00-80 0F-00-84
0F-00-88 0F-00-8C 0F-00-8F 0F-00-C0 0F-00-C4 0F-00-C8 0F-00-CC 0F-00-CF 0F-00-F0 0F-00-F4 0F-00-F8 0F-00-FC 0F-00-FF
0F-04-xx 0F-04-00 0F-04-04 0F-04-08 0F-04-0C 0F-04-0F 0F-04-40 0F-04-44 0F-04-48 0F-04-4C 0F-04-4F 0F-04-80 0F-04-84
0F-04-88 0F-04-8C 0F-04-8F 0F-04-C0 0F-04-C4 0F-04-C8 0F-04-CC 0F-04-CF 0F-04-F0 0F-04-F4 0F-04-F8 0F-04-FC 0F-04-FF
0F-08-xx 0F-08-00 0F-08-04 0F-08-08 0F-08-0C 0F-08-0F 0F-08-40 0F-08-44 0F-08-48 0F-08-4C 0F-08-4F 0F-08-80 0F-08-84
0F-08-88 0F-08-8C 0F-08-8F 0F-08-C0 0F-08-C4 0F-08-C8 0F-08-CC 0F-08-CF 0F-08-F0 0F-08-F4 0F-08-f8 0F-08-FC 0F-08-FF
0F-0C-xx 0F-0C-00 0F-0C-04 0F-0C-08 0F-0C-0C 0F-0C-0F 0F-0C-40 0F-0C-44 0F-0C-48 0F-0C-4C 0F-0C-4F 0F-0C-80 0F-0C-84
0F-0C-88 0F-0C-8C 0F-0C-8F 0F-0C-C0 0F-0C-C4 0F-0C-C8 0F-0C-CC 0F-0C-CF 0F-0C-F0 0F-0C-F4 0F-0C-F8 0F-0C-FC 0F-0C-FF
0F-0F-xx 0F-0F-00 0F-0F-04 0F-0F-08 0F-0F-0C 0F-0F-0F 0F-0F-40 0F-0F-44 0F-0F-48 0F-0F-4C 0F-0F-4F 0F-0F-80 0F-0F-84
0F-0F-88 0F-0F-8C 0F-0F-8F 0F-0F-C0 0F-0F-C4 0F-0F-C8 0F-0F-CC 0F-0F-CF 0F-0F-F0 0F-0F-F4 0F-0F-F8 0F-0F-FC 0F-0F-FF
0F-40-xx 0F-40-00 0F-40-04 0F-40-08 0F-40-0C 0F-40-0F 0F-40-40 0F-40-44 0F-40-48 0F-40-4C 0F-40-4F 0F-40-80 0F-40-84
0F-40-88 0F-40-8C 0F-40-8F 0F-40-C0 0F-40-C4 0F-40-C8 0F-40-CC 0F-40-CF 0F-40-F0 0F-40-F4 0F-40-F8 0F-40-FC 0F-40-FF
0F-44-xx 0F-44-00 0F-44-04 0F-44-08 0F-44-0C 0F-44-0F 0F-44-40 0F-44-44 0F-44-48 0F-44-4C 0F-44-4F 0F-44-80 0F-44-84
0F-44-88 0F-44-8C 0F-44-8F 0F-44-C0 0F-44-C4 0F-44-C8 0F-44-CC 0F-44-CF 0F-44-F0 0F-44-F4 0F-44-F8 0F-44-FC 0F-44-FF
0F-48-xx 0F-48-00 0F-48-04 0F-48-08 0F-48-0C 0F-48-0F 0F-48-40 0F-48-44 0F-48-48 0F-48-4C 0F-48-4F 0F-48-80 0F-48-84
0F-48-88 0F-48-8C 0F-48-8F 0F-48-C0 0F-48-C4 0F-48-C8 0F-48-CC 0F-48-CF 0F-48-F0 0F-48-F4 0F-48-f8 0F-48-FC 0F-48-FF
0F-4C-xx 0F-4C-00 0F-4C-04 0F-4C-08 0F-4C-0C 0F-4C-0F 0F-4C-40 0F-4C-44 0F-4C-48 0F-4C-4C 0F-4C-4F 0F-4C-80 0F-4C-84
0F-4C-88 0F-4C-8C 0F-4C-8F 0F-4C-C0 0F-4C-C4 0F-4C-C8 0F-4C-CC 0F-4C-CF 0F-4C-F0 0F-4C-F4 0F-4C-F8 0F-4C-FC 0F-4C-FF
0F-4F-xx 0F-4F-00 0F-4F-04 0F-4F-08 0F-4F-0C 0F-4F-0F 0F-4F-40 0F-4F-44 0F-4F-48 0F-4F-4C 0F-4F-4F 0F-4F-80 0F-4F-84
0F-4F-88 0F-4F-8C 0F-4F-8F 0F-4F-C0 0F-4F-C4 0F-4F-C8 0F-4F-CC 0F-4F-CF 0F-4F-F0 0F-4F-F4 0F-4F-F8 0F-4F-FC 0F-4F-FF
0F-80-xx 0F-80-00 0F-80-04 0F-80-08 0F-80-0C 0F-80-0F 0F-80-40 0F-80-44 0F-80-48 0F-80-4C 0F-80-4F 0F-80-80 0F-80-84
0F-80-88 0F-80-8C 0F-80-8F 0F-80-C0 0F-80-C4 0F-80-C8 0F-80-CC 0F-80-CF 0F-80-F0 0F-80-F4 0F-80-F8 0F-80-FC 0F-80-FF
0F-84-xx 0F-84-00 0F-84-04 0F-84-08 0F-84-0C 0F-84-0F 0F-84-40 0F-84-44 0F-84-48 0F-84-4C 0F-84-4F 0F-84-80 0F-84-84
0F-84-88 0F-84-8C 0F-84-8F 0F-84-C0 0F-84-C4 0F-84-C8 0F-84-CC 0F-84-CF 0F-84-F0 0F-84-F4 0F-84-F8 0F-84-FC 0F-84-FF
0F-88-xx 0F-88-00 0F-88-04 0F-88-08 0F-88-0C 0F-88-0F 0F-88-40 0F-88-44 0F-88-48 0F-88-4C 0F-88-4F 0F-88-80 0F-88-84
0F-88-88 0F-88-8C 0F-88-8F 0F-88-C0 0F-88-C4 0F-88-C8 0F-88-CC 0F-88-CF 0F-88-F0 0F-88-F4 0F-88-f8 0F-88-FC 0F-88-FF
0F-8C-xx 0F-8C-00 0F-8C-04 0F-8C-08 0F-8C-0C 0F-8C-0F 0F-8C-40 0F-8C-44 0F-8C-48 0F-8C-4C 0F-8C-4F 0F-8C-80 0F-8C-84
0F-8C-88 0F-8C-8C 0F-8C-8F 0F-8C-C0 0F-8C-C4 0F-8C-C8 0F-8C-CC 0F-8C-CF 0F-8C-F0 0F-8C-F4 0F-8C-F8 0F-8C-FC 0F-8C-FF
0F-8F-xx 0F-8F-00 0F-8F-04 0F-8F-08 0F-8F-0C 0F-8F-0F 0F-8F-40 0F-8F-44 0F-8F-48 0F-8F-4C 0F-8F-4F 0F-8F-80 0F-8F-84
0F-8F-88 0F-8F-8C 0F-8F-8F 0F-8F-C0 0F-8F-C4 0F-8F-C8 0F-8F-CC 0F-8F-CF 0F-8F-F0 0F-8F-F4 0F-8F-F8 0F-8F-FC 0F-8F-FF
0F-C0-xx 0F-C0-00 0F-C0-04 0F-C0-08 0F-C0-0C 0F-C0-0F 0F-C0-40 0F-C0-44 0F-C0-48 0F-C0-4C 0F-C0-4F 0F-C0-80 0F-C0-84
0F-C0-88 0F-C0-8C 0F-C0-8F 0F-C0-C0 0F-C0-C4 0F-C0-C8 0F-C0-CC 0F-C0-CF 0F-C0-F0 0F-C0-F4 0F-C0-F8 0F-C0-FC 0F-C0-FF
0F-C4-xx 0F-C4-00 0F-C4-04 0F-C4-08 0F-C4-0C 0F-C4-0F 0F-C4-40 0F-C4-44 0F-C4-48 0F-C4-4C 0F-C4-4F 0F-C4-80 0F-C4-84
0F-C4-88 0F-C4-8C 0F-C4-8F 0F-C4-C0 0F-C4-C4 0F-C4-C8 0F-C4-CC 0F-C4-CF 0F-C4-F0 0F-C4-F4 0F-C4-F8 0F-C4-FC 0F-C4-FF
0F-C8-xx 0F-C8-00 0F-C8-04 0F-C8-08 0F-C8-0C 0F-C8-0F 0F-C8-40 0F-C8-44 0F-C8-48 0F-C8-4C 0F-C8-4F 0F-C8-80 0F-C8-84
0F-C8-88 0F-C8-8C 0F-C8-8F 0F-C8-C0 0F-C8-C4 0F-C8-C8 0F-C8-CC 0F-C8-CF 0F-C8-F0 0F-C8-F4 0F-C8-f8 0F-C8-FC 0F-C8-FF
0F-CC-xx 0F-CC-00 0F-CC-04 0F-CC-08 0F-CC-0C 0F-CC-0F 0F-CC-40 0F-CC-44 0F-CC-48 0F-CC-4C 0F-CC-4F 0F-CC-80 0F-CC-84
0F-CC-88 0F-CC-8C 0F-CC-8F 0F-CC-C0 0F-CC-C4 0F-CC-C8 0F-CC-CC 0F-CC-CF 0F-CC-F0 0F-CC-F4 0F-CC-F8 0F-CC-FC 0F-CC-FF
0F-CF-xx 0F-CF-00 0F-CF-04 0F-CF-08 0F-CF-0C 0F-CF-0F 0F-CF-40 0F-CF-44 0F-CF-48 0F-CF-4C 0F-CF-4F 0F-CF-80 0F-CF-84
0F-CF-88 0F-CF-8C 0F-CF-8F 0F-CF-C0 0F-CF-C4 0F-CF-C8 0F-CF-CC 0F-CF-CF 0F-CF-F0 0F-CF-F4 0F-CF-F8 0F-CF-FC 0F-CF-FF
0F-F0-xx 0F-F0-00 0F-F0-04 0F-F0-08 0F-F0-0C 0F-F0-0F 0F-F0-40 0F-F0-44 0F-F0-48 0F-F0-4C 0F-F0-4F 0F-F0-80 0F-F0-84
0F-F0-88 0F-F0-8C 0F-F0-8F 0F-F0-C0 0F-F0-C4 0F-F0-C8 0F-F0-CC 0F-F0-CF 0F-F0-F0 0F-F0-F4 0F-F0-F8 0F-F0-FC 0F-F0-FF
0F-F4-xx 0F-F4-00 0F-F4-04 0F-F4-08 0F-F4-0C 0F-F4-0F 0F-F4-40 0F-F4-44 0F-F4-48 0F-F4-4C 0F-F4-4F 0F-F4-80 0F-F4-84
0F-F4-88 0F-F4-8C 0F-F4-8F 0F-F4-C0 0F-F4-C4 0F-F4-C8 0F-F4-CC 0F-F4-CF 0F-F4-F0 0F-F4-F4 0F-F4-F8 0F-F4-FC 0F-F4-FF
0F-F8-xx 0F-F8-00 0F-F8-04 0F-F8-08 0F-F8-0C 0F-F8-0F 0F-F8-40 0F-F8-44 0F-F8-48 0F-F8-4C 0F-F8-4F 0F-F8-80 0F-F8-84
0F-F8-88 0F-F8-8C 0F-F8-8F 0F-F8-C0 0F-F8-C4 0F-F8-C8 0F-F8-CC 0F-F8-CF 0F-F8-F0 0F-F8-F4 0F-F8-f8 0F-F8-FC 0F-F8-FF
0F-FC-xx 0F-FC-00 0F-FC-04 0F-FC-08 0F-FC-0C 0F-FC-0F 0F-FC-40 0F-FC-44 0F-FC-48 0F-FC-4C 0F-FC-4F 0F-FC-80 0F-FC-84
0F-FC-88 0F-FC-8C 0F-FC-8F 0F-FC-C0 0F-FC-C4 0F-FC-C8 0F-FC-CC 0F-FC-CF 0F-FC-F0 0F-FC-F4 0F-FC-F8 0F-FC-FC 0F-FC-FF
0F-FF-xx 0F-FF-00 0F-FF-04 0F-FF-08 0F-FF-0C 0F-FF-0F 0F-FF-40 0F-FF-44 0F-FF-48 0F-FF-4C 0F-FF-4F 0F-FF-80 0F-FF-84
0F-FF-88 0F-FF-8C 0F-FF-8F 0F-FF-C0 0F-FF-C4 0F-FF-C8 0F-FF-CC 0F-FF-CF 0F-FF-F0 0F-FF-F4 0F-FF-F8 0F-FF-FC 0F-FF-FF
40-00-xx 40-00-00 40-00-04 40-00-08 40-00-0C 40-00-0F 40-00-40 40-00-44 40-00-48 40-00-4C 40-00-4F 40-00-80 40-00-84
40-00-88 40-00-8C 40-00-8F 40-00-C0 40-00-C4 40-00-C8 40-00-CC 40-00-CF 40-00-F0 40-00-F4 40-00-F8 40-00-FC 40-00-FF
40-04-xx 40-04-00 40-04-04 40-04-08 40-04-0C 40-04-0F 40-04-40 40-04-44 40-04-48 40-04-4C 40-04-4F 40-04-80 40-04-84
40-04-88 40-04-8C 40-04-8F 40-04-C0 40-04-C4 40-04-C8 40-04-CC 40-04-CF 40-04-F0 40-04-F4 40-04-F8 40-04-FC 40-04-FF
40-08-xx 40-08-00 40-08-04 40-08-08 40-08-0C 40-08-0F 40-08-40 40-08-44 40-08-48 40-08-4C 40-08-4F 40-08-80 40-08-84
40-08-88 40-08-8C 40-08-8F 40-08-C0 40-08-C4 40-08-C8 40-08-CC 40-08-CF 40-08-F0 40-08-F4 40-08-f8 40-08-FC 40-08-FF
40-0C-xx 40-0C-00 40-0C-04 40-0C-08 40-0C-0C 40-0C-0F 40-0C-40 40-0C-44 40-0C-48 40-0C-4C 40-0C-4F 40-0C-80 40-0C-84
40-0C-88 40-0C-8C 40-0C-8F 40-0C-C0 40-0C-C4 40-0C-C8 40-0C-CC 40-0C-CF 40-0C-F0 40-0C-F4 40-0C-F8 40-0C-FC 40-0C-FF
40-0F-xx 40-0F-00 40-0F-04 40-0F-08 40-0F-0C 40-0F-0F 40-0F-40 40-0F-44 40-0F-48 40-0F-4C 40-0F-4F 40-0F-80 40-0F-84
40-0F-88 40-0F-8C 40-0F-8F 40-0F-C0 40-0F-C4 40-0F-C8 40-0F-CC 40-0F-CF 40-0F-F0 40-0F-F4 40-0F-F8 40-0F-FC 40-0F-FF
40-40-xx 40-40-00 40-40-04 40-40-08 40-40-0C 40-40-0F 40-40-40 40-40-44 40-40-48 40-40-4C 40-40-4F 40-40-80 40-40-84
40-40-88 40-40-8C 40-40-8F 40-40-C0 40-40-C4 40-40-C8 40-40-CC 40-40-CF 40-40-F0 40-40-F4 40-40-F8 40-40-FC 40-40-FF
40-44-xx 40-44-00 40-44-04 40-44-08 40-44-0C 40-44-0F 40-44-40 40-44-44 40-44-48 40-44-4C 40-44-4F 40-44-80 40-44-84
40-44-88 40-44-8C 40-44-8F 40-44-C0 40-44-C4 40-44-C8 40-44-CC 40-44-CF 40-44-F0 40-44-F4 40-44-F8 40-44-FC 40-44-FF
40-48-xx 40-48-00 40-48-04 40-48-08 40-48-0C 40-48-0F 40-48-40 40-48-44 40-48-48 40-48-4C 40-48-4F 40-48-80 40-48-84
40-48-88 40-48-8C 40-48-8F 40-48-C0 40-48-C4 40-48-C8 40-48-CC 40-48-CF 40-48-F0 40-48-F4 40-48-f8 40-48-FC 40-48-FF
40-4C-xx 40-4C-00 40-4C-04 40-4C-08 40-4C-0C 40-4C-0F 40-4C-40 40-4C-44 40-4C-48 40-4C-4C 40-4C-4F 40-4C-80 40-4C-84
40-4C-88 40-4C-8C 40-4C-8F 40-4C-C0 40-4C-C4 40-4C-C8 40-4C-CC 40-4C-CF 40-4C-F0 40-4C-F4 40-4C-F8 40-4C-FC 40-4C-FF
40-4F-xx 40-4F-00 40-4F-04 40-4F-08 40-4F-0C 40-4F-0F 40-4F-40 40-4F-44 40-4F-48 40-4F-4C 40-4F-4F 40-4F-80 40-4F-84
40-4F-88 40-4F-8C 40-4F-8F 40-4F-C0 40-4F-C4 40-4F-C8 40-4F-CC 40-4F-CF 40-4F-F0 40-4F-F4 40-4F-F8 40-4F-FC 40-4F-FF
40-80-xx 40-80-00 40-80-04 40-80-08 40-80-0C 40-80-0F 40-80-40 40-80-44 40-80-48 40-80-4C 40-80-4F 40-80-80 40-80-84
40-80-88 40-80-8C 40-80-8F 40-80-C0 40-80-C4 40-80-C8 40-80-CC 40-80-CF 40-80-F0 40-80-F4 40-80-F8 40-80-FC 40-80-FF
40-84-xx 40-84-00 40-84-04 40-84-08 40-84-0C 40-84-0F 40-84-40 40-84-44 40-84-48 40-84-4C 40-84-4F 40-84-80 40-84-84
40-84-88 40-84-8C 40-84-8F 40-84-C0 40-84-C4 40-84-C8 40-84-CC 40-84-CF 40-84-F0 40-84-F4 40-84-F8 40-84-FC 40-84-FF
40-88-xx 40-88-00 40-88-04 40-88-08 40-88-0C 40-88-0F 40-88-40 40-88-44 40-88-48 40-88-4C 40-88-4F 40-88-80 40-88-84
40-88-88 40-88-8C 40-88-8F 40-88-C0 40-88-C4 40-88-C8 40-88-CC 40-88-CF 40-88-F0 40-88-F4 40-88-f8 40-88-FC 40-88-FF
40-8C-xx 40-8C-00 40-8C-04 40-8C-08 40-8C-0C 40-8C-0F 40-8C-40 40-8C-44 40-8C-48 40-8C-4C 40-8C-4F 40-8C-80 40-8C-84
40-8C-88 40-8C-8C 40-8C-8F 40-8C-C0 40-8C-C4 40-8C-C8 40-8C-CC 40-8C-CF 40-8C-F0 40-8C-F4 40-8C-F8 40-8C-FC 40-8C-FF
40-8F-xx 40-8F-00 40-8F-04 40-8F-08 40-8F-0C 40-8F-0F 40-8F-40 40-8F-44 40-8F-48 40-8F-4C 40-8F-4F 40-8F-80 40-8F-84
40-8F-88 40-8F-8C 40-8F-8F 40-8F-C0 40-8F-C4 40-8F-C8 40-8F-CC 40-8F-CF 40-8F-F0 40-8F-F4 40-8F-F8 40-8F-FC 40-8F-FF
40-C0-xx 40-C0-00 40-C0-04 40-C0-08 40-C0-0C 40-C0-0F 40-C0-40 40-C0-44 40-C0-48 40-C0-4C 40-C0-4F 40-C0-80 40-C0-84
40-C0-88 40-C0-8C 40-C0-8F 40-C0-C0 40-C0-C4 40-C0-C8 40-C0-CC 40-C0-CF 40-C0-F0 40-C0-F4 40-C0-F8 40-C0-FC 40-C0-FF
40-C4-xx 40-C4-00 40-C4-04 40-C4-08 40-C4-0C 40-C4-0F 40-C4-40 40-C4-44 40-C4-48 40-C4-4C 40-C4-4F 40-C4-80 40-C4-84
40-C4-88 40-C4-8C 40-C4-8F 40-C4-C0 40-C4-C4 40-C4-C8 40-C4-CC 40-C4-CF 40-C4-F0 40-C4-F4 40-C4-F8 40-C4-FC 40-C4-FF
40-C8-xx 40-C8-00 40-C8-04 40-C8-08 40-C8-0C 40-C8-0F 40-C8-40 40-C8-44 40-C8-48 40-C8-4C 40-C8-4F 40-C8-80 40-C8-84
40-C8-88 40-C8-8C 40-C8-8F 40-C8-C0 40-C8-C4 40-C8-C8 40-C8-CC 40-C8-CF 40-C8-F0 40-C8-F4 40-C8-f8 40-C8-FC 40-C8-FF
40-CC-xx 40-CC-00 40-CC-04 40-CC-08 40-CC-0C 40-CC-0F 40-CC-40 40-CC-44 40-CC-48 40-CC-4C 40-CC-4F 40-CC-80 40-CC-84
40-CC-88 40-CC-8C 40-CC-8F 40-CC-C0 40-CC-C4 40-CC-C8 40-CC-CC 40-CC-CF 40-CC-F0 40-CC-F4 40-CC-F8 40-CC-FC 40-CC-FF
40-CF-xx 40-CF-00 40-CF-04 40-CF-08 40-CF-0C 40-CF-0F 40-CF-40 40-CF-44 40-CF-48 40-CF-4C 40-CF-4F 40-CF-80 40-CF-84
40-CF-88 40-CF-8C 40-CF-8F 40-CF-C0 40-CF-C4 40-CF-C8 40-CF-CC 40-CF-CF 40-CF-F0 40-CF-F4 40-CF-F8 40-CF-FC 40-CF-FF
40-F0-xx 40-F0-00 40-F0-04 40-F0-08 40-F0-0C 40-F0-0F 40-F0-40 40-F0-44 40-F0-48 40-F0-4C 40-F0-4F 40-F0-80 40-F0-84
40-F0-88 40-F0-8C 40-F0-8F 40-F0-C0 40-F0-C4 40-F0-C8 40-F0-CC 40-F0-CF 40-F0-F0 40-F0-F4 40-F0-F8 40-F0-FC 40-F0-FF
40-F4-xx 40-F4-00 40-F4-04 40-F4-08 40-F4-0C 40-F4-0F 40-F4-40 40-F4-44 40-F4-48 40-F4-4C 40-F4-4F 40-F4-80 40-F4-84
40-F4-88 40-F4-8C 40-F4-8F 40-F4-C0 40-F4-C4 40-F4-C8 40-F4-CC 40-F4-CF 40-F4-F0 40-F4-F4 40-F4-F8 40-F4-FC 40-F4-FF
40-F8-xx 40-F8-00 40-F8-04 40-F8-08 40-F8-0C 40-F8-0F 40-F8-40 40-F8-44 40-F8-48 40-F8-4C 40-F8-4F 40-F8-80 40-F8-84
40-F8-88 40-F8-8C 40-F8-8F 40-F8-C0 40-F8-C4 40-F8-C8 40-F8-CC 40-F8-CF 40-F8-F0 40-F8-F4 40-F8-f8 40-F8-FC 40-F8-FF
40-FC-xx 40-FC-00 40-FC-04 40-FC-08 40-FC-0C 40-FC-0F 40-FC-40 40-FC-44 40-FC-48 40-FC-4C 40-FC-4F 40-FC-80 40-FC-84
40-FC-88 40-FC-8C 40-FC-8F 40-FC-C0 40-FC-C4 40-FC-C8 40-FC-CC 40-FC-CF 40-FC-F0 40-FC-F4 40-FC-F8 40-FC-FC 40-FC-FF
40-FF-xx 40-FF-00 40-FF-04 40-FF-08 40-FF-0C 40-FF-0F 40-FF-40 40-FF-44 40-FF-48 40-FF-4C 40-FF-4F 40-FF-80 40-FF-84
40-FF-88 40-FF-8C 40-FF-8F 40-FF-C0 40-FF-C4 40-FF-C8 40-FF-CC 40-FF-CF 40-FF-F0 40-FF-F4 40-FF-F8 40-FF-FC 40-FF-FF
44-00-xx 44-00-00 44-00-04 44-00-08 44-00-0C 44-00-0F 44-00-40 44-00-44 44-00-48 44-00-4C 44-00-4F 44-00-80 44-00-84
44-00-88 44-00-8C 44-00-8F 44-00-C0 44-00-C4 44-00-C8 44-00-CC 44-00-CF 44-00-F0 44-00-F4 44-00-F8 44-00-FC 44-00-FF
44-04-xx 44-04-00 44-04-04 44-04-08 44-04-0C 44-04-0F 44-04-40 44-04-44 44-04-48 44-04-4C 44-04-4F 44-04-80 44-04-84
44-04-88 44-04-8C 44-04-8F 44-04-C0 44-04-C4 44-04-C8 44-04-CC 44-04-CF 44-04-F0 44-04-F4 44-04-F8 44-04-FC 44-04-FF
44-08-xx 44-08-00 44-08-04 44-08-08 44-08-0C 44-08-0F 44-08-40 44-08-44 44-08-48 44-08-4C 44-08-4F 44-08-80 44-08-84
44-08-88 44-08-8C 44-08-8F 44-08-C0 44-08-C4 44-08-C8 44-08-CC 44-08-CF 44-08-F0 44-08-F4 44-08-f8 44-08-FC 44-08-FF
44-0C-xx 44-0C-00 44-0C-04 44-0C-08 44-0C-0C 44-0C-0F 44-0C-40 44-0C-44 44-0C-48 44-0C-4C 44-0C-4F 44-0C-80 44-0C-84
44-0C-88 44-0C-8C 44-0C-8F 44-0C-C0 44-0C-C4 44-0C-C8 44-0C-CC 44-0C-CF 44-0C-F0 44-0C-F4 44-0C-F8 44-0C-FC 44-0C-FF
44-0F-xx 44-0F-00 44-0F-04 44-0F-08 44-0F-0C 44-0F-0F 44-0F-40 44-0F-44 44-0F-48 44-0F-4C 44-0F-4F 44-0F-80 44-0F-84
44-0F-88 44-0F-8C 44-0F-8F 44-0F-C0 44-0F-C4 44-0F-C8 44-0F-CC 44-0F-CF 44-0F-F0 44-0F-F4 44-0F-F8 44-0F-FC 44-0F-FF
44-40-xx 44-40-00 44-40-04 44-40-08 44-40-0C 44-40-0F 44-40-40 44-40-44 44-40-48 44-40-4C 44-40-4F 44-40-80 44-40-84
44-40-88 44-40-8C 44-40-8F 44-40-C0 44-40-C4 44-40-C8 44-40-CC 44-40-CF 44-40-F0 44-40-F4 44-40-F8 44-40-FC 44-40-FF
44-44-xx 44-44-00 44-44-04 44-44-08 44-44-0C 44-44-0F 44-44-40 44-44-44 44-44-48 44-44-4C 44-44-4F 44-44-80 44-44-84
44-44-88 44-44-8C 44-44-8F 44-44-C0 44-44-C4 44-44-C8 44-44-CC 44-44-CF 44-44-F0 44-44-F4 44-44-F8 44-44-FC 44-44-FF
44-48-xx 44-48-00 44-48-04 44-48-08 44-48-0C 44-48-0F 44-48-40 44-48-44 44-48-48 44-48-4C 44-48-4F 44-48-80 44-48-84
44-48-88 44-48-8C 44-48-8F 44-48-C0 44-48-C4 44-48-C8 44-48-CC 44-48-CF 44-48-F0 44-48-F4 44-48-f8 44-48-FC 44-48-FF
44-4C-xx 44-4C-00 44-4C-04 44-4C-08 44-4C-0C 44-4C-0F 44-4C-40 44-4C-44 44-4C-48 44-4C-4C 44-4C-4F 44-4C-80 44-4C-84
44-4C-88 44-4C-8C 44-4C-8F 44-4C-C0 44-4C-C4 44-4C-C8 44-4C-CC 44-4C-CF 44-4C-F0 44-4C-F4 44-4C-F8 44-4C-FC 44-4C-FF
44-4F-xx 44-4F-00 44-4F-04 44-4F-08 44-4F-0C 44-4F-0F 44-4F-40 44-4F-44 44-4F-48 44-4F-4C 44-4F-4F 44-4F-80 44-4F-84
44-4F-88 44-4F-8C 44-4F-8F 44-4F-C0 44-4F-C4 44-4F-C8 44-4F-CC 44-4F-CF 44-4F-F0 44-4F-F4 44-4F-F8 44-4F-FC 44-4F-FF
44-80-xx 44-80-00 44-80-04 44-80-08 44-80-0C 44-80-0F 44-80-40 44-80-44 44-80-48 44-80-4C 44-80-4F 44-80-80 44-80-84
44-80-88 44-80-8C 44-80-8F 44-80-C0 44-80-C4 44-80-C8 44-80-CC 44-80-CF 44-80-F0 44-80-F4 44-80-F8 44-80-FC 44-80-FF
44-84-xx 44-84-00 44-84-04 44-84-08 44-84-0C 44-84-0F 44-84-40 44-84-44 44-84-48 44-84-4C 44-84-4F 44-84-80 44-84-84
44-84-88 44-84-8C 44-84-8F 44-84-C0 44-84-C4 44-84-C8 44-84-CC 44-84-CF 44-84-F0 44-84-F4 44-84-F8 44-84-FC 44-84-FF
44-88-xx 44-88-00 44-88-04 44-88-08 44-88-0C 44-88-0F 44-88-40 44-88-44 44-88-48 44-88-4C 44-88-4F 44-88-80 44-88-84
44-88-88 44-88-8C 44-88-8F 44-88-C0 44-88-C4 44-88-C8 44-88-CC 44-88-CF 44-88-F0 44-88-F4 44-88-f8 44-88-FC 44-88-FF
44-8C-xx 44-8C-00 44-8C-04 44-8C-08 44-8C-0C 44-8C-0F 44-8C-40 44-8C-44 44-8C-48 44-8C-4C 44-8C-4F 44-8C-80 44-8C-84
44-8C-88 44-8C-8C 44-8C-8F 44-8C-C0 44-8C-C4 44-8C-C8 44-8C-CC 44-8C-CF 44-8C-F0 44-8C-F4 44-8C-F8 44-8C-FC 44-8C-FF
44-8F-xx 44-8F-00 44-8F-04 44-8F-08 44-8F-0C 44-8F-0F 44-8F-40 44-8F-44 44-8F-48 44-8F-4C 44-8F-4F 44-8F-80 44-8F-84
44-8F-88 44-8F-8C 44-8F-8F 44-8F-C0 44-8F-C4 44-8F-C8 44-8F-CC 44-8F-CF 44-8F-F0 44-8F-F4 44-8F-F8 44-8F-FC 44-8F-FF
44-C0-xx 44-C0-00 44-C0-04 44-C0-08 44-C0-0C 44-C0-0F 44-C0-40 44-C0-44 44-C0-48 44-C0-4C 44-C0-4F 44-C0-80 44-C0-84
44-C0-88 44-C0-8C 44-C0-8F 44-C0-C0 44-C0-C4 44-C0-C8 44-C0-CC 44-C0-CF 44-C0-F0 44-C0-F4 44-C0-F8 44-C0-FC 44-C0-FF
44-C4-xx 44-C4-00 44-C4-04 44-C4-08 44-C4-0C 44-C4-0F 44-C4-40 44-C4-44 44-C4-48 44-C4-4C 44-C4-4F 44-C4-80 44-C4-84
44-C4-88 44-C4-8C 44-C4-8F 44-C4-C0 44-C4-C4 44-C4-C8 44-C4-CC 44-C4-CF 44-C4-F0 44-C4-F4 44-C4-F8 44-C4-FC 44-C4-FF
44-C8-xx 44-C8-00 44-C8-04 44-C8-08 44-C8-0C 44-C8-0F 44-C8-40 44-C8-44 44-C8-48 44-C8-4C 44-C8-4F 44-C8-80 44-C8-84
44-C8-88 44-C8-8C 44-C8-8F 44-C8-C0 44-C8-C4 44-C8-C8 44-C8-CC 44-C8-CF 44-C8-F0 44-C8-F4 44-C8-f8 44-C8-FC 44-C8-FF
44-CC-xx 44-CC-00 44-CC-04 44-CC-08 44-CC-0C 44-CC-0F 44-CC-40 44-CC-44 44-CC-48 44-CC-4C 44-CC-4F 44-CC-80 44-CC-84
44-CC-88 44-CC-8C 44-CC-8F 44-CC-C0 44-CC-C4 44-CC-C8 44-CC-CC 44-CC-CF 44-CC-F0 44-CC-F4 44-CC-F8 44-CC-FC 44-CC-FF
44-CF-xx 44-CF-00 44-CF-04 44-CF-08 44-CF-0C 44-CF-0F 44-CF-40 44-CF-44 44-CF-48 44-CF-4C 44-CF-4F 44-CF-80 44-CF-84
44-CF-88 44-CF-8C 44-CF-8F 44-CF-C0 44-CF-C4 44-CF-C8 44-CF-CC 44-CF-CF 44-CF-F0 44-CF-F4 44-CF-F8 44-CF-FC 44-CF-FF
44-F0-xx 44-F0-00 44-F0-04 44-F0-08 44-F0-0C 44-F0-0F 44-F0-40 44-F0-44 44-F0-48 44-F0-4C 44-F0-4F 44-F0-80 44-F0-84
44-F0-88 44-F0-8C 44-F0-8F 44-F0-C0 44-F0-C4 44-F0-C8 44-F0-CC 44-F0-CF 44-F0-F0 44-F0-F4 44-F0-F8 44-F0-FC 44-F0-FF
44-F4-xx 44-F4-00 44-F4-04 44-F4-08 44-F4-0C 44-F4-0F 44-F4-40 44-F4-44 44-F4-48 44-F4-4C 44-F4-4F 44-F4-80 44-F4-84
44-F4-88 44-F4-8C 44-F4-8F 44-F4-C0 44-F4-C4 44-F4-C8 44-F4-CC 44-F4-CF 44-F4-F0 44-F4-F4 44-F4-F8 44-F4-FC 44-F4-FF
44-F8-xx 44-F8-00 44-F8-04 44-F8-08 44-F8-0C 44-F8-0F 44-F8-40 44-F8-44 44-F8-48 44-F8-4C 44-F8-4F 44-F8-80 44-F8-84
44-F8-88 44-F8-8C 44-F8-8F 44-F8-C0 44-F8-C4 44-F8-C8 44-F8-CC 44-F8-CF 44-F8-F0 44-F8-F4 44-F8-f8 44-F8-FC 44-F8-FF
44-FC-xx 44-FC-00 44-FC-04 44-FC-08 44-FC-0C 44-FC-0F 44-FC-40 44-FC-44 44-FC-48 44-FC-4C 44-FC-4F 44-FC-80 44-FC-84
44-FC-88 44-FC-8C 44-FC-8F 44-FC-C0 44-FC-C4 44-FC-C8 44-FC-CC 44-FC-CF 44-FC-F0 44-FC-F4 44-FC-F8 44-FC-FC 44-FC-FF
44-FF-xx 44-FF-00 44-FF-04 44-FF-08 44-FF-0C 44-FF-0F 44-FF-40 44-FF-44 44-FF-48 44-FF-4C 44-FF-4F 44-FF-80 44-FF-84
44-FF-88 44-FF-8C 44-FF-8F 44-FF-C0 44-FF-C4 44-FF-C8 44-FF-CC 44-FF-CF 44-FF-F0 44-FF-F4 44-FF-F8 44-FF-FC 44-FF-FF
48-00-xx 48-00-00 48-00-04 48-00-08 48-00-0C 48-00-0F 48-00-40 48-00-44 48-00-48 48-00-4C 48-00-4F 48-00-80 48-00-84
48-00-88 48-00-8C 48-00-8F 48-00-C0 48-00-C4 48-00-C8 48-00-CC 48-00-CF 48-00-F0 48-00-F4 48-00-F8 48-00-FC 48-00-FF
48-04-xx 48-04-00 48-04-04 48-04-08 48-04-0C 48-04-0F 48-04-40 48-04-44 48-04-48 48-04-4C 48-04-4F 48-04-80 48-04-84
48-04-88 48-04-8C 48-04-8F 48-04-C0 48-04-C4 48-04-C8 48-04-CC 48-04-CF 48-04-F0 48-04-F4 48-04-F8 48-04-FC 48-04-FF
48-08-xx 48-08-00 48-08-04 48-08-08 48-08-0C 48-08-0F 48-08-40 48-08-44 48-08-48 48-08-4C 48-08-4F 48-08-80 48-08-84
48-08-88 48-08-8C 48-08-8F 48-08-C0 48-08-C4 48-08-C8 48-08-CC 48-08-CF 48-08-F0 48-08-F4 48-08-f8 48-08-FC 48-08-FF
48-0C-xx 48-0C-00 48-0C-04 48-0C-08 48-0C-0C 48-0C-0F 48-0C-40 48-0C-44 48-0C-48 48-0C-4C 48-0C-4F 48-0C-80 48-0C-84
48-0C-88 48-0C-8C 48-0C-8F 48-0C-C0 48-0C-C4 48-0C-C8 48-0C-CC 48-0C-CF 48-0C-F0 48-0C-F4 48-0C-F8 48-0C-FC 48-0C-FF
48-0F-xx 48-0F-00 48-0F-04 48-0F-08 48-0F-0C 48-0F-0F 48-0F-40 48-0F-44 48-0F-48 48-0F-4C 48-0F-4F 48-0F-80 48-0F-84
48-0F-88 48-0F-8C 48-0F-8F 48-0F-C0 48-0F-C4 48-0F-C8 48-0F-CC 48-0F-CF 48-0F-F0 48-0F-F4 48-0F-F8 48-0F-FC 48-0F-FF
48-40-xx 48-40-00 48-40-04 48-40-08 48-40-0C 48-40-0F 48-40-40 48-40-44 48-40-48 48-40-4C 48-40-4F 48-40-80 48-40-84
48-40-88 48-40-8C 48-40-8F 48-40-C0 48-40-C4 48-40-C8 48-40-CC 48-40-CF 48-40-F0 48-40-F4 48-40-F8 48-40-FC 48-40-FF
48-44-xx 48-44-00 48-44-04 48-44-08 48-44-0C 48-44-0F 48-44-40 48-44-44 48-44-48 48-44-4C 48-44-4F 48-44-80 48-44-84
48-44-88 48-44-8C 48-44-8F 48-44-C0 48-44-C4 48-44-C8 48-44-CC 48-44-CF 48-44-F0 48-44-F4 48-44-F8 48-44-FC 48-44-FF
48-48-xx 48-48-00 48-48-04 48-48-08 48-48-0C 48-48-0F 48-48-40 48-48-44 48-48-48 48-48-4C 48-48-4F 48-48-80 48-48-84
48-48-88 48-48-8C 48-48-8F 48-48-C0 48-48-C4 48-48-C8 48-48-CC 48-48-CF 48-48-F0 48-48-F4 48-48-f8 48-48-FC 48-48-FF
48-4C-xx 48-4C-00 48-4C-04 48-4C-08 48-4C-0C 48-4C-0F 48-4C-40 48-4C-44 48-4C-48 48-4C-4C 48-4C-4F 48-4C-80 48-4C-84
48-4C-88 48-4C-8C 48-4C-8F 48-4C-C0 48-4C-C4 48-4C-C8 48-4C-CC 48-4C-CF 48-4C-F0 48-4C-F4 48-4C-F8 48-4C-FC 48-4C-FF
48-4F-xx 48-4F-00 48-4F-04 48-4F-08 48-4F-0C 48-4F-0F 48-4F-40 48-4F-44 48-4F-48 48-4F-4C 48-4F-4F 48-4F-80 48-4F-84
48-4F-88 48-4F-8C 48-4F-8F 48-4F-C0 48-4F-C4 48-4F-C8 48-4F-CC 48-4F-CF 48-4F-F0 48-4F-F4 48-4F-F8 48-4F-FC 48-4F-FF
48-80-xx 48-80-00 48-80-04 48-80-08 48-80-0C 48-80-0F 48-80-40 48-80-44 48-80-48 48-80-4C 48-80-4F 48-80-80 48-80-84
48-80-88 48-80-8C 48-80-8F 48-80-C0 48-80-C4 48-80-C8 48-80-CC 48-80-CF 48-80-F0 48-80-F4 48-80-F8 48-80-FC 48-80-FF
48-84-xx 48-84-00 48-84-04 48-84-08 48-84-0C 48-84-0F 48-84-40 48-84-44 48-84-48 48-84-4C 48-84-4F 48-84-80 48-84-84
48-84-88 48-84-8C 48-84-8F 48-84-C0 48-84-C4 48-84-C8 48-84-CC 48-84-CF 48-84-F0 48-84-F4 48-84-F8 48-84-FC 48-84-FF
48-88-xx 48-88-00 48-88-04 48-88-08 48-88-0C 48-88-0F 48-88-40 48-88-44 48-88-48 48-88-4C 48-88-4F 48-88-80 48-88-84
48-88-88 48-88-8C 48-88-8F 48-88-C0 48-88-C4 48-88-C8 48-88-CC 48-88-CF 48-88-F0 48-88-F4 48-88-f8 48-88-FC 48-88-FF
48-8C-xx 48-8C-00 48-8C-04 48-8C-08 48-8C-0C 48-8C-0F 48-8C-40 48-8C-44 48-8C-48 48-8C-4C 48-8C-4F 48-8C-80 48-8C-84
48-8C-88 48-8C-8C 48-8C-8F 48-8C-C0 48-8C-C4 48-8C-C8 48-8C-CC 48-8C-CF 48-8C-F0 48-8C-F4 48-8C-F8 48-8C-FC 48-8C-FF
48-8F-xx 48-8F-00 48-8F-04 48-8F-08 48-8F-0C 48-8F-0F 48-8F-40 48-8F-44 48-8F-48 48-8F-4C 48-8F-4F 48-8F-80 48-8F-84
48-8F-88 48-8F-8C 48-8F-8F 48-8F-C0 48-8F-C4 48-8F-C8 48-8F-CC 48-8F-CF 48-8F-F0 48-8F-F4 48-8F-F8 48-8F-FC 48-8F-FF
48-C0-xx 48-C0-00 48-C0-04 48-C0-08 48-C0-0C 48-C0-0F 48-C0-40 48-C0-44 48-C0-48 48-C0-4C 48-C0-4F 48-C0-80 48-C0-84
48-C0-88 48-C0-8C 48-C0-8F 48-C0-C0 48-C0-C4 48-C0-C8 48-C0-CC 48-C0-CF 48-C0-F0 48-C0-F4 48-C0-F8 48-C0-FC 48-C0-FF
48-C4-xx 48-C4-00 48-C4-04 48-C4-08 48-C4-0C 48-C4-0F 48-C4-40 48-C4-44 48-C4-48 48-C4-4C 48-C4-4F 48-C4-80 48-C4-84
48-C4-88 48-C4-8C 48-C4-8F 48-C4-C0 48-C4-C4 48-C4-C8 48-C4-CC 48-C4-CF 48-C4-F0 48-C4-F4 48-C4-F8 48-C4-FC 48-C4-FF
48-C8-xx 48-C8-00 48-C8-04 48-C8-08 48-C8-0C 48-C8-0F 48-C8-40 48-C8-44 48-C8-48 48-C8-4C 48-C8-4F 48-C8-80 48-C8-84
48-C8-88 48-C8-8C 48-C8-8F 48-C8-C0 48-C8-C4 48-C8-C8 48-C8-CC 48-C8-CF 48-C8-F0 48-C8-F4 48-C8-f8 48-C8-FC 48-C8-FF
48-CC-xx 48-CC-00 48-CC-04 48-CC-08 48-CC-0C 48-CC-0F 48-CC-40 48-CC-44 48-CC-48 48-CC-4C 48-CC-4F 48-CC-80 48-CC-84
48-CC-88 48-CC-8C 48-CC-8F 48-CC-C0 48-CC-C4 48-CC-C8 48-CC-CC 48-CC-CF 48-CC-F0 48-CC-F4 48-CC-F8 48-CC-FC 48-CC-FF
48-CF-xx 48-CF-00 48-CF-04 48-CF-08 48-CF-0C 48-CF-0F 48-CF-40 48-CF-44 48-CF-48 48-CF-4C 48-CF-4F 48-CF-80 48-CF-84
48-CF-88 48-CF-8C 48-CF-8F 48-CF-C0 48-CF-C4 48-CF-C8 48-CF-CC 48-CF-CF 48-CF-F0 48-CF-F4 48-CF-F8 48-CF-FC 48-CF-FF
48-F0-xx 48-F0-00 48-F0-04 48-F0-08 48-F0-0C 48-F0-0F 48-F0-40 48-F0-44 48-F0-48 48-F0-4C 48-F0-4F 48-F0-80 48-F0-84
48-F0-88 48-F0-8C 48-F0-8F 48-F0-C0 48-F0-C4 48-F0-C8 48-F0-CC 48-F0-CF 48-F0-F0 48-F0-F4 48-F0-F8 48-F0-FC 48-F0-FF
48-F4-xx 48-F4-00 48-F4-04 48-F4-08 48-F4-0C 48-F4-0F 48-F4-40 48-F4-44 48-F4-48 48-F4-4C 48-F4-4F 48-F4-80 48-F4-84
48-F4-88 48-F4-8C 48-F4-8F 48-F4-C0 48-F4-C4 48-F4-C8 48-F4-CC 48-F4-CF 48-F4-F0 48-F4-F4 48-F4-F8 48-F4-FC 48-F4-FF
48-F8-xx 48-F8-00 48-F8-04 48-F8-08 48-F8-0C 48-F8-0F 48-F8-40 48-F8-44 48-F8-48 48-F8-4C 48-F8-4F 48-F8-80 48-F8-84
48-F8-88 48-F8-8C 48-F8-8F 48-F8-C0 48-F8-C4 48-F8-C8 48-F8-CC 48-F8-CF 48-F8-F0 48-F8-F4 48-F8-f8 48-F8-FC 48-F8-FF
48-FC-xx 48-FC-00 48-FC-04 48-FC-08 48-FC-0C 48-FC-0F 48-FC-40 48-FC-44 48-FC-48 48-FC-4C 48-FC-4F 48-FC-80 48-FC-84
48-FC-88 48-FC-8C 48-FC-8F 48-FC-C0 48-FC-C4 48-FC-C8 48-FC-CC 48-FC-CF 48-FC-F0 48-FC-F4 48-FC-F8 48-FC-FC 48-FC-FF
48-FF-xx 48-FF-00 48-FF-04 48-FF-08 48-FF-0C 48-FF-0F 48-FF-40 48-FF-44 48-FF-48 48-FF-4C 48-FF-4F 48-FF-80 48-FF-84
48-FF-88 48-FF-8C 48-FF-8F 48-FF-C0 48-FF-C4 48-FF-C8 48-FF-CC 48-FF-CF 48-FF-F0 48-FF-F4 48-FF-F8 48-FF-FC 48-FF-FF
4C-00-xx 4C-00-00 4C-00-04 4C-00-08 4C-00-0C 4C-00-0F 4C-00-40 4C-00-44 4C-00-48 4C-00-4C 4C-00-4F 4C-00-80 4C-00-84
4C-00-88 4C-00-8C 4C-00-8F 4C-00-C0 4C-00-C4 4C-00-C8 4C-00-CC 4C-00-CF 4C-00-F0 4C-00-F4 4C-00-F8 4C-00-FC 4C-00-FF
4C-04-xx 4C-04-00 4C-04-04 4C-04-08 4C-04-0C 4C-04-0F 4C-04-40 4C-04-44 4C-04-48 4C-04-4C 4C-04-4F 4C-04-80 4C-04-84
4C-04-88 4C-04-8C 4C-04-8F 4C-04-C0 4C-04-C4 4C-04-C8 4C-04-CC 4C-04-CF 4C-04-F0 4C-04-F4 4C-04-F8 4C-04-FC 4C-04-FF
4C-08-xx 4C-08-00 4C-08-04 4C-08-08 4C-08-0C 4C-08-0F 4C-08-40 4C-08-44 4C-08-48 4C-08-4C 4C-08-4F 4C-08-80 4C-08-84
4C-08-88 4C-08-8C 4C-08-8F 4C-08-C0 4C-08-C4 4C-08-C8 4C-08-CC 4C-08-CF 4C-08-F0 4C-08-F4 4C-08-f8 4C-08-FC 4C-08-FF
4C-0C-xx 4C-0C-00 4C-0C-04 4C-0C-08 4C-0C-0C 4C-0C-0F 4C-0C-40 4C-0C-44 4C-0C-48 4C-0C-4C 4C-0C-4F 4C-0C-80 4C-0C-84
4C-0C-88 4C-0C-8C 4C-0C-8F 4C-0C-C0 4C-0C-C4 4C-0C-C8 4C-0C-CC 4C-0C-CF 4C-0C-F0 4C-0C-F4 4C-0C-F8 4C-0C-FC 4C-0C-FF
4C-0F-xx 4C-0F-00 4C-0F-04 4C-0F-08 4C-0F-0C 4C-0F-0F 4C-0F-40 4C-0F-44 4C-0F-48 4C-0F-4C 4C-0F-4F 4C-0F-80 4C-0F-84
4C-0F-88 4C-0F-8C 4C-0F-8F 4C-0F-C0 4C-0F-C4 4C-0F-C8 4C-0F-CC 4C-0F-CF 4C-0F-F0 4C-0F-F4 4C-0F-F8 4C-0F-FC 4C-0F-FF
4C-40-xx 4C-40-00 4C-40-04 4C-40-08 4C-40-0C 4C-40-0F 4C-40-40 4C-40-44 4C-40-48 4C-40-4C 4C-40-4F 4C-40-80 4C-40-84
4C-40-88 4C-40-8C 4C-40-8F 4C-40-C0 4C-40-C4 4C-40-C8 4C-40-CC 4C-40-CF 4C-40-F0 4C-40-F4 4C-40-F8 4C-40-FC 4C-40-FF
4C-44-xx 4C-44-00 4C-44-04 4C-44-08 4C-44-0C 4C-44-0F 4C-44-40 4C-44-44 4C-44-48 4C-44-4C 4C-44-4F 4C-44-80 4C-44-84
4C-44-88 4C-44-8C 4C-44-8F 4C-44-C0 4C-44-C4 4C-44-C8 4C-44-CC 4C-44-CF 4C-44-F0 4C-44-F4 4C-44-F8 4C-44-FC 4C-44-FF
4C-48-xx 4C-48-00 4C-48-04 4C-48-08 4C-48-0C 4C-48-0F 4C-48-40 4C-48-44 4C-48-48 4C-48-4C 4C-48-4F 4C-48-80 4C-48-84
4C-48-88 4C-48-8C 4C-48-8F 4C-48-C0 4C-48-C4 4C-48-C8 4C-48-CC 4C-48-CF 4C-48-F0 4C-48-F4 4C-48-f8 4C-48-FC 4C-48-FF
4C-4C-xx 4C-4C-00 4C-4C-04 4C-4C-08 4C-4C-0C 4C-4C-0F 4C-4C-40 4C-4C-44 4C-4C-48 4C-4C-4C 4C-4C-4F 4C-4C-80 4C-4C-84
4C-4C-88 4C-4C-8C 4C-4C-8F 4C-4C-C0 4C-4C-C4 4C-4C-C8 4C-4C-CC 4C-4C-CF 4C-4C-F0 4C-4C-F4 4C-4C-F8 4C-4C-FC 4C-4C-FF
4C-4F-xx 4C-4F-00 4C-4F-04 4C-4F-08 4C-4F-0C 4C-4F-0F 4C-4F-40 4C-4F-44 4C-4F-48 4C-4F-4C 4C-4F-4F 4C-4F-80 4C-4F-84
4C-4F-88 4C-4F-8C 4C-4F-8F 4C-4F-C0 4C-4F-C4 4C-4F-C8 4C-4F-CC 4C-4F-CF 4C-4F-F0 4C-4F-F4 4C-4F-F8 4C-4F-FC 4C-4F-FF
4C-80-xx 4C-80-00 4C-80-04 4C-80-08 4C-80-0C 4C-80-0F 4C-80-40 4C-80-44 4C-80-48 4C-80-4C 4C-80-4F 4C-80-80 4C-80-84
4C-80-88 4C-80-8C 4C-80-8F 4C-80-C0 4C-80-C4 4C-80-C8 4C-80-CC 4C-80-CF 4C-80-F0 4C-80-F4 4C-80-F8 4C-80-FC 4C-80-FF
4C-84-xx 4C-84-00 4C-84-04 4C-84-08 4C-84-0C 4C-84-0F 4C-84-40 4C-84-44 4C-84-48 4C-84-4C 4C-84-4F 4C-84-80 4C-84-84
4C-84-88 4C-84-8C 4C-84-8F 4C-84-C0 4C-84-C4 4C-84-C8 4C-84-CC 4C-84-CF 4C-84-F0 4C-84-F4 4C-84-F8 4C-84-FC 4C-84-FF
4C-88-xx 4C-88-00 4C-88-04 4C-88-08 4C-88-0C 4C-88-0F 4C-88-40 4C-88-44 4C-88-48 4C-88-4C 4C-88-4F 4C-88-80 4C-88-84
4C-88-88 4C-88-8C 4C-88-8F 4C-88-C0 4C-88-C4 4C-88-C8 4C-88-CC 4C-88-CF 4C-88-F0 4C-88-F4 4C-88-f8 4C-88-FC 4C-88-FF
4C-8C-xx 4C-8C-00 4C-8C-04 4C-8C-08 4C-8C-0C 4C-8C-0F 4C-8C-40 4C-8C-44 4C-8C-48 4C-8C-4C 4C-8C-4F 4C-8C-80 4C-8C-84
4C-8C-88 4C-8C-8C 4C-8C-8F 4C-8C-C0 4C-8C-C4 4C-8C-C8 4C-8C-CC 4C-8C-CF 4C-8C-F0 4C-8C-F4 4C-8C-F8 4C-8C-FC 4C-8C-FF
4C-8F-xx 4C-8F-00 4C-8F-04 4C-8F-08 4C-8F-0C 4C-8F-0F 4C-8F-40 4C-8F-44 4C-8F-48 4C-8F-4C 4C-8F-4F 4C-8F-80 4C-8F-84
4C-8F-88 4C-8F-8C 4C-8F-8F 4C-8F-C0 4C-8F-C4 4C-8F-C8 4C-8F-CC 4C-8F-CF 4C-8F-F0 4C-8F-F4 4C-8F-F8 4C-8F-FC 4C-8F-FF
4C-C0-xx 4C-C0-00 4C-C0-04 4C-C0-08 4C-C0-0C 4C-C0-0F 4C-C0-40 4C-C0-44 4C-C0-48 4C-C0-4C 4C-C0-4F 4C-C0-80 4C-C0-84
4C-C0-88 4C-C0-8C 4C-C0-8F 4C-C0-C0 4C-C0-C4 4C-C0-C8 4C-C0-CC 4C-C0-CF 4C-C0-F0 4C-C0-F4 4C-C0-F8 4C-C0-FC 4C-C0-FF
4C-C4-xx 4C-C4-00 4C-C4-04 4C-C4-08 4C-C4-0C 4C-C4-0F 4C-C4-40 4C-C4-44 4C-C4-48 4C-C4-4C 4C-C4-4F 4C-C4-80 4C-C4-84
4C-C4-88 4C-C4-8C 4C-C4-8F 4C-C4-C0 4C-C4-C4 4C-C4-C8 4C-C4-CC 4C-C4-CF 4C-C4-F0 4C-C4-F4 4C-C4-F8 4C-C4-FC 4C-C4-FF
4C-C8-xx 4C-C8-00 4C-C8-04 4C-C8-08 4C-C8-0C 4C-C8-0F 4C-C8-40 4C-C8-44 4C-C8-48 4C-C8-4C 4C-C8-4F 4C-C8-80 4C-C8-84
4C-C8-88 4C-C8-8C 4C-C8-8F 4C-C8-C0 4C-C8-C4 4C-C8-C8 4C-C8-CC 4C-C8-CF 4C-C8-F0 4C-C8-F4 4C-C8-f8 4C-C8-FC 4C-C8-FF
4C-CC-xx 4C-CC-00 4C-CC-04 4C-CC-08 4C-CC-0C 4C-CC-0F 4C-CC-40 4C-CC-44 4C-CC-48 4C-CC-4C 4C-CC-4F 4C-CC-80 4C-CC-84
4C-CC-88 4C-CC-8C 4C-CC-8F 4C-CC-C0 4C-CC-C4 4C-CC-C8 4C-CC-CC 4C-CC-CF 4C-CC-F0 4C-CC-F4 4C-CC-F8 4C-CC-FC 4C-CC-FF
4C-CF-xx 4C-CF-00 4C-CF-04 4C-CF-08 4C-CF-0C 4C-CF-0F 4C-CF-40 4C-CF-44 4C-CF-48 4C-CF-4C 4C-CF-4F 4C-CF-80 4C-CF-84
4C-CF-88 4C-CF-8C 4C-CF-8F 4C-CF-C0 4C-CF-C4 4C-CF-C8 4C-CF-CC 4C-CF-CF 4C-CF-F0 4C-CF-F4 4C-CF-F8 4C-CF-FC 4C-CF-FF
4C-F0-xx 4C-F0-00 4C-F0-04 4C-F0-08 4C-F0-0C 4C-F0-0F 4C-F0-40 4C-F0-44 4C-F0-48 4C-F0-4C 4C-F0-4F 4C-F0-80 4C-F0-84
4C-F0-88 4C-F0-8C 4C-F0-8F 4C-F0-C0 4C-F0-C4 4C-F0-C8 4C-F0-CC 4C-F0-CF 4C-F0-F0 4C-F0-F4 4C-F0-F8 4C-F0-FC 4C-F0-FF
4C-F4-xx 4C-F4-00 4C-F4-04 4C-F4-08 4C-F4-0C 4C-F4-0F 4C-F4-40 4C-F4-44 4C-F4-48 4C-F4-4C 4C-F4-4F 4C-F4-80 4C-F4-84
4C-F4-88 4C-F4-8C 4C-F4-8F 4C-F4-C0 4C-F4-C4 4C-F4-C8 4C-F4-CC 4C-F4-CF 4C-F4-F0 4C-F4-F4 4C-F4-F8 4C-F4-FC 4C-F4-FF
4C-F8-xx 4C-F8-00 4C-F8-04 4C-F8-08 4C-F8-0C 4C-F8-0F 4C-F8-40 4C-F8-44 4C-F8-48 4C-F8-4C 4C-F8-4F 4C-F8-80 4C-F8-84
4C-F8-88 4C-F8-8C 4C-F8-8F 4C-F8-C0 4C-F8-C4 4C-F8-C8 4C-F8-CC 4C-F8-CF 4C-F8-F0 4C-F8-F4 4C-F8-f8 4C-F8-FC 4C-F8-FF
4C-FC-xx 4C-FC-00 4C-FC-04 4C-FC-08 4C-FC-0C 4C-FC-0F 4C-FC-40 4C-FC-44 4C-FC-48 4C-FC-4C 4C-FC-4F 4C-FC-80 4C-FC-84
4C-FC-88 4C-FC-8C 4C-FC-8F 4C-FC-C0 4C-FC-C4 4C-FC-C8 4C-FC-CC 4C-FC-CF 4C-FC-F0 4C-FC-F4 4C-FC-F8 4C-FC-FC 4C-FC-FF
4C-FF-xx 4C-FF-00 4C-FF-04 4C-FF-08 4C-FF-0C 4C-FF-0F 4C-FF-40 4C-FF-44 4C-FF-48 4C-FF-4C 4C-FF-4F 4C-FF-80 4C-FF-84
4C-FF-88 4C-FF-8C 4C-FF-8F 4C-FF-C0 4C-FF-C4 4C-FF-C8 4C-FF-CC 4C-FF-CF 4C-FF-F0 4C-FF-F4 4C-FF-F8 4C-FF-FC 4C-FF-FF
4F-00-xx 4F-00-00 4F-00-04 4F-00-08 4F-00-0C 4F-00-0F 4F-00-40 4F-00-44 4F-00-48 4F-00-4C 4F-00-4F 4F-00-80 4F-00-84
4F-00-88 4F-00-8C 4F-00-8F 4F-00-C0 4F-00-C4 4F-00-C8 4F-00-CC 4F-00-CF 4F-00-F0 4F-00-F4 4F-00-F8 4F-00-FC 4F-00-FF
4F-04-xx 4F-04-00 4F-04-04 4F-04-08 4F-04-0C 4F-04-0F 4F-04-40 4F-04-44 4F-04-48 4F-04-4C 4F-04-4F 4F-04-80 4F-04-84
4F-04-88 4F-04-8C 4F-04-8F 4F-04-C0 4F-04-C4 4F-04-C8 4F-04-CC 4F-04-CF 4F-04-F0 4F-04-F4 4F-04-F8 4F-04-FC 4F-04-FF
4F-08-xx 4F-08-00 4F-08-04 4F-08-08 4F-08-0C 4F-08-0F 4F-08-40 4F-08-44 4F-08-48 4F-08-4C 4F-08-4F 4F-08-80 4F-08-84
4F-08-88 4F-08-8C 4F-08-8F 4F-08-C0 4F-08-C4 4F-08-C8 4F-08-CC 4F-08-CF 4F-08-F0 4F-08-F4 4F-08-f8 4F-08-FC 4F-08-FF
4F-0C-xx 4F-0C-00 4F-0C-04 4F-0C-08 4F-0C-0C 4F-0C-0F 4F-0C-40 4F-0C-44 4F-0C-48 4F-0C-4C 4F-0C-4F 4F-0C-80 4F-0C-84
4F-0C-88 4F-0C-8C 4F-0C-8F 4F-0C-C0 4F-0C-C4 4F-0C-C8 4F-0C-CC 4F-0C-CF 4F-0C-F0 4F-0C-F4 4F-0C-F8 4F-0C-FC 4F-0C-FF
4F-0F-xx 4F-0F-00 4F-0F-04 4F-0F-08 4F-0F-0C 4F-0F-0F 4F-0F-40 4F-0F-44 4F-0F-48 4F-0F-4C 4F-0F-4F 4F-0F-80 4F-0F-84
4F-0F-88 4F-0F-8C 4F-0F-8F 4F-0F-C0 4F-0F-C4 4F-0F-C8 4F-0F-CC 4F-0F-CF 4F-0F-F0 4F-0F-F4 4F-0F-F8 4F-0F-FC 4F-0F-FF
4F-40-xx 4F-40-00 4F-40-04 4F-40-08 4F-40-0C 4F-40-0F 4F-40-40 4F-40-44 4F-40-48 4F-40-4C 4F-40-4F 4F-40-80 4F-40-84
4F-40-88 4F-40-8C 4F-40-8F 4F-40-C0 4F-40-C4 4F-40-C8 4F-40-CC 4F-40-CF 4F-40-F0 4F-40-F4 4F-40-F8 4F-40-FC 4F-40-FF
4F-44-xx 4F-44-00 4F-44-04 4F-44-08 4F-44-0C 4F-44-0F 4F-44-40 4F-44-44 4F-44-48 4F-44-4C 4F-44-4F 4F-44-80 4F-44-84
4F-44-88 4F-44-8C 4F-44-8F 4F-44-C0 4F-44-C4 4F-44-C8 4F-44-CC 4F-44-CF 4F-44-F0 4F-44-F4 4F-44-F8 4F-44-FC 4F-44-FF
4F-48-xx 4F-48-00 4F-48-04 4F-48-08 4F-48-0C 4F-48-0F 4F-48-40 4F-48-44 4F-48-48 4F-48-4C 4F-48-4F 4F-48-80 4F-48-84
4F-48-88 4F-48-8C 4F-48-8F 4F-48-C0 4F-48-C4 4F-48-C8 4F-48-CC 4F-48-CF 4F-48-F0 4F-48-F4 4F-48-f8 4F-48-FC 4F-48-FF
4F-4C-xx 4F-4C-00 4F-4C-04 4F-4C-08 4F-4C-0C 4F-4C-0F 4F-4C-40 4F-4C-44 4F-4C-48 4F-4C-4C 4F-4C-4F 4F-4C-80 4F-4C-84
4F-4C-88 4F-4C-8C 4F-4C-8F 4F-4C-C0 4F-4C-C4 4F-4C-C8 4F-4C-CC 4F-4C-CF 4F-4C-F0 4F-4C-F4 4F-4C-F8 4F-4C-FC 4F-4C-FF
4F-4F-xx 4F-4F-00 4F-4F-04 4F-4F-08 4F-4F-0C 4F-4F-0F 4F-4F-40 4F-4F-44 4F-4F-48 4F-4F-4C 4F-4F-4F 4F-4F-80 4F-4F-84
4F-4F-88 4F-4F-8C 4F-4F-8F 4F-4F-C0 4F-4F-C4 4F-4F-C8 4F-4F-CC 4F-4F-CF 4F-4F-F0 4F-4F-F4 4F-4F-F8 4F-4F-FC 4F-4F-FF
4F-80-xx 4F-80-00 4F-80-04 4F-80-08 4F-80-0C 4F-80-0F 4F-80-40 4F-80-44 4F-80-48 4F-80-4C 4F-80-4F 4F-80-80 4F-80-84
4F-80-88 4F-80-8C 4F-80-8F 4F-80-C0 4F-80-C4 4F-80-C8 4F-80-CC 4F-80-CF 4F-80-F0 4F-80-F4 4F-80-F8 4F-80-FC 4F-80-FF
4F-84-xx 4F-84-00 4F-84-04 4F-84-08 4F-84-0C 4F-84-0F 4F-84-40 4F-84-44 4F-84-48 4F-84-4C 4F-84-4F 4F-84-80 4F-84-84
4F-84-88 4F-84-8C 4F-84-8F 4F-84-C0 4F-84-C4 4F-84-C8 4F-84-CC 4F-84-CF 4F-84-F0 4F-84-F4 4F-84-F8 4F-84-FC 4F-84-FF
4F-88-xx 4F-88-00 4F-88-04 4F-88-08 4F-88-0C 4F-88-0F 4F-88-40 4F-88-44 4F-88-48 4F-88-4C 4F-88-4F 4F-88-80 4F-88-84
4F-88-88 4F-88-8C 4F-88-8F 4F-88-C0 4F-88-C4 4F-88-C8 4F-88-CC 4F-88-CF 4F-88-F0 4F-88-F4 4F-88-f8 4F-88-FC 4F-88-FF
4F-8C-xx 4F-8C-00 4F-8C-04 4F-8C-08 4F-8C-0C 4F-8C-0F 4F-8C-40 4F-8C-44 4F-8C-48 4F-8C-4C 4F-8C-4F 4F-8C-80 4F-8C-84
4F-8C-88 4F-8C-8C 4F-8C-8F 4F-8C-C0 4F-8C-C4 4F-8C-C8 4F-8C-CC 4F-8C-CF 4F-8C-F0 4F-8C-F4 4F-8C-F8 4F-8C-FC 4F-8C-FF
4F-8F-xx 4F-8F-00 4F-8F-04 4F-8F-08 4F-8F-0C 4F-8F-0F 4F-8F-40 4F-8F-44 4F-8F-48 4F-8F-4C 4F-8F-4F 4F-8F-80 4F-8F-84
4F-8F-88 4F-8F-8C 4F-8F-8F 4F-8F-C0 4F-8F-C4 4F-8F-C8 4F-8F-CC 4F-8F-CF 4F-8F-F0 4F-8F-F4 4F-8F-F8 4F-8F-FC 4F-8F-FF
4F-C0-xx 4F-C0-00 4F-C0-04 4F-C0-08 4F-C0-0C 4F-C0-0F 4F-C0-40 4F-C0-44 4F-C0-48 4F-C0-4C 4F-C0-4F 4F-C0-80 4F-C0-84
4F-C0-88 4F-C0-8C 4F-C0-8F 4F-C0-C0 4F-C0-C4 4F-C0-C8 4F-C0-CC 4F-C0-CF 4F-C0-F0 4F-C0-F4 4F-C0-F8 4F-C0-FC 4F-C0-FF
4F-C4-xx 4F-C4-00 4F-C4-04 4F-C4-08 4F-C4-0C 4F-C4-0F 4F-C4-40 4F-C4-44 4F-C4-48 4F-C4-4C 4F-C4-4F 4F-C4-80 4F-C4-84
4F-C4-88 4F-C4-8C 4F-C4-8F 4F-C4-C0 4F-C4-C4 4F-C4-C8 4F-C4-CC 4F-C4-CF 4F-C4-F0 4F-C4-F4 4F-C4-F8 4F-C4-FC 4F-C4-FF
4F-C8-xx 4F-C8-00 4F-C8-04 4F-C8-08 4F-C8-0C 4F-C8-0F 4F-C8-40 4F-C8-44 4F-C8-48 4F-C8-4C 4F-C8-4F 4F-C8-80 4F-C8-84
4F-C8-88 4F-C8-8C 4F-C8-8F 4F-C8-C0 4F-C8-C4 4F-C8-C8 4F-C8-CC 4F-C8-CF 4F-C8-F0 4F-C8-F4 4F-C8-f8 4F-C8-FC 4F-C8-FF
4F-CC-xx 4F-CC-00 4F-CC-04 4F-CC-08 4F-CC-0C 4F-CC-0F 4F-CC-40 4F-CC-44 4F-CC-48 4F-CC-4C 4F-CC-4F 4F-CC-80 4F-CC-84
4F-CC-88 4F-CC-8C 4F-CC-8F 4F-CC-C0 4F-CC-C4 4F-CC-C8 4F-CC-CC 4F-CC-CF 4F-CC-F0 4F-CC-F4 4F-CC-F8 4F-CC-FC 4F-CC-FF
4F-CF-xx 4F-CF-00 4F-CF-04 4F-CF-08 4F-CF-0C 4F-CF-0F 4F-CF-40 4F-CF-44 4F-CF-48 4F-CF-4C 4F-CF-4F 4F-CF-80 4F-CF-84
4F-CF-88 4F-CF-8C 4F-CF-8F 4F-CF-C0 4F-CF-C4 4F-CF-C8 4F-CF-CC 4F-CF-CF 4F-CF-F0 4F-CF-F4 4F-CF-F8 4F-CF-FC 4F-CF-FF
4F-F0-xx 4F-F0-00 4F-F0-04 4F-F0-08 4F-F0-0C 4F-F0-0F 4F-F0-40 4F-F0-44 4F-F0-48 4F-F0-4C 4F-F0-4F 4F-F0-80 4F-F0-84
4F-F0-88 4F-F0-8C 4F-F0-8F 4F-F0-C0 4F-F0-C4 4F-F0-C8 4F-F0-CC 4F-F0-CF 4F-F0-F0 4F-F0-F4 4F-F0-F8 4F-F0-FC 4F-F0-FF
4F-F4-xx 4F-F4-00 4F-F4-04 4F-F4-08 4F-F4-0C 4F-F4-0F 4F-F4-40 4F-F4-44 4F-F4-48 4F-F4-4C 4F-F4-4F 4F-F4-80 4F-F4-84
4F-F4-88 4F-F4-8C 4F-F4-8F 4F-F4-C0 4F-F4-C4 4F-F4-C8 4F-F4-CC 4F-F4-CF 4F-F4-F0 4F-F4-F4 4F-F4-F8 4F-F4-FC 4F-F4-FF
4F-F8-xx 4F-F8-00 4F-F8-04 4F-F8-08 4F-F8-0C 4F-F8-0F 4F-F8-40 4F-F8-44 4F-F8-48 4F-F8-4C 4F-F8-4F 4F-F8-80 4F-F8-84
4F-F8-88 4F-F8-8C 4F-F8-8F 4F-F8-C0 4F-F8-C4 4F-F8-C8 4F-F8-CC 4F-F8-CF 4F-F8-F0 4F-F8-F4 4F-F8-f8 4F-F8-FC 4F-F8-FF
4F-FC-xx 4F-FC-00 4F-FC-04 4F-FC-08 4F-FC-0C 4F-FC-0F 4F-FC-40 4F-FC-44 4F-FC-48 4F-FC-4C 4F-FC-4F 4F-FC-80 4F-FC-84
4F-FC-88 4F-FC-8C 4F-FC-8F 4F-FC-C0 4F-FC-C4 4F-FC-C8 4F-FC-CC 4F-FC-CF 4F-FC-F0 4F-FC-F4 4F-FC-F8 4F-FC-FC 4F-FC-FF
4F-FF-xx 4F-FF-00 4F-FF-04 4F-FF-08 4F-FF-0C 4F-FF-0F 4F-FF-40 4F-FF-44 4F-FF-48 4F-FF-4C 4F-FF-4F 4F-FF-80 4F-FF-84
4F-FF-88 4F-FF-8C 4F-FF-8F 4F-FF-C0 4F-FF-C4 4F-FF-C8 4F-FF-CC 4F-FF-CF 4F-FF-F0 4F-FF-F4 4F-FF-F8 4F-FF-FC 4F-FF-FF
80-00-xx 80-00-00 80-00-04 80-00-08 80-00-0C 80-00-0F 80-00-40 80-00-44 80-00-48 80-00-4C 80-00-4F 80-00-80 80-00-84
80-00-88 80-00-8C 80-00-8F 80-00-C0 80-00-C4 80-00-C8 80-00-CC 80-00-CF 80-00-F0 80-00-F4 80-00-F8 80-00-FC 80-00-FF
80-04-xx 80-04-00 80-04-04 80-04-08 80-04-0C 80-04-0F 80-04-40 80-04-44 80-04-48 80-04-4C 80-04-4F 80-04-80 80-04-84
80-04-88 80-04-8C 80-04-8F 80-04-C0 80-04-C4 80-04-C8 80-04-CC 80-04-CF 80-04-F0 80-04-F4 80-04-F8 80-04-FC 80-04-FF
80-08-xx 80-08-00 80-08-04 80-08-08 80-08-0C 80-08-0F 80-08-40 80-08-44 80-08-48 80-08-4C 80-08-4F 80-08-80 80-08-84
80-08-88 80-08-8C 80-08-8F 80-08-C0 80-08-C4 80-08-C8 80-08-CC 80-08-CF 80-08-F0 80-08-F4 80-08-f8 80-08-FC 80-08-FF
80-0C-xx 80-0C-00 80-0C-04 80-0C-08 80-0C-0C 80-0C-0F 80-0C-40 80-0C-44 80-0C-48 80-0C-4C 80-0C-4F 80-0C-80 80-0C-84
80-0C-88 80-0C-8C 80-0C-8F 80-0C-C0 80-0C-C4 80-0C-C8 80-0C-CC 80-0C-CF 80-0C-F0 80-0C-F4 80-0C-F8 80-0C-FC 80-0C-FF
80-0F-xx 80-0F-00 80-0F-04 80-0F-08 80-0F-0C 80-0F-0F 80-0F-40 80-0F-44 80-0F-48 80-0F-4C 80-0F-4F 80-0F-80 80-0F-84
80-0F-88 80-0F-8C 80-0F-8F 80-0F-C0 80-0F-C4 80-0F-C8 80-0F-CC 80-0F-CF 80-0F-F0 80-0F-F4 80-0F-F8 80-0F-FC 80-0F-FF
80-40-xx 80-40-00 80-40-04 80-40-08 80-40-0C 80-40-0F 80-40-40 80-40-44 80-40-48 80-40-4C 80-40-4F 80-40-80 80-40-84
80-40-88 80-40-8C 80-40-8F 80-40-C0 80-40-C4 80-40-C8 80-40-CC 80-40-CF 80-40-F0 80-40-F4 80-40-F8 80-40-FC 80-40-FF
80-44-xx 80-44-00 80-44-04 80-44-08 80-44-0C 80-44-0F 80-44-40 80-44-44 80-44-48 80-44-4C 80-44-4F 80-44-80 80-44-84
80-44-88 80-44-8C 80-44-8F 80-44-C0 80-44-C4 80-44-C8 80-44-CC 80-44-CF 80-44-F0 80-44-F4 80-44-F8 80-44-FC 80-44-FF
80-48-xx 80-48-00 80-48-04 80-48-08 80-48-0C 80-48-0F 80-48-40 80-48-44 80-48-48 80-48-4C 80-48-4F 80-48-80 80-48-84
80-48-88 80-48-8C 80-48-8F 80-48-C0 80-48-C4 80-48-C8 80-48-CC 80-48-CF 80-48-F0 80-48-F4 80-48-f8 80-48-FC 80-48-FF
80-4C-xx 80-4C-00 80-4C-04 80-4C-08 80-4C-0C 80-4C-0F 80-4C-40 80-4C-44 80-4C-48 80-4C-4C 80-4C-4F 80-4C-80 80-4C-84
80-4C-88 80-4C-8C 80-4C-8F 80-4C-C0 80-4C-C4 80-4C-C8 80-4C-CC 80-4C-CF 80-4C-F0 80-4C-F4 80-4C-F8 80-4C-FC 80-4C-FF
80-4F-xx 80-4F-00 80-4F-04 80-4F-08 80-4F-0C 80-4F-0F 80-4F-40 80-4F-44 80-4F-48 80-4F-4C 80-4F-4F 80-4F-80 80-4F-84
80-4F-88 80-4F-8C 80-4F-8F 80-4F-C0 80-4F-C4 80-4F-C8 80-4F-CC 80-4F-CF 80-4F-F0 80-4F-F4 80-4F-F8 80-4F-FC 80-4F-FF
80-80-xx 80-80-00 80-80-04 80-80-08 80-80-0C 80-80-0F 80-80-40 80-80-44 80-80-48 80-80-4C 80-80-4F 80-80-80 80-80-84
80-80-88 80-80-8C 80-80-8F 80-80-C0 80-80-C4 80-80-C8 80-80-CC 80-80-CF 80-80-F0 80-80-F4 80-80-F8 80-80-FC 80-80-FF
80-84-xx 80-84-00 80-84-04 80-84-08 80-84-0C 80-84-0F 80-84-40 80-84-44 80-84-48 80-84-4C 80-84-4F 80-84-80 80-84-84
80-84-88 80-84-8C 80-84-8F 80-84-C0 80-84-C4 80-84-C8 80-84-CC 80-84-CF 80-84-F0 80-84-F4 80-84-F8 80-84-FC 80-84-FF
80-88-xx 80-88-00 80-88-04 80-88-08 80-88-0C 80-88-0F 80-88-40 80-88-44 80-88-48 80-88-4C 80-88-4F 80-88-80 80-88-84
80-88-88 80-88-8C 80-88-8F 80-88-C0 80-88-C4 80-88-C8 80-88-CC 80-88-CF 80-88-F0 80-88-F4 80-88-f8 80-88-FC 80-88-FF
80-8C-xx 80-8C-00 80-8C-04 80-8C-08 80-8C-0C 80-8C-0F 80-8C-40 80-8C-44 80-8C-48 80-8C-4C 80-8C-4F 80-8C-80 80-8C-84
80-8C-88 80-8C-8C 80-8C-8F 80-8C-C0 80-8C-C4 80-8C-C8 80-8C-CC 80-8C-CF 80-8C-F0 80-8C-F4 80-8C-F8 80-8C-FC 80-8C-FF
80-8F-xx 80-8F-00 80-8F-04 80-8F-08 80-8F-0C 80-8F-0F 80-8F-40 80-8F-44 80-8F-48 80-8F-4C 80-8F-4F 80-8F-80 80-8F-84
80-8F-88 80-8F-8C 80-8F-8F 80-8F-C0 80-8F-C4 80-8F-C8 80-8F-CC 80-8F-CF 80-8F-F0 80-8F-F4 80-8F-F8 80-8F-FC 80-8F-FF
80-C0-xx 80-C0-00 80-C0-04 80-C0-08 80-C0-0C 80-C0-0F 80-C0-40 80-C0-44 80-C0-48 80-C0-4C 80-C0-4F 80-C0-80 80-C0-84
80-C0-88 80-C0-8C 80-C0-8F 80-C0-C0 80-C0-C4 80-C0-C8 80-C0-CC 80-C0-CF 80-C0-F0 80-C0-F4 80-C0-F8 80-C0-FC 80-C0-FF
80-C4-xx 80-C4-00 80-C4-04 80-C4-08 80-C4-0C 80-C4-0F 80-C4-40 80-C4-44 80-C4-48 80-C4-4C 80-C4-4F 80-C4-80 80-C4-84
80-C4-88 80-C4-8C 80-C4-8F 80-C4-C0 80-C4-C4 80-C4-C8 80-C4-CC 80-C4-CF 80-C4-F0 80-C4-F4 80-C4-F8 80-C4-FC 80-C4-FF
80-C8-xx 80-C8-00 80-C8-04 80-C8-08 80-C8-0C 80-C8-0F 80-C8-40 80-C8-44 80-C8-48 80-C8-4C 80-C8-4F 80-C8-80 80-C8-84
80-C8-88 80-C8-8C 80-C8-8F 80-C8-C0 80-C8-C4 80-C8-C8 80-C8-CC 80-C8-CF 80-C8-F0 80-C8-F4 80-C8-f8 80-C8-FC 80-C8-FF
80-CC-xx 80-CC-00 80-CC-04 80-CC-08 80-CC-0C 80-CC-0F 80-CC-40 80-CC-44 80-CC-48 80-CC-4C 80-CC-4F 80-CC-80 80-CC-84
80-CC-88 80-CC-8C 80-CC-8F 80-CC-C0 80-CC-C4 80-CC-C8 80-CC-CC 80-CC-CF 80-CC-F0 80-CC-F4 80-CC-F8 80-CC-FC 80-CC-FF
80-CF-xx 80-CF-00 80-CF-04 80-CF-08 80-CF-0C 80-CF-0F 80-CF-40 80-CF-44 80-CF-48 80-CF-4C 80-CF-4F 80-CF-80 80-CF-84
80-CF-88 80-CF-8C 80-CF-8F 80-CF-C0 80-CF-C4 80-CF-C8 80-CF-CC 80-CF-CF 80-CF-F0 80-CF-F4 80-CF-F8 80-CF-FC 80-CF-FF
80-F0-xx 80-F0-00 80-F0-04 80-F0-08 80-F0-0C 80-F0-0F 80-F0-40 80-F0-44 80-F0-48 80-F0-4C 80-F0-4F 80-F0-80 80-F0-84
80-F0-88 80-F0-8C 80-F0-8F 80-F0-C0 80-F0-C4 80-F0-C8 80-F0-CC 80-F0-CF 80-F0-F0 80-F0-F4 80-F0-F8 80-F0-FC 80-F0-FF
80-F4-xx 80-F4-00 80-F4-04 80-F4-08 80-F4-0C 80-F4-0F 80-F4-40 80-F4-44 80-F4-48 80-F4-4C 80-F4-4F 80-F4-80 80-F4-84
80-F4-88 80-F4-8C 80-F4-8F 80-F4-C0 80-F4-C4 80-F4-C8 80-F4-CC 80-F4-CF 80-F4-F0 80-F4-F4 80-F4-F8 80-F4-FC 80-F4-FF
80-F8-xx 80-F8-00 80-F8-04 80-F8-08 80-F8-0C 80-F8-0F 80-F8-40 80-F8-44 80-F8-48 80-F8-4C 80-F8-4F 80-F8-80 80-F8-84
80-F8-88 80-F8-8C 80-F8-8F 80-F8-C0 80-F8-C4 80-F8-C8 80-F8-CC 80-F8-CF 80-F8-F0 80-F8-F4 80-F8-f8 80-F8-FC 80-F8-FF
80-FC-xx 80-FC-00 80-FC-04 80-FC-08 80-FC-0C 80-FC-0F 80-FC-40 80-FC-44 80-FC-48 80-FC-4C 80-FC-4F 80-FC-80 80-FC-84
80-FC-88 80-FC-8C 80-FC-8F 80-FC-C0 80-FC-C4 80-FC-C8 80-FC-CC 80-FC-CF 80-FC-F0 80-FC-F4 80-FC-F8 80-FC-FC 80-FC-FF
80-FF-xx 80-FF-00 80-FF-04 80-FF-08 80-FF-0C 80-FF-0F 80-FF-40 80-FF-44 80-FF-48 80-FF-4C 80-FF-4F 80-FF-80 80-FF-84
80-FF-88 80-FF-8C 80-FF-8F 80-FF-C0 80-FF-C4 80-FF-C8 80-FF-CC 80-FF-CF 80-FF-F0 80-FF-F4 80-FF-F8 80-FF-FC 80-FF-FF
84-00-xx 84-00-00 84-00-04 84-00-08 84-00-0C 84-00-0F 84-00-40 84-00-44 84-00-48 84-00-4C 84-00-4F 84-00-80 84-00-84
84-00-88 84-00-8C 84-00-8F 84-00-C0 84-00-C4 84-00-C8 84-00-CC 84-00-CF 84-00-F0 84-00-F4 84-00-F8 84-00-FC 84-00-FF
84-04-xx 84-04-00 84-04-04 84-04-08 84-04-0C 84-04-0F 84-04-40 84-04-44 84-04-48 84-04-4C 84-04-4F 84-04-80 84-04-84
84-04-88 84-04-8C 84-04-8F 84-04-C0 84-04-C4 84-04-C8 84-04-CC 84-04-CF 84-04-F0 84-04-F4 84-04-F8 84-04-FC 84-04-FF
84-08-xx 84-08-00 84-08-04 84-08-08 84-08-0C 84-08-0F 84-08-40 84-08-44 84-08-48 84-08-4C 84-08-4F 84-08-80 84-08-84
84-08-88 84-08-8C 84-08-8F 84-08-C0 84-08-C4 84-08-C8 84-08-CC 84-08-CF 84-08-F0 84-08-F4 84-08-f8 84-08-FC 84-08-FF
84-0C-xx 84-0C-00 84-0C-04 84-0C-08 84-0C-0C 84-0C-0F 84-0C-40 84-0C-44 84-0C-48 84-0C-4C 84-0C-4F 84-0C-80 84-0C-84
84-0C-88 84-0C-8C 84-0C-8F 84-0C-C0 84-0C-C4 84-0C-C8 84-0C-CC 84-0C-CF 84-0C-F0 84-0C-F4 84-0C-F8 84-0C-FC 84-0C-FF
84-0F-xx 84-0F-00 84-0F-04 84-0F-08 84-0F-0C 84-0F-0F 84-0F-40 84-0F-44 84-0F-48 84-0F-4C 84-0F-4F 84-0F-80 84-0F-84
84-0F-88 84-0F-8C 84-0F-8F 84-0F-C0 84-0F-C4 84-0F-C8 84-0F-CC 84-0F-CF 84-0F-F0 84-0F-F4 84-0F-F8 84-0F-FC 84-0F-FF
84-40-xx 84-40-00 84-40-04 84-40-08 84-40-0C 84-40-0F 84-40-40 84-40-44 84-40-48 84-40-4C 84-40-4F 84-40-80 84-40-84
84-40-88 84-40-8C 84-40-8F 84-40-C0 84-40-C4 84-40-C8 84-40-CC 84-40-CF 84-40-F0 84-40-F4 84-40-F8 84-40-FC 84-40-FF
84-44-xx 84-44-00 84-44-04 84-44-08 84-44-0C 84-44-0F 84-44-40 84-44-44 84-44-48 84-44-4C 84-44-4F 84-44-80 84-44-84
84-44-88 84-44-8C 84-44-8F 84-44-C0 84-44-C4 84-44-C8 84-44-CC 84-44-CF 84-44-F0 84-44-F4 84-44-F8 84-44-FC 84-44-FF
84-48-xx 84-48-00 84-48-04 84-48-08 84-48-0C 84-48-0F 84-48-40 84-48-44 84-48-48 84-48-4C 84-48-4F 84-48-80 84-48-84
84-48-88 84-48-8C 84-48-8F 84-48-C0 84-48-C4 84-48-C8 84-48-CC 84-48-CF 84-48-F0 84-48-F4 84-48-f8 84-48-FC 84-48-FF
84-4C-xx 84-4C-00 84-4C-04 84-4C-08 84-4C-0C 84-4C-0F 84-4C-40 84-4C-44 84-4C-48 84-4C-4C 84-4C-4F 84-4C-80 84-4C-84
84-4C-88 84-4C-8C 84-4C-8F 84-4C-C0 84-4C-C4 84-4C-C8 84-4C-CC 84-4C-CF 84-4C-F0 84-4C-F4 84-4C-F8 84-4C-FC 84-4C-FF
84-4F-xx 84-4F-00 84-4F-04 84-4F-08 84-4F-0C 84-4F-0F 84-4F-40 84-4F-44 84-4F-48 84-4F-4C 84-4F-4F 84-4F-80 84-4F-84
84-4F-88 84-4F-8C 84-4F-8F 84-4F-C0 84-4F-C4 84-4F-C8 84-4F-CC 84-4F-CF 84-4F-F0 84-4F-F4 84-4F-F8 84-4F-FC 84-4F-FF
84-80-xx 84-80-00 84-80-04 84-80-08 84-80-0C 84-80-0F 84-80-40 84-80-44 84-80-48 84-80-4C 84-80-4F 84-80-80 84-80-84
84-80-88 84-80-8C 84-80-8F 84-80-C0 84-80-C4 84-80-C8 84-80-CC 84-80-CF 84-80-F0 84-80-F4 84-80-F8 84-80-FC 84-80-FF
84-84-xx 84-84-00 84-84-04 84-84-08 84-84-0C 84-84-0F 84-84-40 84-84-44 84-84-48 84-84-4C 84-84-4F 84-84-80 84-84-84
84-84-88 84-84-8C 84-84-8F 84-84-C0 84-84-C4 84-84-C8 84-84-CC 84-84-CF 84-84-F0 84-84-F4 84-84-F8 84-84-FC 84-84-FF
84-88-xx 84-88-00 84-88-04 84-88-08 84-88-0C 84-88-0F 84-88-40 84-88-44 84-88-48 84-88-4C 84-88-4F 84-88-80 84-88-84
84-88-88 84-88-8C 84-88-8F 84-88-C0 84-88-C4 84-88-C8 84-88-CC 84-88-CF 84-88-F0 84-88-F4 84-88-f8 84-88-FC 84-88-FF
84-8C-xx 84-8C-00 84-8C-04 84-8C-08 84-8C-0C 84-8C-0F 84-8C-40 84-8C-44 84-8C-48 84-8C-4C 84-8C-4F 84-8C-80 84-8C-84
84-8C-88 84-8C-8C 84-8C-8F 84-8C-C0 84-8C-C4 84-8C-C8 84-8C-CC 84-8C-CF 84-8C-F0 84-8C-F4 84-8C-F8 84-8C-FC 84-8C-FF
84-8F-xx 84-8F-00 84-8F-04 84-8F-08 84-8F-0C 84-8F-0F 84-8F-40 84-8F-44 84-8F-48 84-8F-4C 84-8F-4F 84-8F-80 84-8F-84
84-8F-88 84-8F-8C 84-8F-8F 84-8F-C0 84-8F-C4 84-8F-C8 84-8F-CC 84-8F-CF 84-8F-F0 84-8F-F4 84-8F-F8 84-8F-FC 84-8F-FF
84-C0-xx 84-C0-00 84-C0-04 84-C0-08 84-C0-0C 84-C0-0F 84-C0-40 84-C0-44 84-C0-48 84-C0-4C 84-C0-4F 84-C0-80 84-C0-84
84-C0-88 84-C0-8C 84-C0-8F 84-C0-C0 84-C0-C4 84-C0-C8 84-C0-CC 84-C0-CF 84-C0-F0 84-C0-F4 84-C0-F8 84-C0-FC 84-C0-FF
84-C4-xx 84-C4-00 84-C4-04 84-C4-08 84-C4-0C 84-C4-0F 84-C4-40 84-C4-44 84-C4-48 84-C4-4C 84-C4-4F 84-C4-80 84-C4-84
84-C4-88 84-C4-8C 84-C4-8F 84-C4-C0 84-C4-C4 84-C4-C8 84-C4-CC 84-C4-CF 84-C4-F0 84-C4-F4 84-C4-F8 84-C4-FC 84-C4-FF
84-C8-xx 84-C8-00 84-C8-04 84-C8-08 84-C8-0C 84-C8-0F 84-C8-40 84-C8-44 84-C8-48 84-C8-4C 84-C8-4F 84-C8-80 84-C8-84
84-C8-88 84-C8-8C 84-C8-8F 84-C8-C0 84-C8-C4 84-C8-C8 84-C8-CC 84-C8-CF 84-C8-F0 84-C8-F4 84-C8-f8 84-C8-FC 84-C8-FF
84-CC-xx 84-CC-00 84-CC-04 84-CC-08 84-CC-0C 84-CC-0F 84-CC-40 84-CC-44 84-CC-48 84-CC-4C 84-CC-4F 84-CC-80 84-CC-84
84-CC-88 84-CC-8C 84-CC-8F 84-CC-C0 84-CC-C4 84-CC-C8 84-CC-CC 84-CC-CF 84-CC-F0 84-CC-F4 84-CC-F8 84-CC-FC 84-CC-FF
84-CF-xx 84-CF-00 84-CF-04 84-CF-08 84-CF-0C 84-CF-0F 84-CF-40 84-CF-44 84-CF-48 84-CF-4C 84-CF-4F 84-CF-80 84-CF-84
84-CF-88 84-CF-8C 84-CF-8F 84-CF-C0 84-CF-C4 84-CF-C8 84-CF-CC 84-CF-CF 84-CF-F0 84-CF-F4 84-CF-F8 84-CF-FC 84-CF-FF
84-F0-xx 84-F0-00 84-F0-04 84-F0-08 84-F0-0C 84-F0-0F 84-F0-40 84-F0-44 84-F0-48 84-F0-4C 84-F0-4F 84-F0-80 84-F0-84
84-F0-88 84-F0-8C 84-F0-8F 84-F0-C0 84-F0-C4 84-F0-C8 84-F0-CC 84-F0-CF 84-F0-F0 84-F0-F4 84-F0-F8 84-F0-FC 84-F0-FF
84-F4-xx 84-F4-00 84-F4-04 84-F4-08 84-F4-0C 84-F4-0F 84-F4-40 84-F4-44 84-F4-48 84-F4-4C 84-F4-4F 84-F4-80 84-F4-84
84-F4-88 84-F4-8C 84-F4-8F 84-F4-C0 84-F4-C4 84-F4-C8 84-F4-CC 84-F4-CF 84-F4-F0 84-F4-F4 84-F4-F8 84-F4-FC 84-F4-FF
84-F8-xx 84-F8-00 84-F8-04 84-F8-08 84-F8-0C 84-F8-0F 84-F8-40 84-F8-44 84-F8-48 84-F8-4C 84-F8-4F 84-F8-80 84-F8-84
84-F8-88 84-F8-8C 84-F8-8F 84-F8-C0 84-F8-C4 84-F8-C8 84-F8-CC 84-F8-CF 84-F8-F0 84-F8-F4 84-F8-f8 84-F8-FC 84-F8-FF
84-FC-xx 84-FC-00 84-FC-04 84-FC-08 84-FC-0C 84-FC-0F 84-FC-40 84-FC-44 84-FC-48 84-FC-4C 84-FC-4F 84-FC-80 84-FC-84
84-FC-88 84-FC-8C 84-FC-8F 84-FC-C0 84-FC-C4 84-FC-C8 84-FC-CC 84-FC-CF 84-FC-F0 84-FC-F4 84-FC-F8 84-FC-FC 84-FC-FF
84-FF-xx 84-FF-00 84-FF-04 84-FF-08 84-FF-0C 84-FF-0F 84-FF-40 84-FF-44 84-FF-48 84-FF-4C 84-FF-4F 84-FF-80 84-FF-84
84-FF-88 84-FF-8C 84-FF-8F 84-FF-C0 84-FF-C4 84-FF-C8 84-FF-CC 84-FF-CF 84-FF-F0 84-FF-F4 84-FF-F8 84-FF-FC 84-FF-FF
88-00-xx 88-00-00 88-00-04 88-00-08 88-00-0C 88-00-0F 88-00-40 88-00-44 88-00-48 88-00-4C 88-00-4F 88-00-80 88-00-84
88-00-88 88-00-8C 88-00-8F 88-00-C0 88-00-C4 88-00-C8 88-00-CC 88-00-CF 88-00-F0 88-00-F4 88-00-F8 88-00-FC 88-00-FF
88-04-xx 88-04-00 88-04-04 88-04-08 88-04-0C 88-04-0F 88-04-40 88-04-44 88-04-48 88-04-4C 88-04-4F 88-04-80 88-04-84
88-04-88 88-04-8C 88-04-8F 88-04-C0 88-04-C4 88-04-C8 88-04-CC 88-04-CF 88-04-F0 88-04-F4 88-04-F8 88-04-FC 88-04-FF
88-08-xx 88-08-00 88-08-04 88-08-08 88-08-0C 88-08-0F 88-08-40 88-08-44 88-08-48 88-08-4C 88-08-4F 88-08-80 88-08-84
88-08-88 88-08-8C 88-08-8F 88-08-C0 88-08-C4 88-08-C8 88-08-CC 88-08-CF 88-08-F0 88-08-F4 88-08-f8 88-08-FC 88-08-FF
88-0C-xx 88-0C-00 88-0C-04 88-0C-08 88-0C-0C 88-0C-0F 88-0C-40 88-0C-44 88-0C-48 88-0C-4C 88-0C-4F 88-0C-80 88-0C-84
88-0C-88 88-0C-8C 88-0C-8F 88-0C-C0 88-0C-C4 88-0C-C8 88-0C-CC 88-0C-CF 88-0C-F0 88-0C-F4 88-0C-F8 88-0C-FC 88-0C-FF
88-0F-xx 88-0F-00 88-0F-04 88-0F-08 88-0F-0C 88-0F-0F 88-0F-40 88-0F-44 88-0F-48 88-0F-4C 88-0F-4F 88-0F-80 88-0F-84
88-0F-88 88-0F-8C 88-0F-8F 88-0F-C0 88-0F-C4 88-0F-C8 88-0F-CC 88-0F-CF 88-0F-F0 88-0F-F4 88-0F-F8 88-0F-FC 88-0F-FF
88-40-xx 88-40-00 88-40-04 88-40-08 88-40-0C 88-40-0F 88-40-40 88-40-44 88-40-48 88-40-4C 88-40-4F 88-40-80 88-40-84
88-40-88 88-40-8C 88-40-8F 88-40-C0 88-40-C4 88-40-C8 88-40-CC 88-40-CF 88-40-F0 88-40-F4 88-40-F8 88-40-FC 88-40-FF
88-44-xx 88-44-00 88-44-04 88-44-08 88-44-0C 88-44-0F 88-44-40 88-44-44 88-44-48 88-44-4C 88-44-4F 88-44-80 88-44-84
88-44-88 88-44-8C 88-44-8F 88-44-C0 88-44-C4 88-44-C8 88-44-CC 88-44-CF 88-44-F0 88-44-F4 88-44-F8 88-44-FC 88-44-FF
88-48-xx 88-48-00 88-48-04 88-48-08 88-48-0C 88-48-0F 88-48-40 88-48-44 88-48-48 88-48-4C 88-48-4F 88-48-80 88-48-84
88-48-88 88-48-8C 88-48-8F 88-48-C0 88-48-C4 88-48-C8 88-48-CC 88-48-CF 88-48-F0 88-48-F4 88-48-f8 88-48-FC 88-48-FF
88-4C-xx 88-4C-00 88-4C-04 88-4C-08 88-4C-0C 88-4C-0F 88-4C-40 88-4C-44 88-4C-48 88-4C-4C 88-4C-4F 88-4C-80 88-4C-84
88-4C-88 88-4C-8C 88-4C-8F 88-4C-C0 88-4C-C4 88-4C-C8 88-4C-CC 88-4C-CF 88-4C-F0 88-4C-F4 88-4C-F8 88-4C-FC 88-4C-FF
88-4F-xx 88-4F-00 88-4F-04 88-4F-08 88-4F-0C 88-4F-0F 88-4F-40 88-4F-44 88-4F-48 88-4F-4C 88-4F-4F 88-4F-80 88-4F-84
88-4F-88 88-4F-8C 88-4F-8F 88-4F-C0 88-4F-C4 88-4F-C8 88-4F-CC 88-4F-CF 88-4F-F0 88-4F-F4 88-4F-F8 88-4F-FC 88-4F-FF
88-80-xx 88-80-00 88-80-04 88-80-08 88-80-0C 88-80-0F 88-80-40 88-80-44 88-80-48 88-80-4C 88-80-4F 88-80-80 88-80-84
88-80-88 88-80-8C 88-80-8F 88-80-C0 88-80-C4 88-80-C8 88-80-CC 88-80-CF 88-80-F0 88-80-F4 88-80-F8 88-80-FC 88-80-FF
88-84-xx 88-84-00 88-84-04 88-84-08 88-84-0C 88-84-0F 88-84-40 88-84-44 88-84-48 88-84-4C 88-84-4F 88-84-80 88-84-84
88-84-88 88-84-8C 88-84-8F 88-84-C0 88-84-C4 88-84-C8 88-84-CC 88-84-CF 88-84-F0 88-84-F4 88-84-F8 88-84-FC 88-84-FF
88-88-xx 88-88-00 88-88-04 88-88-08 88-88-0C 88-88-0F 88-88-40 88-88-44 88-88-48 88-88-4C 88-88-4F 88-88-80 88-88-84
88-88-88 88-88-8C 88-88-8F 88-88-C0 88-88-C4 88-88-C8 88-88-CC 88-88-CF 88-88-F0 88-88-F4 88-88-f8 88-88-FC 88-88-FF
88-8C-xx 88-8C-00 88-8C-04 88-8C-08 88-8C-0C 88-8C-0F 88-8C-40 88-8C-44 88-8C-48 88-8C-4C 88-8C-4F 88-8C-80 88-8C-84
88-8C-88 88-8C-8C 88-8C-8F 88-8C-C0 88-8C-C4 88-8C-C8 88-8C-CC 88-8C-CF 88-8C-F0 88-8C-F4 88-8C-F8 88-8C-FC 88-8C-FF
88-8F-xx 88-8F-00 88-8F-04 88-8F-08 88-8F-0C 88-8F-0F 88-8F-40 88-8F-44 88-8F-48 88-8F-4C 88-8F-4F 88-8F-80 88-8F-84
88-8F-88 88-8F-8C 88-8F-8F 88-8F-C0 88-8F-C4 88-8F-C8 88-8F-CC 88-8F-CF 88-8F-F0 88-8F-F4 88-8F-F8 88-8F-FC 88-8F-FF
88-C0-xx 88-C0-00 88-C0-04 88-C0-08 88-C0-0C 88-C0-0F 88-C0-40 88-C0-44 88-C0-48 88-C0-4C 88-C0-4F 88-C0-80 88-C0-84
88-C0-88 88-C0-8C 88-C0-8F 88-C0-C0 88-C0-C4 88-C0-C8 88-C0-CC 88-C0-CF 88-C0-F0 88-C0-F4 88-C0-F8 88-C0-FC 88-C0-FF
88-C4-xx 88-C4-00 88-C4-04 88-C4-08 88-C4-0C 88-C4-0F 88-C4-40 88-C4-44 88-C4-48 88-C4-4C 88-C4-4F 88-C4-80 88-C4-84
88-C4-88 88-C4-8C 88-C4-8F 88-C4-C0 88-C4-C4 88-C4-C8 88-C4-CC 88-C4-CF 88-C4-F0 88-C4-F4 88-C4-F8 88-C4-FC 88-C4-FF
88-C8-xx 88-C8-00 88-C8-04 88-C8-08 88-C8-0C 88-C8-0F 88-C8-40 88-C8-44 88-C8-48 88-C8-4C 88-C8-4F 88-C8-80 88-C8-84
88-C8-88 88-C8-8C 88-C8-8F 88-C8-C0 88-C8-C4 88-C8-C8 88-C8-CC 88-C8-CF 88-C8-F0 88-C8-F4 88-C8-f8 88-C8-FC 88-C8-FF
88-CC-xx 88-CC-00 88-CC-04 88-CC-08 88-CC-0C 88-CC-0F 88-CC-40 88-CC-44 88-CC-48 88-CC-4C 88-CC-4F 88-CC-80 88-CC-84
88-CC-88 88-CC-8C 88-CC-8F 88-CC-C0 88-CC-C4 88-CC-C8 88-CC-CC 88-CC-CF 88-CC-F0 88-CC-F4 88-CC-F8 88-CC-FC 88-CC-FF
88-CF-xx 88-CF-00 88-CF-04 88-CF-08 88-CF-0C 88-CF-0F 88-CF-40 88-CF-44 88-CF-48 88-CF-4C 88-CF-4F 88-CF-80 88-CF-84
88-CF-88 88-CF-8C 88-CF-8F 88-CF-C0 88-CF-C4 88-CF-C8 88-CF-CC 88-CF-CF 88-CF-F0 88-CF-F4 88-CF-F8 88-CF-FC 88-CF-FF
88-F0-xx 88-F0-00 88-F0-04 88-F0-08 88-F0-0C 88-F0-0F 88-F0-40 88-F0-44 88-F0-48 88-F0-4C 88-F0-4F 88-F0-80 88-F0-84
88-F0-88 88-F0-8C 88-F0-8F 88-F0-C0 88-F0-C4 88-F0-C8 88-F0-CC 88-F0-CF 88-F0-F0 88-F0-F4 88-F0-F8 88-F0-FC 88-F0-FF
88-F4-xx 88-F4-00 88-F4-04 88-F4-08 88-F4-0C 88-F4-0F 88-F4-40 88-F4-44 88-F4-48 88-F4-4C 88-F4-4F 88-F4-80 88-F4-84
88-F4-88 88-F4-8C 88-F4-8F 88-F4-C0 88-F4-C4 88-F4-C8 88-F4-CC 88-F4-CF 88-F4-F0 88-F4-F4 88-F4-F8 88-F4-FC 88-F4-FF
88-F8-xx 88-F8-00 88-F8-04 88-F8-08 88-F8-0C 88-F8-0F 88-F8-40 88-F8-44 88-F8-48 88-F8-4C 88-F8-4F 88-F8-80 88-F8-84
88-F8-88 88-F8-8C 88-F8-8F 88-F8-C0 88-F8-C4 88-F8-C8 88-F8-CC 88-F8-CF 88-F8-F0 88-F8-F4 88-F8-f8 88-F8-FC 88-F8-FF
88-FC-xx 88-FC-00 88-FC-04 88-FC-08 88-FC-0C 88-FC-0F 88-FC-40 88-FC-44 88-FC-48 88-FC-4C 88-FC-4F 88-FC-80 88-FC-84
88-FC-88 88-FC-8C 88-FC-8F 88-FC-C0 88-FC-C4 88-FC-C8 88-FC-CC 88-FC-CF 88-FC-F0 88-FC-F4 88-FC-F8 88-FC-FC 88-FC-FF
88-FF-xx 88-FF-00 88-FF-04 88-FF-08 88-FF-0C 88-FF-0F 88-FF-40 88-FF-44 88-FF-48 88-FF-4C 88-FF-4F 88-FF-80 88-FF-84
88-FF-88 88-FF-8C 88-FF-8F 88-FF-C0 88-FF-C4 88-FF-C8 88-FF-CC 88-FF-CF 88-FF-F0 88-FF-F4 88-FF-F8 88-FF-FC 88-FF-FF
8C-00-xx 8C-00-00 8C-00-04 8C-00-08 8C-00-0C 8C-00-0F 8C-00-40 8C-00-44 8C-00-48 8C-00-4C 8C-00-4F 8C-00-80 8C-00-84
8C-00-88 8C-00-8C 8C-00-8F 8C-00-C0 8C-00-C4 8C-00-C8 8C-00-CC 8C-00-CF 8C-00-F0 8C-00-F4 8C-00-F8 8C-00-FC 8C-00-FF
8C-04-xx 8C-04-00 8C-04-04 8C-04-08 8C-04-0C 8C-04-0F 8C-04-40 8C-04-44 8C-04-48 8C-04-4C 8C-04-4F 8C-04-80 8C-04-84
8C-04-88 8C-04-8C 8C-04-8F 8C-04-C0 8C-04-C4 8C-04-C8 8C-04-CC 8C-04-CF 8C-04-F0 8C-04-F4 8C-04-F8 8C-04-FC 8C-04-FF
8C-08-xx 8C-08-00 8C-08-04 8C-08-08 8C-08-0C 8C-08-0F 8C-08-40 8C-08-44 8C-08-48 8C-08-4C 8C-08-4F 8C-08-80 8C-08-84
8C-08-88 8C-08-8C 8C-08-8F 8C-08-C0 8C-08-C4 8C-08-C8 8C-08-CC 8C-08-CF 8C-08-F0 8C-08-F4 8C-08-f8 8C-08-FC 8C-08-FF
8C-0C-xx 8C-0C-00 8C-0C-04 8C-0C-08 8C-0C-0C 8C-0C-0F 8C-0C-40 8C-0C-44 8C-0C-48 8C-0C-4C 8C-0C-4F 8C-0C-80 8C-0C-84
8C-0C-88 8C-0C-8C 8C-0C-8F 8C-0C-C0 8C-0C-C4 8C-0C-C8 8C-0C-CC 8C-0C-CF 8C-0C-F0 8C-0C-F4 8C-0C-F8 8C-0C-FC 8C-0C-FF
8C-0F-xx 8C-0F-00 8C-0F-04 8C-0F-08 8C-0F-0C 8C-0F-0F 8C-0F-40 8C-0F-44 8C-0F-48 8C-0F-4C 8C-0F-4F 8C-0F-80 8C-0F-84
8C-0F-88 8C-0F-8C 8C-0F-8F 8C-0F-C0 8C-0F-C4 8C-0F-C8 8C-0F-CC 8C-0F-CF 8C-0F-F0 8C-0F-F4 8C-0F-F8 8C-0F-FC 8C-0F-FF
8C-40-xx 8C-40-00 8C-40-04 8C-40-08 8C-40-0C 8C-40-0F 8C-40-40 8C-40-44 8C-40-48 8C-40-4C 8C-40-4F 8C-40-80 8C-40-84
8C-40-88 8C-40-8C 8C-40-8F 8C-40-C0 8C-40-C4 8C-40-C8 8C-40-CC 8C-40-CF 8C-40-F0 8C-40-F4 8C-40-F8 8C-40-FC 8C-40-FF
8C-44-xx 8C-44-00 8C-44-04 8C-44-08 8C-44-0C 8C-44-0F 8C-44-40 8C-44-44 8C-44-48 8C-44-4C 8C-44-4F 8C-44-80 8C-44-84
8C-44-88 8C-44-8C 8C-44-8F 8C-44-C0 8C-44-C4 8C-44-C8 8C-44-CC 8C-44-CF 8C-44-F0 8C-44-F4 8C-44-F8 8C-44-FC 8C-44-FF
8C-48-xx 8C-48-00 8C-48-04 8C-48-08 8C-48-0C 8C-48-0F 8C-48-40 8C-48-44 8C-48-48 8C-48-4C 8C-48-4F 8C-48-80 8C-48-84
8C-48-88 8C-48-8C 8C-48-8F 8C-48-C0 8C-48-C4 8C-48-C8 8C-48-CC 8C-48-CF 8C-48-F0 8C-48-F4 8C-48-f8 8C-48-FC 8C-48-FF
8C-4C-xx 8C-4C-00 8C-4C-04 8C-4C-08 8C-4C-0C 8C-4C-0F 8C-4C-40 8C-4C-44 8C-4C-48 8C-4C-4C 8C-4C-4F 8C-4C-80 8C-4C-84
8C-4C-88 8C-4C-8C 8C-4C-8F 8C-4C-C0 8C-4C-C4 8C-4C-C8 8C-4C-CC 8C-4C-CF 8C-4C-F0 8C-4C-F4 8C-4C-F8 8C-4C-FC 8C-4C-FF
8C-4F-xx 8C-4F-00 8C-4F-04 8C-4F-08 8C-4F-0C 8C-4F-0F 8C-4F-40 8C-4F-44 8C-4F-48 8C-4F-4C 8C-4F-4F 8C-4F-80 8C-4F-84
8C-4F-88 8C-4F-8C 8C-4F-8F 8C-4F-C0 8C-4F-C4 8C-4F-C8 8C-4F-CC 8C-4F-CF 8C-4F-F0 8C-4F-F4 8C-4F-F8 8C-4F-FC 8C-4F-FF
8C-80-xx 8C-80-00 8C-80-04 8C-80-08 8C-80-0C 8C-80-0F 8C-80-40 8C-80-44 8C-80-48 8C-80-4C 8C-80-4F 8C-80-80 8C-80-84
8C-80-88 8C-80-8C 8C-80-8F 8C-80-C0 8C-80-C4 8C-80-C8 8C-80-CC 8C-80-CF 8C-80-F0 8C-80-F4 8C-80-F8 8C-80-FC 8C-80-FF
8C-84-xx 8C-84-00 8C-84-04 8C-84-08 8C-84-0C 8C-84-0F 8C-84-40 8C-84-44 8C-84-48 8C-84-4C 8C-84-4F 8C-84-80 8C-84-84
8C-84-88 8C-84-8C 8C-84-8F 8C-84-C0 8C-84-C4 8C-84-C8 8C-84-CC 8C-84-CF 8C-84-F0 8C-84-F4 8C-84-F8 8C-84-FC 8C-84-FF
8C-88-xx 8C-88-00 8C-88-04 8C-88-08 8C-88-0C 8C-88-0F 8C-88-40 8C-88-44 8C-88-48 8C-88-4C 8C-88-4F 8C-88-80 8C-88-84
8C-88-88 8C-88-8C 8C-88-8F 8C-88-C0 8C-88-C4 8C-88-C8 8C-88-CC 8C-88-CF 8C-88-F0 8C-88-F4 8C-88-f8 8C-88-FC 8C-88-FF
8C-8C-xx 8C-8C-00 8C-8C-04 8C-8C-08 8C-8C-0C 8C-8C-0F 8C-8C-40 8C-8C-44 8C-8C-48 8C-8C-4C 8C-8C-4F 8C-8C-80 8C-8C-84
8C-8C-88 8C-8C-8C 8C-8C-8F 8C-8C-C0 8C-8C-C4 8C-8C-C8 8C-8C-CC 8C-8C-CF 8C-8C-F0 8C-8C-F4 8C-8C-F8 8C-8C-FC 8C-8C-FF
8C-8F-xx 8C-8F-00 8C-8F-04 8C-8F-08 8C-8F-0C 8C-8F-0F 8C-8F-40 8C-8F-44 8C-8F-48 8C-8F-4C 8C-8F-4F 8C-8F-80 8C-8F-84
8C-8F-88 8C-8F-8C 8C-8F-8F 8C-8F-C0 8C-8F-C4 8C-8F-C8 8C-8F-CC 8C-8F-CF 8C-8F-F0 8C-8F-F4 8C-8F-F8 8C-8F-FC 8C-8F-FF
8C-C0-xx 8C-C0-00 8C-C0-04 8C-C0-08 8C-C0-0C 8C-C0-0F 8C-C0-40 8C-C0-44 8C-C0-48 8C-C0-4C 8C-C0-4F 8C-C0-80 8C-C0-84
8C-C0-88 8C-C0-8C 8C-C0-8F 8C-C0-C0 8C-C0-C4 8C-C0-C8 8C-C0-CC 8C-C0-CF 8C-C0-F0 8C-C0-F4 8C-C0-F8 8C-C0-FC 8C-C0-FF
8C-C4-xx 8C-C4-00 8C-C4-04 8C-C4-08 8C-C4-0C 8C-C4-0F 8C-C4-40 8C-C4-44 8C-C4-48 8C-C4-4C 8C-C4-4F 8C-C4-80 8C-C4-84
8C-C4-88 8C-C4-8C 8C-C4-8F 8C-C4-C0 8C-C4-C4 8C-C4-C8 8C-C4-CC 8C-C4-CF 8C-C4-F0 8C-C4-F4 8C-C4-F8 8C-C4-FC 8C-C4-FF
8C-C8-xx 8C-C8-00 8C-C8-04 8C-C8-08 8C-C8-0C 8C-C8-0F 8C-C8-40 8C-C8-44 8C-C8-48 8C-C8-4C 8C-C8-4F 8C-C8-80 8C-C8-84
8C-C8-88 8C-C8-8C 8C-C8-8F 8C-C8-C0 8C-C8-C4 8C-C8-C8 8C-C8-CC 8C-C8-CF 8C-C8-F0 8C-C8-F4 8C-C8-f8 8C-C8-FC 8C-C8-FF
8C-CC-xx 8C-CC-00 8C-CC-04 8C-CC-08 8C-CC-0C 8C-CC-0F 8C-CC-40 8C-CC-44 8C-CC-48 8C-CC-4C 8C-CC-4F 8C-CC-80 8C-CC-84
8C-CC-88 8C-CC-8C 8C-CC-8F 8C-CC-C0 8C-CC-C4 8C-CC-C8 8C-CC-CC 8C-CC-CF 8C-CC-F0 8C-CC-F4 8C-CC-F8 8C-CC-FC 8C-CC-FF
8C-CF-xx 8C-CF-00 8C-CF-04 8C-CF-08 8C-CF-0C 8C-CF-0F 8C-CF-40 8C-CF-44 8C-CF-48 8C-CF-4C 8C-CF-4F 8C-CF-80 8C-CF-84
8C-CF-88 8C-CF-8C 8C-CF-8F 8C-CF-C0 8C-CF-C4 8C-CF-C8 8C-CF-CC 8C-CF-CF 8C-CF-F0 8C-CF-F4 8C-CF-F8 8C-CF-FC 8C-CF-FF
8C-F0-xx 8C-F0-00 8C-F0-04 8C-F0-08 8C-F0-0C 8C-F0-0F 8C-F0-40 8C-F0-44 8C-F0-48 8C-F0-4C 8C-F0-4F 8C-F0-80 8C-F0-84
8C-F0-88 8C-F0-8C 8C-F0-8F 8C-F0-C0 8C-F0-C4 8C-F0-C8 8C-F0-CC 8C-F0-CF 8C-F0-F0 8C-F0-F4 8C-F0-F8 8C-F0-FC 8C-F0-FF
8C-F4-xx 8C-F4-00 8C-F4-04 8C-F4-08 8C-F4-0C 8C-F4-0F 8C-F4-40 8C-F4-44 8C-F4-48 8C-F4-4C 8C-F4-4F 8C-F4-80 8C-F4-84
8C-F4-88 8C-F4-8C 8C-F4-8F 8C-F4-C0 8C-F4-C4 8C-F4-C8 8C-F4-CC 8C-F4-CF 8C-F4-F0 8C-F4-F4 8C-F4-F8 8C-F4-FC 8C-F4-FF
8C-F8-xx 8C-F8-00 8C-F8-04 8C-F8-08 8C-F8-0C 8C-F8-0F 8C-F8-40 8C-F8-44 8C-F8-48 8C-F8-4C 8C-F8-4F 8C-F8-80 8C-F8-84
8C-F8-88 8C-F8-8C 8C-F8-8F 8C-F8-C0 8C-F8-C4 8C-F8-C8 8C-F8-CC 8C-F8-CF 8C-F8-F0 8C-F8-F4 8C-F8-f8 8C-F8-FC 8C-F8-FF
8C-FC-xx 8C-FC-00 8C-FC-04 8C-FC-08 8C-FC-0C 8C-FC-0F 8C-FC-40 8C-FC-44 8C-FC-48 8C-FC-4C 8C-FC-4F 8C-FC-80 8C-FC-84
8C-FC-88 8C-FC-8C 8C-FC-8F 8C-FC-C0 8C-FC-C4 8C-FC-C8 8C-FC-CC 8C-FC-CF 8C-FC-F0 8C-FC-F4 8C-FC-F8 8C-FC-FC 8C-FC-FF
8C-FF-xx 8C-FF-00 8C-FF-04 8C-FF-08 8C-FF-0C 8C-FF-0F 8C-FF-40 8C-FF-44 8C-FF-48 8C-FF-4C 8C-FF-4F 8C-FF-80 8C-FF-84
8C-FF-88 8C-FF-8C 8C-FF-8F 8C-FF-C0 8C-FF-C4 8C-FF-C8 8C-FF-CC 8C-FF-CF 8C-FF-F0 8C-FF-F4 8C-FF-F8 8C-FF-FC 8C-FF-FF
8F-00-xx 8F-00-00 8F-00-04 8F-00-08 8F-00-0C 8F-00-0F 8F-00-40 8F-00-44 8F-00-48 8F-00-4C 8F-00-4F 8F-00-80 8F-00-84
8F-00-88 8F-00-8C 8F-00-8F 8F-00-C0 8F-00-C4 8F-00-C8 8F-00-CC 8F-00-CF 8F-00-F0 8F-00-F4 8F-00-F8 8F-00-FC 8F-00-FF
8F-04-xx 8F-04-00 8F-04-04 8F-04-08 8F-04-0C 8F-04-0F 8F-04-40 8F-04-44 8F-04-48 8F-04-4C 8F-04-4F 8F-04-80 8F-04-84
8F-04-88 8F-04-8C 8F-04-8F 8F-04-C0 8F-04-C4 8F-04-C8 8F-04-CC 8F-04-CF 8F-04-F0 8F-04-F4 8F-04-F8 8F-04-FC 8F-04-FF
8F-08-xx 8F-08-00 8F-08-04 8F-08-08 8F-08-0C 8F-08-0F 8F-08-40 8F-08-44 8F-08-48 8F-08-4C 8F-08-4F 8F-08-80 8F-08-84
8F-08-88 8F-08-8C 8F-08-8F 8F-08-C0 8F-08-C4 8F-08-C8 8F-08-CC 8F-08-CF 8F-08-F0 8F-08-F4 8F-08-f8 8F-08-FC 8F-08-FF
8F-0C-xx 8F-0C-00 8F-0C-04 8F-0C-08 8F-0C-0C 8F-0C-0F 8F-0C-40 8F-0C-44 8F-0C-48 8F-0C-4C 8F-0C-4F 8F-0C-80 8F-0C-84
8F-0C-88 8F-0C-8C 8F-0C-8F 8F-0C-C0 8F-0C-C4 8F-0C-C8 8F-0C-CC 8F-0C-CF 8F-0C-F0 8F-0C-F4 8F-0C-F8 8F-0C-FC 8F-0C-FF
8F-0F-xx 8F-0F-00 8F-0F-04 8F-0F-08 8F-0F-0C 8F-0F-0F 8F-0F-40 8F-0F-44 8F-0F-48 8F-0F-4C 8F-0F-4F 8F-0F-80 8F-0F-84
8F-0F-88 8F-0F-8C 8F-0F-8F 8F-0F-C0 8F-0F-C4 8F-0F-C8 8F-0F-CC 8F-0F-CF 8F-0F-F0 8F-0F-F4 8F-0F-F8 8F-0F-FC 8F-0F-FF
8F-40-xx 8F-40-00 8F-40-04 8F-40-08 8F-40-0C 8F-40-0F 8F-40-40 8F-40-44 8F-40-48 8F-40-4C 8F-40-4F 8F-40-80 8F-40-84
8F-40-88 8F-40-8C 8F-40-8F 8F-40-C0 8F-40-C4 8F-40-C8 8F-40-CC 8F-40-CF 8F-40-F0 8F-40-F4 8F-40-F8 8F-40-FC 8F-40-FF
8F-44-xx 8F-44-00 8F-44-04 8F-44-08 8F-44-0C 8F-44-0F 8F-44-40 8F-44-44 8F-44-48 8F-44-4C 8F-44-4F 8F-44-80 8F-44-84
8F-44-88 8F-44-8C 8F-44-8F 8F-44-C0 8F-44-C4 8F-44-C8 8F-44-CC 8F-44-CF 8F-44-F0 8F-44-F4 8F-44-F8 8F-44-FC 8F-44-FF
8F-48-xx 8F-48-00 8F-48-04 8F-48-08 8F-48-0C 8F-48-0F 8F-48-40 8F-48-44 8F-48-48 8F-48-4C 8F-48-4F 8F-48-80 8F-48-84
8F-48-88 8F-48-8C 8F-48-8F 8F-48-C0 8F-48-C4 8F-48-C8 8F-48-CC 8F-48-CF 8F-48-F0 8F-48-F4 8F-48-f8 8F-48-FC 8F-48-FF
8F-4C-xx 8F-4C-00 8F-4C-04 8F-4C-08 8F-4C-0C 8F-4C-0F 8F-4C-40 8F-4C-44 8F-4C-48 8F-4C-4C 8F-4C-4F 8F-4C-80 8F-4C-84
8F-4C-88 8F-4C-8C 8F-4C-8F 8F-4C-C0 8F-4C-C4 8F-4C-C8 8F-4C-CC 8F-4C-CF 8F-4C-F0 8F-4C-F4 8F-4C-F8 8F-4C-FC 8F-4C-FF
8F-4F-xx 8F-4F-00 8F-4F-04 8F-4F-08 8F-4F-0C 8F-4F-0F 8F-4F-40 8F-4F-44 8F-4F-48 8F-4F-4C 8F-4F-4F 8F-4F-80 8F-4F-84
8F-4F-88 8F-4F-8C 8F-4F-8F 8F-4F-C0 8F-4F-C4 8F-4F-C8 8F-4F-CC 8F-4F-CF 8F-4F-F0 8F-4F-F4 8F-4F-F8 8F-4F-FC 8F-4F-FF
8F-80-xx 8F-80-00 8F-80-04 8F-80-08 8F-80-0C 8F-80-0F 8F-80-40 8F-80-44 8F-80-48 8F-80-4C 8F-80-4F 8F-80-80 8F-80-84
8F-80-88 8F-80-8C 8F-80-8F 8F-80-C0 8F-80-C4 8F-80-C8 8F-80-CC 8F-80-CF 8F-80-F0 8F-80-F4 8F-80-F8 8F-80-FC 8F-80-FF
8F-84-xx 8F-84-00 8F-84-04 8F-84-08 8F-84-0C 8F-84-0F 8F-84-40 8F-84-44 8F-84-48 8F-84-4C 8F-84-4F 8F-84-80 8F-84-84
8F-84-88 8F-84-8C 8F-84-8F 8F-84-C0 8F-84-C4 8F-84-C8 8F-84-CC 8F-84-CF 8F-84-F0 8F-84-F4 8F-84-F8 8F-84-FC 8F-84-FF
8F-88-xx 8F-88-00 8F-88-04 8F-88-08 8F-88-0C 8F-88-0F 8F-88-40 8F-88-44 8F-88-48 8F-88-4C 8F-88-4F 8F-88-80 8F-88-84
8F-88-88 8F-88-8C 8F-88-8F 8F-88-C0 8F-88-C4 8F-88-C8 8F-88-CC 8F-88-CF 8F-88-F0 8F-88-F4 8F-88-f8 8F-88-FC 8F-88-FF
8F-8C-xx 8F-8C-00 8F-8C-04 8F-8C-08 8F-8C-0C 8F-8C-0F 8F-8C-40 8F-8C-44 8F-8C-48 8F-8C-4C 8F-8C-4F 8F-8C-80 8F-8C-84
8F-8C-88 8F-8C-8C 8F-8C-8F 8F-8C-C0 8F-8C-C4 8F-8C-C8 8F-8C-CC 8F-8C-CF 8F-8C-F0 8F-8C-F4 8F-8C-F8 8F-8C-FC 8F-8C-FF
8F-8F-xx 8F-8F-00 8F-8F-04 8F-8F-08 8F-8F-0C 8F-8F-0F 8F-8F-40 8F-8F-44 8F-8F-48 8F-8F-4C 8F-8F-4F 8F-8F-80 8F-8F-84
8F-8F-88 8F-8F-8C 8F-8F-8F 8F-8F-C0 8F-8F-C4 8F-8F-C8 8F-8F-CC 8F-8F-CF 8F-8F-F0 8F-8F-F4 8F-8F-F8 8F-8F-FC 8F-8F-FF
8F-C0-xx 8F-C0-00 8F-C0-04 8F-C0-08 8F-C0-0C 8F-C0-0F 8F-C0-40 8F-C0-44 8F-C0-48 8F-C0-4C 8F-C0-4F 8F-C0-80 8F-C0-84
8F-C0-88 8F-C0-8C 8F-C0-8F 8F-C0-C0 8F-C0-C4 8F-C0-C8 8F-C0-CC 8F-C0-CF 8F-C0-F0 8F-C0-F4 8F-C0-F8 8F-C0-FC 8F-C0-FF
8F-C4-xx 8F-C4-00 8F-C4-04 8F-C4-08 8F-C4-0C 8F-C4-0F 8F-C4-40 8F-C4-44 8F-C4-48 8F-C4-4C 8F-C4-4F 8F-C4-80 8F-C4-84
8F-C4-88 8F-C4-8C 8F-C4-8F 8F-C4-C0 8F-C4-C4 8F-C4-C8 8F-C4-CC 8F-C4-CF 8F-C4-F0 8F-C4-F4 8F-C4-F8 8F-C4-FC 8F-C4-FF
8F-C8-xx 8F-C8-00 8F-C8-04 8F-C8-08 8F-C8-0C 8F-C8-0F 8F-C8-40 8F-C8-44 8F-C8-48 8F-C8-4C 8F-C8-4F 8F-C8-80 8F-C8-84
8F-C8-88 8F-C8-8C 8F-C8-8F 8F-C8-C0 8F-C8-C4 8F-C8-C8 8F-C8-CC 8F-C8-CF 8F-C8-F0 8F-C8-F4 8F-C8-f8 8F-C8-FC 8F-C8-FF
8F-CC-xx 8F-CC-00 8F-CC-04 8F-CC-08 8F-CC-0C 8F-CC-0F 8F-CC-40 8F-CC-44 8F-CC-48 8F-CC-4C 8F-CC-4F 8F-CC-80 8F-CC-84
8F-CC-88 8F-CC-8C 8F-CC-8F 8F-CC-C0 8F-CC-C4 8F-CC-C8 8F-CC-CC 8F-CC-CF 8F-CC-F0 8F-CC-F4 8F-CC-F8 8F-CC-FC 8F-CC-FF
8F-CF-xx 8F-CF-00 8F-CF-04 8F-CF-08 8F-CF-0C 8F-CF-0F 8F-CF-40 8F-CF-44 8F-CF-48 8F-CF-4C 8F-CF-4F 8F-CF-80 8F-CF-84
8F-CF-88 8F-CF-8C 8F-CF-8F 8F-CF-C0 8F-CF-C4 8F-CF-C8 8F-CF-CC 8F-CF-CF 8F-CF-F0 8F-CF-F4 8F-CF-F8 8F-CF-FC 8F-CF-FF
8F-F0-xx 8F-F0-00 8F-F0-04 8F-F0-08 8F-F0-0C 8F-F0-0F 8F-F0-40 8F-F0-44 8F-F0-48 8F-F0-4C 8F-F0-4F 8F-F0-80 8F-F0-84
8F-F0-88 8F-F0-8C 8F-F0-8F 8F-F0-C0 8F-F0-C4 8F-F0-C8 8F-F0-CC 8F-F0-CF 8F-F0-F0 8F-F0-F4 8F-F0-F8 8F-F0-FC 8F-F0-FF
8F-F4-xx 8F-F4-00 8F-F4-04 8F-F4-08 8F-F4-0C 8F-F4-0F 8F-F4-40 8F-F4-44 8F-F4-48 8F-F4-4C 8F-F4-4F 8F-F4-80 8F-F4-84
8F-F4-88 8F-F4-8C 8F-F4-8F 8F-F4-C0 8F-F4-C4 8F-F4-C8 8F-F4-CC 8F-F4-CF 8F-F4-F0 8F-F4-F4 8F-F4-F8 8F-F4-FC 8F-F4-FF
8F-F8-xx 8F-F8-00 8F-F8-04 8F-F8-08 8F-F8-0C 8F-F8-0F 8F-F8-40 8F-F8-44 8F-F8-48 8F-F8-4C 8F-F8-4F 8F-F8-80 8F-F8-84
8F-F8-88 8F-F8-8C 8F-F8-8F 8F-F8-C0 8F-F8-C4 8F-F8-C8 8F-F8-CC 8F-F8-CF 8F-F8-F0 8F-F8-F4 8F-F8-f8 8F-F8-FC 8F-F8-FF
8F-FC-xx 8F-FC-00 8F-FC-04 8F-FC-08 8F-FC-0C 8F-FC-0F 8F-FC-40 8F-FC-44 8F-FC-48 8F-FC-4C 8F-FC-4F 8F-FC-80 8F-FC-84
8F-FC-88 8F-FC-8C 8F-FC-8F 8F-FC-C0 8F-FC-C4 8F-FC-C8 8F-FC-CC 8F-FC-CF 8F-FC-F0 8F-FC-F4 8F-FC-F8 8F-FC-FC 8F-FC-FF
8F-FF-xx 8F-FF-00 8F-FF-04 8F-FF-08 8F-FF-0C 8F-FF-0F 8F-FF-40 8F-FF-44 8F-FF-48 8F-FF-4C 8F-FF-4F 8F-FF-80 8F-FF-84
8F-FF-88 8F-FF-8C 8F-FF-8F 8F-FF-C0 8F-FF-C4 8F-FF-C8 8F-FF-CC 8F-FF-CF 8F-FF-F0 8F-FF-F4 8F-FF-F8 8F-FF-FC 8F-FF-FF
C0-00-xx C0-00-00 C0-00-04 C0-00-08 C0-00-0C C0-00-0F C0-00-40 C0-00-44 C0-00-48 C0-00-4C C0-00-4F C0-00-80 C0-00-84
C0-00-88 C0-00-8C C0-00-8F C0-00-C0 C0-00-C4 C0-00-C8 C0-00-CC C0-00-CF C0-00-F0 C0-00-F4 C0-00-F8 C0-00-FC C0-00-FF
C0-04-xx C0-04-00 C0-04-04 C0-04-08 C0-04-0C C0-04-0F C0-04-40 C0-04-44 C0-04-48 C0-04-4C C0-04-4F C0-04-80 C0-04-84
C0-04-88 C0-04-8C C0-04-8F C0-04-C0 C0-04-C4 C0-04-C8 C0-04-CC C0-04-CF C0-04-F0 C0-04-F4 C0-04-F8 C0-04-FC C0-04-FF
C0-08-xx C0-08-00 C0-08-04 C0-08-08 C0-08-0C C0-08-0F C0-08-40 C0-08-44 C0-08-48 C0-08-4C C0-08-4F C0-08-80 C0-08-84
C0-08-88 C0-08-8C C0-08-8F C0-08-C0 C0-08-C4 C0-08-C8 C0-08-CC C0-08-CF C0-08-F0 C0-08-F4 C0-08-f8 C0-08-FC C0-08-FF
C0-0C-xx C0-0C-00 C0-0C-04 C0-0C-08 C0-0C-0C C0-0C-0F C0-0C-40 C0-0C-44 C0-0C-48 C0-0C-4C C0-0C-4F C0-0C-80 C0-0C-84
C0-0C-88 C0-0C-8C C0-0C-8F C0-0C-C0 C0-0C-C4 C0-0C-C8 C0-0C-CC C0-0C-CF C0-0C-F0 C0-0C-F4 C0-0C-F8 C0-0C-FC C0-0C-FF
C0-0F-xx C0-0F-00 C0-0F-04 C0-0F-08 C0-0F-0C C0-0F-0F C0-0F-40 C0-0F-44 C0-0F-48 C0-0F-4C C0-0F-4F C0-0F-80 C0-0F-84
C0-0F-88 C0-0F-8C C0-0F-8F C0-0F-C0 C0-0F-C4 C0-0F-C8 C0-0F-CC C0-0F-CF C0-0F-F0 C0-0F-F4 C0-0F-F8 C0-0F-FC C0-0F-FF
C0-40-xx C0-40-00 C0-40-04 C0-40-08 C0-40-0C C0-40-0F C0-40-40 C0-40-44 C0-40-48 C0-40-4C C0-40-4F C0-40-80 C0-40-84
C0-40-88 C0-40-8C C0-40-8F C0-40-C0 C0-40-C4 C0-40-C8 C0-40-CC C0-40-CF C0-40-F0 C0-40-F4 C0-40-F8 C0-40-FC C0-40-FF
C0-44-xx C0-44-00 C0-44-04 C0-44-08 C0-44-0C C0-44-0F C0-44-40 C0-44-44 C0-44-48 C0-44-4C C0-44-4F C0-44-80 C0-44-84
C0-44-88 C0-44-8C C0-44-8F C0-44-C0 C0-44-C4 C0-44-C8 C0-44-CC C0-44-CF C0-44-F0 C0-44-F4 C0-44-F8 C0-44-FC C0-44-FF
C0-48-xx C0-48-00 C0-48-04 C0-48-08 C0-48-0C C0-48-0F C0-48-40 C0-48-44 C0-48-48 C0-48-4C C0-48-4F C0-48-80 C0-48-84
C0-48-88 C0-48-8C C0-48-8F C0-48-C0 C0-48-C4 C0-48-C8 C0-48-CC C0-48-CF C0-48-F0 C0-48-F4 C0-48-f8 C0-48-FC C0-48-FF
C0-4C-xx C0-4C-00 C0-4C-04 C0-4C-08 C0-4C-0C C0-4C-0F C0-4C-40 C0-4C-44 C0-4C-48 C0-4C-4C C0-4C-4F C0-4C-80 C0-4C-84
C0-4C-88 C0-4C-8C C0-4C-8F C0-4C-C0 C0-4C-C4 C0-4C-C8 C0-4C-CC C0-4C-CF C0-4C-F0 C0-4C-F4 C0-4C-F8 C0-4C-FC C0-4C-FF
C0-4F-xx C0-4F-00 C0-4F-04 C0-4F-08 C0-4F-0C C0-4F-0F C0-4F-40 C0-4F-44 C0-4F-48 C0-4F-4C C0-4F-4F C0-4F-80 C0-4F-84
C0-4F-88 C0-4F-8C C0-4F-8F C0-4F-C0 C0-4F-C4 C0-4F-C8 C0-4F-CC C0-4F-CF C0-4F-F0 C0-4F-F4 C0-4F-F8 C0-4F-FC C0-4F-FF
C0-80-xx C0-80-00 C0-80-04 C0-80-08 C0-80-0C C0-80-0F C0-80-40 C0-80-44 C0-80-48 C0-80-4C C0-80-4F C0-80-80 C0-80-84
C0-80-88 C0-80-8C C0-80-8F C0-80-C0 C0-80-C4 C0-80-C8 C0-80-CC C0-80-CF C0-80-F0 C0-80-F4 C0-80-F8 C0-80-FC C0-80-FF
C0-84-xx C0-84-00 C0-84-04 C0-84-08 C0-84-0C C0-84-0F C0-84-40 C0-84-44 C0-84-48 C0-84-4C C0-84-4F C0-84-80 C0-84-84
C0-84-88 C0-84-8C C0-84-8F C0-84-C0 C0-84-C4 C0-84-C8 C0-84-CC C0-84-CF C0-84-F0 C0-84-F4 C0-84-F8 C0-84-FC C0-84-FF
C0-88-xx C0-88-00 C0-88-04 C0-88-08 C0-88-0C C0-88-0F C0-88-40 C0-88-44 C0-88-48 C0-88-4C C0-88-4F C0-88-80 C0-88-84
C0-88-88 C0-88-8C C0-88-8F C0-88-C0 C0-88-C4 C0-88-C8 C0-88-CC C0-88-CF C0-88-F0 C0-88-F4 C0-88-f8 C0-88-FC C0-88-FF
C0-8C-xx C0-8C-00 C0-8C-04 C0-8C-08 C0-8C-0C C0-8C-0F C0-8C-40 C0-8C-44 C0-8C-48 C0-8C-4C C0-8C-4F C0-8C-80 C0-8C-84
C0-8C-88 C0-8C-8C C0-8C-8F C0-8C-C0 C0-8C-C4 C0-8C-C8 C0-8C-CC C0-8C-CF C0-8C-F0 C0-8C-F4 C0-8C-F8 C0-8C-FC C0-8C-FF
C0-8F-xx C0-8F-00 C0-8F-04 C0-8F-08 C0-8F-0C C0-8F-0F C0-8F-40 C0-8F-44 C0-8F-48 C0-8F-4C C0-8F-4F C0-8F-80 C0-8F-84
C0-8F-88 C0-8F-8C C0-8F-8F C0-8F-C0 C0-8F-C4 C0-8F-C8 C0-8F-CC C0-8F-CF C0-8F-F0 C0-8F-F4 C0-8F-F8 C0-8F-FC C0-8F-FF
C0-C0-xx C0-C0-00 C0-C0-04 C0-C0-08 C0-C0-0C C0-C0-0F C0-C0-40 C0-C0-44 C0-C0-48 C0-C0-4C C0-C0-4F C0-C0-80 C0-C0-84
C0-C0-88 C0-C0-8C C0-C0-8F C0-C0-C0 C0-C0-C4 C0-C0-C8 C0-C0-CC C0-C0-CF C0-C0-F0 C0-C0-F4 C0-C0-F8 C0-C0-FC C0-C0-FF
C0-C4-xx C0-C4-00 C0-C4-04 C0-C4-08 C0-C4-0C C0-C4-0F C0-C4-40 C0-C4-44 C0-C4-48 C0-C4-4C C0-C4-4F C0-C4-80 C0-C4-84
C0-C4-88 C0-C4-8C C0-C4-8F C0-C4-C0 C0-C4-C4 C0-C4-C8 C0-C4-CC C0-C4-CF C0-C4-F0 C0-C4-F4 C0-C4-F8 C0-C4-FC C0-C4-FF
C0-C8-xx C0-C8-00 C0-C8-04 C0-C8-08 C0-C8-0C C0-C8-0F C0-C8-40 C0-C8-44 C0-C8-48 C0-C8-4C C0-C8-4F C0-C8-80 C0-C8-84
C0-C8-88 C0-C8-8C C0-C8-8F C0-C8-C0 C0-C8-C4 C0-C8-C8 C0-C8-CC C0-C8-CF C0-C8-F0 C0-C8-F4 C0-C8-f8 C0-C8-FC C0-C8-FF
C0-CC-xx C0-CC-00 C0-CC-04 C0-CC-08 C0-CC-0C C0-CC-0F C0-CC-40 C0-CC-44 C0-CC-48 C0-CC-4C C0-CC-4F C0-CC-80 C0-CC-84
C0-CC-88 C0-CC-8C C0-CC-8F C0-CC-C0 C0-CC-C4 C0-CC-C8 C0-CC-CC C0-CC-CF C0-CC-F0 C0-CC-F4 C0-CC-F8 C0-CC-FC C0-CC-FF
C0-CF-xx C0-CF-00 C0-CF-04 C0-CF-08 C0-CF-0C C0-CF-0F C0-CF-40 C0-CF-44 C0-CF-48 C0-CF-4C C0-CF-4F C0-CF-80 C0-CF-84
C0-CF-88 C0-CF-8C C0-CF-8F C0-CF-C0 C0-CF-C4 C0-CF-C8 C0-CF-CC C0-CF-CF C0-CF-F0 C0-CF-F4 C0-CF-F8 C0-CF-FC C0-CF-FF
C0-F0-xx C0-F0-00 C0-F0-04 C0-F0-08 C0-F0-0C C0-F0-0F C0-F0-40 C0-F0-44 C0-F0-48 C0-F0-4C C0-F0-4F C0-F0-80 C0-F0-84
C0-F0-88 C0-F0-8C C0-F0-8F C0-F0-C0 C0-F0-C4 C0-F0-C8 C0-F0-CC C0-F0-CF C0-F0-F0 C0-F0-F4 C0-F0-F8 C0-F0-FC C0-F0-FF
C0-F4-xx C0-F4-00 C0-F4-04 C0-F4-08 C0-F4-0C C0-F4-0F C0-F4-40 C0-F4-44 C0-F4-48 C0-F4-4C C0-F4-4F C0-F4-80 C0-F4-84
C0-F4-88 C0-F4-8C C0-F4-8F C0-F4-C0 C0-F4-C4 C0-F4-C8 C0-F4-CC C0-F4-CF C0-F4-F0 C0-F4-F4 C0-F4-F8 C0-F4-FC C0-F4-FF
C0-F8-xx C0-F8-00 C0-F8-04 C0-F8-08 C0-F8-0C C0-F8-0F C0-F8-40 C0-F8-44 C0-F8-48 C0-F8-4C C0-F8-4F C0-F8-80 C0-F8-84
C0-F8-88 C0-F8-8C C0-F8-8F C0-F8-C0 C0-F8-C4 C0-F8-C8 C0-F8-CC C0-F8-CF C0-F8-F0 C0-F8-F4 C0-F8-f8 C0-F8-FC C0-F8-FF
C0-FC-xx C0-FC-00 C0-FC-04 C0-FC-08 C0-FC-0C C0-FC-0F C0-FC-40 C0-FC-44 C0-FC-48 C0-FC-4C C0-FC-4F C0-FC-80 C0-FC-84
C0-FC-88 C0-FC-8C C0-FC-8F C0-FC-C0 C0-FC-C4 C0-FC-C8 C0-FC-CC C0-FC-CF C0-FC-F0 C0-FC-F4 C0-FC-F8 C0-FC-FC C0-FC-FF
C0-FF-xx C0-FF-00 C0-FF-04 C0-FF-08 C0-FF-0C C0-FF-0F C0-FF-40 C0-FF-44 C0-FF-48 C0-FF-4C C0-FF-4F C0-FF-80 C0-FF-84
C0-FF-88 C0-FF-8C C0-FF-8F C0-FF-C0 C0-FF-C4 C0-FF-C8 C0-FF-CC C0-FF-CF C0-FF-F0 C0-FF-F4 C0-FF-F8 C0-FF-FC C0-FF-FF
C4-00-xx C4-00-00 C4-00-04 C4-00-08 C4-00-0C C4-00-0F C4-00-40 C4-00-44 C4-00-48 C4-00-4C C4-00-4F C4-00-80 C4-00-84
C4-00-88 C4-00-8C C4-00-8F C4-00-C0 C4-00-C4 C4-00-C8 C4-00-CC C4-00-CF C4-00-F0 C4-00-F4 C4-00-F8 C4-00-FC C4-00-FF
C4-04-xx C4-04-00 C4-04-04 C4-04-08 C4-04-0C C4-04-0F C4-04-40 C4-04-44 C4-04-48 C4-04-4C C4-04-4F C4-04-80 C4-04-84
C4-04-88 C4-04-8C C4-04-8F C4-04-C0 C4-04-C4 C4-04-C8 C4-04-CC C4-04-CF C4-04-F0 C4-04-F4 C4-04-F8 C4-04-FC C4-04-FF
C4-08-xx C4-08-00 C4-08-04 C4-08-08 C4-08-0C C4-08-0F C4-08-40 C4-08-44 C4-08-48 C4-08-4C C4-08-4F C4-08-80 C4-08-84
C4-08-88 C4-08-8C C4-08-8F C4-08-C0 C4-08-C4 C4-08-C8 C4-08-CC C4-08-CF C4-08-F0 C4-08-F4 C4-08-f8 C4-08-FC C4-08-FF
C4-0C-xx C4-0C-00 C4-0C-04 C4-0C-08 C4-0C-0C C4-0C-0F C4-0C-40 C4-0C-44 C4-0C-48 C4-0C-4C C4-0C-4F C4-0C-80 C4-0C-84
C4-0C-88 C4-0C-8C C4-0C-8F C4-0C-C0 C4-0C-C4 C4-0C-C8 C4-0C-CC C4-0C-CF C4-0C-F0 C4-0C-F4 C4-0C-F8 C4-0C-FC C4-0C-FF
C4-0F-xx C4-0F-00 C4-0F-04 C4-0F-08 C4-0F-0C C4-0F-0F C4-0F-40 C4-0F-44 C4-0F-48 C4-0F-4C C4-0F-4F C4-0F-80 C4-0F-84
C4-0F-88 C4-0F-8C C4-0F-8F C4-0F-C0 C4-0F-C4 C4-0F-C8 C4-0F-CC C4-0F-CF C4-0F-F0 C4-0F-F4 C4-0F-F8 C4-0F-FC C4-0F-FF
C4-40-xx C4-40-00 C4-40-04 C4-40-08 C4-40-0C C4-40-0F C4-40-40 C4-40-44 C4-40-48 C4-40-4C C4-40-4F C4-40-80 C4-40-84
C4-40-88 C4-40-8C C4-40-8F C4-40-C0 C4-40-C4 C4-40-C8 C4-40-CC C4-40-CF C4-40-F0 C4-40-F4 C4-40-F8 C4-40-FC C4-40-FF
C4-44-xx C4-44-00 C4-44-04 C4-44-08 C4-44-0C C4-44-0F C4-44-40 C4-44-44 C4-44-48 C4-44-4C C4-44-4F C4-44-80 C4-44-84
C4-44-88 C4-44-8C C4-44-8F C4-44-C0 C4-44-C4 C4-44-C8 C4-44-CC C4-44-CF C4-44-F0 C4-44-F4 C4-44-F8 C4-44-FC C4-44-FF
C4-48-xx C4-48-00 C4-48-04 C4-48-08 C4-48-0C C4-48-0F C4-48-40 C4-48-44 C4-48-48 C4-48-4C C4-48-4F C4-48-80 C4-48-84
C4-48-88 C4-48-8C C4-48-8F C4-48-C0 C4-48-C4 C4-48-C8 C4-48-CC C4-48-CF C4-48-F0 C4-48-F4 C4-48-f8 C4-48-FC C4-48-FF
C4-4C-xx C4-4C-00 C4-4C-04 C4-4C-08 C4-4C-0C C4-4C-0F C4-4C-40 C4-4C-44 C4-4C-48 C4-4C-4C C4-4C-4F C4-4C-80 C4-4C-84
C4-4C-88 C4-4C-8C C4-4C-8F C4-4C-C0 C4-4C-C4 C4-4C-C8 C4-4C-CC C4-4C-CF C4-4C-F0 C4-4C-F4 C4-4C-F8 C4-4C-FC C4-4C-FF
C4-4F-xx C4-4F-00 C4-4F-04 C4-4F-08 C4-4F-0C C4-4F-0F C4-4F-40 C4-4F-44 C4-4F-48 C4-4F-4C C4-4F-4F C4-4F-80 C4-4F-84
C4-4F-88 C4-4F-8C C4-4F-8F C4-4F-C0 C4-4F-C4 C4-4F-C8 C4-4F-CC C4-4F-CF C4-4F-F0 C4-4F-F4 C4-4F-F8 C4-4F-FC C4-4F-FF
C4-80-xx C4-80-00 C4-80-04 C4-80-08 C4-80-0C C4-80-0F C4-80-40 C4-80-44 C4-80-48 C4-80-4C C4-80-4F C4-80-80 C4-80-84
C4-80-88 C4-80-8C C4-80-8F C4-80-C0 C4-80-C4 C4-80-C8 C4-80-CC C4-80-CF C4-80-F0 C4-80-F4 C4-80-F8 C4-80-FC C4-80-FF
C4-84-xx C4-84-00 C4-84-04 C4-84-08 C4-84-0C C4-84-0F C4-84-40 C4-84-44 C4-84-48 C4-84-4C C4-84-4F C4-84-80 C4-84-84
C4-84-88 C4-84-8C C4-84-8F C4-84-C0 C4-84-C4 C4-84-C8 C4-84-CC C4-84-CF C4-84-F0 C4-84-F4 C4-84-F8 C4-84-FC C4-84-FF
C4-88-xx C4-88-00 C4-88-04 C4-88-08 C4-88-0C C4-88-0F C4-88-40 C4-88-44 C4-88-48 C4-88-4C C4-88-4F C4-88-80 C4-88-84
C4-88-88 C4-88-8C C4-88-8F C4-88-C0 C4-88-C4 C4-88-C8 C4-88-CC C4-88-CF C4-88-F0 C4-88-F4 C4-88-f8 C4-88-FC C4-88-FF
C4-8C-xx C4-8C-00 C4-8C-04 C4-8C-08 C4-8C-0C C4-8C-0F C4-8C-40 C4-8C-44 C4-8C-48 C4-8C-4C C4-8C-4F C4-8C-80 C4-8C-84
C4-8C-88 C4-8C-8C C4-8C-8F C4-8C-C0 C4-8C-C4 C4-8C-C8 C4-8C-CC C4-8C-CF C4-8C-F0 C4-8C-F4 C4-8C-F8 C4-8C-FC C4-8C-FF
C4-8F-xx C4-8F-00 C4-8F-04 C4-8F-08 C4-8F-0C C4-8F-0F C4-8F-40 C4-8F-44 C4-8F-48 C4-8F-4C C4-8F-4F C4-8F-80 C4-8F-84
C4-8F-88 C4-8F-8C C4-8F-8F C4-8F-C0 C4-8F-C4 C4-8F-C8 C4-8F-CC C4-8F-CF C4-8F-F0 C4-8F-F4 C4-8F-F8 C4-8F-FC C4-8F-FF
C4-C0-xx C4-C0-00 C4-C0-04 C4-C0-08 C4-C0-0C C4-C0-0F C4-C0-40 C4-C0-44 C4-C0-48 C4-C0-4C C4-C0-4F C4-C0-80 C4-C0-84
C4-C0-88 C4-C0-8C C4-C0-8F C4-C0-C0 C4-C0-C4 C4-C0-C8 C4-C0-CC C4-C0-CF C4-C0-F0 C4-C0-F4 C4-C0-F8 C4-C0-FC C4-C0-FF
C4-C4-xx C4-C4-00 C4-C4-04 C4-C4-08 C4-C4-0C C4-C4-0F C4-C4-40 C4-C4-44 C4-C4-48 C4-C4-4C C4-C4-4F C4-C4-80 C4-C4-84
C4-C4-88 C4-C4-8C C4-C4-8F C4-C4-C0 C4-C4-C4 C4-C4-C8 C4-C4-CC C4-C4-CF C4-C4-F0 C4-C4-F4 C4-C4-F8 C4-C4-FC C4-C4-FF
C4-C8-xx C4-C8-00 C4-C8-04 C4-C8-08 C4-C8-0C C4-C8-0F C4-C8-40 C4-C8-44 C4-C8-48 C4-C8-4C C4-C8-4F C4-C8-80 C4-C8-84
C4-C8-88 C4-C8-8C C4-C8-8F C4-C8-C0 C4-C8-C4 C4-C8-C8 C4-C8-CC C4-C8-CF C4-C8-F0 C4-C8-F4 C4-C8-f8 C4-C8-FC C4-C8-FF
C4-CC-xx C4-CC-00 C4-CC-04 C4-CC-08 C4-CC-0C C4-CC-0F C4-CC-40 C4-CC-44 C4-CC-48 C4-CC-4C C4-CC-4F C4-CC-80 C4-CC-84
C4-CC-88 C4-CC-8C C4-CC-8F C4-CC-C0 C4-CC-C4 C4-CC-C8 C4-CC-CC C4-CC-CF C4-CC-F0 C4-CC-F4 C4-CC-F8 C4-CC-FC C4-CC-FF
C4-CF-xx C4-CF-00 C4-CF-04 C4-CF-08 C4-CF-0C C4-CF-0F C4-CF-40 C4-CF-44 C4-CF-48 C4-CF-4C C4-CF-4F C4-CF-80 C4-CF-84
C4-CF-88 C4-CF-8C C4-CF-8F C4-CF-C0 C4-CF-C4 C4-CF-C8 C4-CF-CC C4-CF-CF C4-CF-F0 C4-CF-F4 C4-CF-F8 C4-CF-FC C4-CF-FF
C4-F0-xx C4-F0-00 C4-F0-04 C4-F0-08 C4-F0-0C C4-F0-0F C4-F0-40 C4-F0-44 C4-F0-48 C4-F0-4C C4-F0-4F C4-F0-80 C4-F0-84
C4-F0-88 C4-F0-8C C4-F0-8F C4-F0-C0 C4-F0-C4 C4-F0-C8 C4-F0-CC C4-F0-CF C4-F0-F0 C4-F0-F4 C4-F0-F8 C4-F0-FC C4-F0-FF
C4-F4-xx C4-F4-00 C4-F4-04 C4-F4-08 C4-F4-0C C4-F4-0F C4-F4-40 C4-F4-44 C4-F4-48 C4-F4-4C C4-F4-4F C4-F4-80 C4-F4-84
C4-F4-88 C4-F4-8C C4-F4-8F C4-F4-C0 C4-F4-C4 C4-F4-C8 C4-F4-CC C4-F4-CF C4-F4-F0 C4-F4-F4 C4-F4-F8 C4-F4-FC C4-F4-FF
C4-F8-xx C4-F8-00 C4-F8-04 C4-F8-08 C4-F8-0C C4-F8-0F C4-F8-40 C4-F8-44 C4-F8-48 C4-F8-4C C4-F8-4F C4-F8-80 C4-F8-84
C4-F8-88 C4-F8-8C C4-F8-8F C4-F8-C0 C4-F8-C4 C4-F8-C8 C4-F8-CC C4-F8-CF C4-F8-F0 C4-F8-F4 C4-F8-f8 C4-F8-FC C4-F8-FF
C4-FC-xx C4-FC-00 C4-FC-04 C4-FC-08 C4-FC-0C C4-FC-0F C4-FC-40 C4-FC-44 C4-FC-48 C4-FC-4C C4-FC-4F C4-FC-80 C4-FC-84
C4-FC-88 C4-FC-8C C4-FC-8F C4-FC-C0 C4-FC-C4 C4-FC-C8 C4-FC-CC C4-FC-CF C4-FC-F0 C4-FC-F4 C4-FC-F8 C4-FC-FC C4-FC-FF
C4-FF-xx C4-FF-00 C4-FF-04 C4-FF-08 C4-FF-0C C4-FF-0F C4-FF-40 C4-FF-44 C4-FF-48 C4-FF-4C C4-FF-4F C4-FF-80 C4-FF-84
C4-FF-88 C4-FF-8C C4-FF-8F C4-FF-C0 C4-FF-C4 C4-FF-C8 C4-FF-CC C4-FF-CF C4-FF-F0 C4-FF-F4 C4-FF-F8 C4-FF-FC C4-FF-FF
C8-00-xx C8-00-00 C8-00-04 C8-00-08 C8-00-0C C8-00-0F C8-00-40 C8-00-44 C8-00-48 C8-00-4C C8-00-4F C8-00-80 C8-00-84
C8-00-88 C8-00-8C C8-00-8F C8-00-C0 C8-00-C4 C8-00-C8 C8-00-CC C8-00-CF C8-00-F0 C8-00-F4 C8-00-F8 C8-00-FC C8-00-FF
C8-04-xx C8-04-00 C8-04-04 C8-04-08 C8-04-0C C8-04-0F C8-04-40 C8-04-44 C8-04-48 C8-04-4C C8-04-4F C8-04-80 C8-04-84
C8-04-88 C8-04-8C C8-04-8F C8-04-C0 C8-04-C4 C8-04-C8 C8-04-CC C8-04-CF C8-04-F0 C8-04-F4 C8-04-F8 C8-04-FC C8-04-FF
C8-08-xx C8-08-00 C8-08-04 C8-08-08 C8-08-0C C8-08-0F C8-08-40 C8-08-44 C8-08-48 C8-08-4C C8-08-4F C8-08-80 C8-08-84
C8-08-88 C8-08-8C C8-08-8F C8-08-C0 C8-08-C4 C8-08-C8 C8-08-CC C8-08-CF C8-08-F0 C8-08-F4 C8-08-f8 C8-08-FC C8-08-FF
C8-0C-xx C8-0C-00 C8-0C-04 C8-0C-08 C8-0C-0C C8-0C-0F C8-0C-40 C8-0C-44 C8-0C-48 C8-0C-4C C8-0C-4F C8-0C-80 C8-0C-84
C8-0C-88 C8-0C-8C C8-0C-8F C8-0C-C0 C8-0C-C4 C8-0C-C8 C8-0C-CC C8-0C-CF C8-0C-F0 C8-0C-F4 C8-0C-F8 C8-0C-FC C8-0C-FF
C8-0F-xx C8-0F-00 C8-0F-04 C8-0F-08 C8-0F-0C C8-0F-0F C8-0F-40 C8-0F-44 C8-0F-48 C8-0F-4C C8-0F-4F C8-0F-80 C8-0F-84
C8-0F-88 C8-0F-8C C8-0F-8F C8-0F-C0 C8-0F-C4 C8-0F-C8 C8-0F-CC C8-0F-CF C8-0F-F0 C8-0F-F4 C8-0F-F8 C8-0F-FC C8-0F-FF
C8-40-xx C8-40-00 C8-40-04 C8-40-08 C8-40-0C C8-40-0F C8-40-40 C8-40-44 C8-40-48 C8-40-4C C8-40-4F C8-40-80 C8-40-84
C8-40-88 C8-40-8C C8-40-8F C8-40-C0 C8-40-C4 C8-40-C8 C8-40-CC C8-40-CF C8-40-F0 C8-40-F4 C8-40-F8 C8-40-FC C8-40-FF
C8-44-xx C8-44-00 C8-44-04 C8-44-08 C8-44-0C C8-44-0F C8-44-40 C8-44-44 C8-44-48 C8-44-4C C8-44-4F C8-44-80 C8-44-84
C8-44-88 C8-44-8C C8-44-8F C8-44-C0 C8-44-C4 C8-44-C8 C8-44-CC C8-44-CF C8-44-F0 C8-44-F4 C8-44-F8 C8-44-FC C8-44-FF
C8-48-xx C8-48-00 C8-48-04 C8-48-08 C8-48-0C C8-48-0F C8-48-40 C8-48-44 C8-48-48 C8-48-4C C8-48-4F C8-48-80 C8-48-84
C8-48-88 C8-48-8C C8-48-8F C8-48-C0 C8-48-C4 C8-48-C8 C8-48-CC C8-48-CF C8-48-F0 C8-48-F4 C8-48-f8 C8-48-FC C8-48-FF
C8-4C-xx C8-4C-00 C8-4C-04 C8-4C-08 C8-4C-0C C8-4C-0F C8-4C-40 C8-4C-44 C8-4C-48 C8-4C-4C C8-4C-4F C8-4C-80 C8-4C-84
C8-4C-88 C8-4C-8C C8-4C-8F C8-4C-C0 C8-4C-C4 C8-4C-C8 C8-4C-CC C8-4C-CF C8-4C-F0 C8-4C-F4 C8-4C-F8 C8-4C-FC C8-4C-FF
C8-4F-xx C8-4F-00 C8-4F-04 C8-4F-08 C8-4F-0C C8-4F-0F C8-4F-40 C8-4F-44 C8-4F-48 C8-4F-4C C8-4F-4F C8-4F-80 C8-4F-84
C8-4F-88 C8-4F-8C C8-4F-8F C8-4F-C0 C8-4F-C4 C8-4F-C8 C8-4F-CC C8-4F-CF C8-4F-F0 C8-4F-F4 C8-4F-F8 C8-4F-FC C8-4F-FF
C8-80-xx C8-80-00 C8-80-04 C8-80-08 C8-80-0C C8-80-0F C8-80-40 C8-80-44 C8-80-48 C8-80-4C C8-80-4F C8-80-80 C8-80-84
C8-80-88 C8-80-8C C8-80-8F C8-80-C0 C8-80-C4 C8-80-C8 C8-80-CC C8-80-CF C8-80-F0 C8-80-F4 C8-80-F8 C8-80-FC C8-80-FF
C8-84-xx C8-84-00 C8-84-04 C8-84-08 C8-84-0C C8-84-0F C8-84-40 C8-84-44 C8-84-48 C8-84-4C C8-84-4F C8-84-80 C8-84-84
C8-84-88 C8-84-8C C8-84-8F C8-84-C0 C8-84-C4 C8-84-C8 C8-84-CC C8-84-CF C8-84-F0 C8-84-F4 C8-84-F8 C8-84-FC C8-84-FF
C8-88-xx C8-88-00 C8-88-04 C8-88-08 C8-88-0C C8-88-0F C8-88-40 C8-88-44 C8-88-48 C8-88-4C C8-88-4F C8-88-80 C8-88-84
C8-88-88 C8-88-8C C8-88-8F C8-88-C0 C8-88-C4 C8-88-C8 C8-88-CC C8-88-CF C8-88-F0 C8-88-F4 C8-88-f8 C8-88-FC C8-88-FF
C8-8C-xx C8-8C-00 C8-8C-04 C8-8C-08 C8-8C-0C C8-8C-0F C8-8C-40 C8-8C-44 C8-8C-48 C8-8C-4C C8-8C-4F C8-8C-80 C8-8C-84
C8-8C-88 C8-8C-8C C8-8C-8F C8-8C-C0 C8-8C-C4 C8-8C-C8 C8-8C-CC C8-8C-CF C8-8C-F0 C8-8C-F4 C8-8C-F8 C8-8C-FC C8-8C-FF
C8-8F-xx C8-8F-00 C8-8F-04 C8-8F-08 C8-8F-0C C8-8F-0F C8-8F-40 C8-8F-44 C8-8F-48 C8-8F-4C C8-8F-4F C8-8F-80 C8-8F-84
C8-8F-88 C8-8F-8C C8-8F-8F C8-8F-C0 C8-8F-C4 C8-8F-C8 C8-8F-CC C8-8F-CF C8-8F-F0 C8-8F-F4 C8-8F-F8 C8-8F-FC C8-8F-FF
C8-C0-xx C8-C0-00 C8-C0-04 C8-C0-08 C8-C0-0C C8-C0-0F C8-C0-40 C8-C0-44 C8-C0-48 C8-C0-4C C8-C0-4F C8-C0-80 C8-C0-84
C8-C0-88 C8-C0-8C C8-C0-8F C8-C0-C0 C8-C0-C4 C8-C0-C8 C8-C0-CC C8-C0-CF C8-C0-F0 C8-C0-F4 C8-C0-F8 C8-C0-FC C8-C0-FF
C8-C4-xx C8-C4-00 C8-C4-04 C8-C4-08 C8-C4-0C C8-C4-0F C8-C4-40 C8-C4-44 C8-C4-48 C8-C4-4C C8-C4-4F C8-C4-80 C8-C4-84
C8-C4-88 C8-C4-8C C8-C4-8F C8-C4-C0 C8-C4-C4 C8-C4-C8 C8-C4-CC C8-C4-CF C8-C4-F0 C8-C4-F4 C8-C4-F8 C8-C4-FC C8-C4-FF
C8-C8-xx C8-C8-00 C8-C8-04 C8-C8-08 C8-C8-0C C8-C8-0F C8-C8-40 C8-C8-44 C8-C8-48 C8-C8-4C C8-C8-4F C8-C8-80 C8-C8-84
C8-C8-88 C8-C8-8C C8-C8-8F C8-C8-C0 C8-C8-C4 C8-C8-C8 C8-C8-CC C8-C8-CF C8-C8-F0 C8-C8-F4 C8-C8-f8 C8-C8-FC C8-C8-FF
C8-CC-xx C8-CC-00 C8-CC-04 C8-CC-08 C8-CC-0C C8-CC-0F C8-CC-40 C8-CC-44 C8-CC-48 C8-CC-4C C8-CC-4F C8-CC-80 C8-CC-84
C8-CC-88 C8-CC-8C C8-CC-8F C8-CC-C0 C8-CC-C4 C8-CC-C8 C8-CC-CC C8-CC-CF C8-CC-F0 C8-CC-F4 C8-CC-F8 C8-CC-FC C8-CC-FF
C8-CF-xx C8-CF-00 C8-CF-04 C8-CF-08 C8-CF-0C C8-CF-0F C8-CF-40 C8-CF-44 C8-CF-48 C8-CF-4C C8-CF-4F C8-CF-80 C8-CF-84
C8-CF-88 C8-CF-8C C8-CF-8F C8-CF-C0 C8-CF-C4 C8-CF-C8 C8-CF-CC C8-CF-CF C8-CF-F0 C8-CF-F4 C8-CF-F8 C8-CF-FC C8-CF-FF
C8-F0-xx C8-F0-00 C8-F0-04 C8-F0-08 C8-F0-0C C8-F0-0F C8-F0-40 C8-F0-44 C8-F0-48 C8-F0-4C C8-F0-4F C8-F0-80 C8-F0-84
C8-F0-88 C8-F0-8C C8-F0-8F C8-F0-C0 C8-F0-C4 C8-F0-C8 C8-F0-CC C8-F0-CF C8-F0-F0 C8-F0-F4 C8-F0-F8 C8-F0-FC C8-F0-FF
C8-F4-xx C8-F4-00 C8-F4-04 C8-F4-08 C8-F4-0C C8-F4-0F C8-F4-40 C8-F4-44 C8-F4-48 C8-F4-4C C8-F4-4F C8-F4-80 C8-F4-84
C8-F4-88 C8-F4-8C C8-F4-8F C8-F4-C0 C8-F4-C4 C8-F4-C8 C8-F4-CC C8-F4-CF C8-F4-F0 C8-F4-F4 C8-F4-F8 C8-F4-FC C8-F4-FF
C8-F8-xx C8-F8-00 C8-F8-04 C8-F8-08 C8-F8-0C C8-F8-0F C8-F8-40 C8-F8-44 C8-F8-48 C8-F8-4C C8-F8-4F C8-F8-80 C8-F8-84
C8-F8-88 C8-F8-8C C8-F8-8F C8-F8-C0 C8-F8-C4 C8-F8-C8 C8-F8-CC C8-F8-CF C8-F8-F0 C8-F8-F4 C8-F8-f8 C8-F8-FC C8-F8-FF
C8-FC-xx C8-FC-00 C8-FC-04 C8-FC-08 C8-FC-0C C8-FC-0F C8-FC-40 C8-FC-44 C8-FC-48 C8-FC-4C C8-FC-4F C8-FC-80 C8-FC-84
C8-FC-88 C8-FC-8C C8-FC-8F C8-FC-C0 C8-FC-C4 C8-FC-C8 C8-FC-CC C8-FC-CF C8-FC-F0 C8-FC-F4 C8-FC-F8 C8-FC-FC C8-FC-FF
C8-FF-xx C8-FF-00 C8-FF-04 C8-FF-08 C8-FF-0C C8-FF-0F C8-FF-40 C8-FF-44 C8-FF-48 C8-FF-4C C8-FF-4F C8-FF-80 C8-FF-84
C8-FF-88 C8-FF-8C C8-FF-8F C8-FF-C0 C8-FF-C4 C8-FF-C8 C8-FF-CC C8-FF-CF C8-FF-F0 C8-FF-F4 C8-FF-F8 C8-FF-FC C8-FF-FF
CC-00-xx CC-00-00 CC-00-04 CC-00-08 CC-00-0C CC-00-0F CC-00-40 CC-00-44 CC-00-48 CC-00-4C CC-00-4F CC-00-80 CC-00-84
CC-00-88 CC-00-8C CC-00-8F CC-00-C0 CC-00-C4 CC-00-C8 CC-00-CC CC-00-CF CC-00-F0 CC-00-F4 CC-00-F8 CC-00-FC CC-00-FF
CC-04-xx CC-04-00 CC-04-04 CC-04-08 CC-04-0C CC-04-0F CC-04-40 CC-04-44 CC-04-48 CC-04-4C CC-04-4F CC-04-80 CC-04-84
CC-04-88 CC-04-8C CC-04-8F CC-04-C0 CC-04-C4 CC-04-C8 CC-04-CC CC-04-CF CC-04-F0 CC-04-F4 CC-04-F8 CC-04-FC CC-04-FF
CC-08-xx CC-08-00 CC-08-04 CC-08-08 CC-08-0C CC-08-0F CC-08-40 CC-08-44 CC-08-48 CC-08-4C CC-08-4F CC-08-80 CC-08-84
CC-08-88 CC-08-8C CC-08-8F CC-08-C0 CC-08-C4 CC-08-C8 CC-08-CC CC-08-CF CC-08-F0 CC-08-F4 CC-08-f8 CC-08-FC CC-08-FF
CC-0C-xx CC-0C-00 CC-0C-04 CC-0C-08 CC-0C-0C CC-0C-0F CC-0C-40 CC-0C-44 CC-0C-48 CC-0C-4C CC-0C-4F CC-0C-80 CC-0C-84
CC-0C-88 CC-0C-8C CC-0C-8F CC-0C-C0 CC-0C-C4 CC-0C-C8 CC-0C-CC CC-0C-CF CC-0C-F0 CC-0C-F4 CC-0C-F8 CC-0C-FC CC-0C-FF
CC-0F-xx CC-0F-00 CC-0F-04 CC-0F-08 CC-0F-0C CC-0F-0F CC-0F-40 CC-0F-44 CC-0F-48 CC-0F-4C CC-0F-4F CC-0F-80 CC-0F-84
CC-0F-88 CC-0F-8C CC-0F-8F CC-0F-C0 CC-0F-C4 CC-0F-C8 CC-0F-CC CC-0F-CF CC-0F-F0 CC-0F-F4 CC-0F-F8 CC-0F-FC CC-0F-FF
CC-40-xx CC-40-00 CC-40-04 CC-40-08 CC-40-0C CC-40-0F CC-40-40 CC-40-44 CC-40-48 CC-40-4C CC-40-4F CC-40-80 CC-40-84
CC-40-88 CC-40-8C CC-40-8F CC-40-C0 CC-40-C4 CC-40-C8 CC-40-CC CC-40-CF CC-40-F0 CC-40-F4 CC-40-F8 CC-40-FC CC-40-FF
CC-44-xx CC-44-00 CC-44-04 CC-44-08 CC-44-0C CC-44-0F CC-44-40 CC-44-44 CC-44-48 CC-44-4C CC-44-4F CC-44-80 CC-44-84
CC-44-88 CC-44-8C CC-44-8F CC-44-C0 CC-44-C4 CC-44-C8 CC-44-CC CC-44-CF CC-44-F0 CC-44-F4 CC-44-F8 CC-44-FC CC-44-FF
CC-48-xx CC-48-00 CC-48-04 CC-48-08 CC-48-0C CC-48-0F CC-48-40 CC-48-44 CC-48-48 CC-48-4C CC-48-4F CC-48-80 CC-48-84
CC-48-88 CC-48-8C CC-48-8F CC-48-C0 CC-48-C4 CC-48-C8 CC-48-CC CC-48-CF CC-48-F0 CC-48-F4 CC-48-f8 CC-48-FC CC-48-FF
CC-4C-xx CC-4C-00 CC-4C-04 CC-4C-08 CC-4C-0C CC-4C-0F CC-4C-40 CC-4C-44 CC-4C-48 CC-4C-4C CC-4C-4F CC-4C-80 CC-4C-84
CC-4C-88 CC-4C-8C CC-4C-8F CC-4C-C0 CC-4C-C4 CC-4C-C8 CC-4C-CC CC-4C-CF CC-4C-F0 CC-4C-F4 CC-4C-F8 CC-4C-FC CC-4C-FF
CC-4F-xx CC-4F-00 CC-4F-04 CC-4F-08 CC-4F-0C CC-4F-0F CC-4F-40 CC-4F-44 CC-4F-48 CC-4F-4C CC-4F-4F CC-4F-80 CC-4F-84
CC-4F-88 CC-4F-8C CC-4F-8F CC-4F-C0 CC-4F-C4 CC-4F-C8 CC-4F-CC CC-4F-CF CC-4F-F0 CC-4F-F4 CC-4F-F8 CC-4F-FC CC-4F-FF
CC-80-xx CC-80-00 CC-80-04 CC-80-08 CC-80-0C CC-80-0F CC-80-40 CC-80-44 CC-80-48 CC-80-4C CC-80-4F CC-80-80 CC-80-84
CC-80-88 CC-80-8C CC-80-8F CC-80-C0 CC-80-C4 CC-80-C8 CC-80-CC CC-80-CF CC-80-F0 CC-80-F4 CC-80-F8 CC-80-FC CC-80-FF
CC-84-xx CC-84-00 CC-84-04 CC-84-08 CC-84-0C CC-84-0F CC-84-40 CC-84-44 CC-84-48 CC-84-4C CC-84-4F CC-84-80 CC-84-84
CC-84-88 CC-84-8C CC-84-8F CC-84-C0 CC-84-C4 CC-84-C8 CC-84-CC CC-84-CF CC-84-F0 CC-84-F4 CC-84-F8 CC-84-FC CC-84-FF
CC-88-xx CC-88-00 CC-88-04 CC-88-08 CC-88-0C CC-88-0F CC-88-40 CC-88-44 CC-88-48 CC-88-4C CC-88-4F CC-88-80 CC-88-84
CC-88-88 CC-88-8C CC-88-8F CC-88-C0 CC-88-C4 CC-88-C8 CC-88-CC CC-88-CF CC-88-F0 CC-88-F4 CC-88-f8 CC-88-FC CC-88-FF
CC-8C-xx CC-8C-00 CC-8C-04 CC-8C-08 CC-8C-0C CC-8C-0F CC-8C-40 CC-8C-44 CC-8C-48 CC-8C-4C CC-8C-4F CC-8C-80 CC-8C-84
CC-8C-88 CC-8C-8C CC-8C-8F CC-8C-C0 CC-8C-C4 CC-8C-C8 CC-8C-CC CC-8C-CF CC-8C-F0 CC-8C-F4 CC-8C-F8 CC-8C-FC CC-8C-FF
CC-8F-xx CC-8F-00 CC-8F-04 CC-8F-08 CC-8F-0C CC-8F-0F CC-8F-40 CC-8F-44 CC-8F-48 CC-8F-4C CC-8F-4F CC-8F-80 CC-8F-84
CC-8F-88 CC-8F-8C CC-8F-8F CC-8F-C0 CC-8F-C4 CC-8F-C8 CC-8F-CC CC-8F-CF CC-8F-F0 CC-8F-F4 CC-8F-F8 CC-8F-FC CC-8F-FF
CC-C0-xx CC-C0-00 CC-C0-04 CC-C0-08 CC-C0-0C CC-C0-0F CC-C0-40 CC-C0-44 CC-C0-48 CC-C0-4C CC-C0-4F CC-C0-80 CC-C0-84
CC-C0-88 CC-C0-8C CC-C0-8F CC-C0-C0 CC-C0-C4 CC-C0-C8 CC-C0-CC CC-C0-CF CC-C0-F0 CC-C0-F4 CC-C0-F8 CC-C0-FC CC-C0-FF
CC-C4-xx CC-C4-00 CC-C4-04 CC-C4-08 CC-C4-0C CC-C4-0F CC-C4-40 CC-C4-44 CC-C4-48 CC-C4-4C CC-C4-4F CC-C4-80 CC-C4-84
CC-C4-88 CC-C4-8C CC-C4-8F CC-C4-C0 CC-C4-C4 CC-C4-C8 CC-C4-CC CC-C4-CF CC-C4-F0 CC-C4-F4 CC-C4-F8 CC-C4-FC CC-C4-FF
CC-C8-xx CC-C8-00 CC-C8-04 CC-C8-08 CC-C8-0C CC-C8-0F CC-C8-40 CC-C8-44 CC-C8-48 CC-C8-4C CC-C8-4F CC-C8-80 CC-C8-84
CC-C8-88 CC-C8-8C CC-C8-8F CC-C8-C0 CC-C8-C4 CC-C8-C8 CC-C8-CC CC-C8-CF CC-C8-F0 CC-C8-F4 CC-C8-f8 CC-C8-FC CC-C8-FF
CC-CC-xx CC-CC-00 CC-CC-04 CC-CC-08 CC-CC-0C CC-CC-0F CC-CC-40 CC-CC-44 CC-CC-48 CC-CC-4C CC-CC-4F CC-CC-80 CC-CC-84
CC-CF-xx CC-CF-00 CC-CF-04 CC-CF-08 CC-CF-0C CC-CF-0F CC-CF-40 CC-CF-44 CC-CF-48 CC-CF-4C CC-CF-4F CC-CF-80 CC-CF-84
CC-F0-xx CC-F0-00 CC-F0-04 CC-F0-08 CC-F0-0C CC-F0-0F CC-F0-40 CC-F0-44 CC-F0-48 CC-F0-4C CC-F0-4F CC-F0-80 CC-F0-84
CC-F0-88 CC-F0-8C CC-F0-8F CC-F0-C0 CC-F0-C4 CC-F0-C8 CC-F0-CC CC-F0-CF CC-F0-F0 CC-F0-F4 CC-F0-F8 CC-F0-FC CC-F0-FF
CC-F4-xx CC-F4-00 CC-F4-04 CC-F4-08 CC-F4-0C CC-F4-0F CC-F4-40 CC-F4-44 CC-F4-48 CC-F4-4C CC-F4-4F CC-F4-80 CC-F4-84
CC-F4-88 CC-F4-8C CC-F4-8F CC-F4-C0 CC-F4-C4 CC-F4-C8 CC-F4-CC CC-F4-CF CC-F4-F0 CC-F4-F4 CC-F4-F8 CC-F4-FC CC-F4-FF
CC-F8-xx CC-F8-00 CC-F8-04 CC-F8-08 CC-F8-0C CC-F8-0F CC-F8-40 CC-F8-44 CC-F8-48 CC-F8-4C CC-F8-4F CC-F8-80 CC-F8-84
CC-F8-88 CC-F8-8C CC-F8-8F CC-F8-C0 CC-F8-C4 CC-F8-C8 CC-F8-CC CC-F8-CF CC-F8-F0 CC-F8-F4 CC-F8-f8 CC-F8-FC CC-F8-FF
CC-FC-xx CC-FC-00 CC-FC-04 CC-FC-08 CC-FC-0C CC-FC-0F CC-FC-40 CC-FC-44 CC-FC-48 CC-FC-4C CC-FC-4F CC-FC-80 CC-FC-84
CC-FF-xx CC-FF-00 CC-FF-04 CC-FF-08 CC-FF-0C CC-FF-0F CC-FF-40 CC-FF-44 CC-FF-48 CC-FF-4C CC-FF-4F CC-FF-80 CC-FF-84
CF-00-xx CF-00-00 CF-00-04 CF-00-08 CF-00-0C CF-00-0F CF-00-40 CF-00-44 CF-00-48 CF-00-4C CF-00-4F CF-00-80 CF-00-84
CF-00-88 CF-00-8C CF-00-8F CF-00-C0 CF-00-C4 CF-00-C8 CF-00-CC CF-00-CF CF-00-F0 CF-00-F4 CF-00-F8 CF-00-FC CF-00-FF
CF-04-xx CF-04-00 CF-04-04 CF-04-08 CF-04-0C CF-04-0F CF-04-40 CF-04-44 CF-04-48 CF-04-4C CF-04-4F CF-04-80 CF-04-84
CF-04-88 CF-04-8C CF-04-8F CF-04-C0 CF-04-C4 CF-04-C8 CF-04-CC CF-04-CF CF-04-F0 CF-04-F4 CF-04-F8 CF-04-FC CF-04-FF
CF-08-xx CF-08-00 CF-08-04 CF-08-08 CF-08-0C CF-08-0F CF-08-40 CF-08-44 CF-08-48 CF-08-4C CF-08-4F CF-08-80 CF-08-84
CF-08-88 CF-08-8C CF-08-8F CF-08-C0 CF-08-C4 CF-08-C8 CF-08-CC CF-08-CF CF-08-F0 CF-08-F4 CF-08-f8 CF-08-FC CF-08-FF
CF-0C-xx CF-0C-00 CF-0C-04 CF-0C-08 CF-0C-0C CF-0C-0F CF-0C-40 CF-0C-44 CF-0C-48 CF-0C-4C CF-0C-4F CF-0C-80 CF-0C-84
CF-0C-88 CF-0C-8C CF-0C-8F CF-0C-C0 CF-0C-C4 CF-0C-C8 CF-0C-CC CF-0C-CF CF-0C-F0 CF-0C-F4 CF-0C-F8 CF-0C-FC CF-0C-FF
CF-0F-xx CF-0F-00 CF-0F-04 CF-0F-08 CF-0F-0C CF-0F-0F CF-0F-40 CF-0F-44 CF-0F-48 CF-0F-4C CF-0F-4F CF-0F-80 CF-0F-84
CF-0F-88 CF-0F-8C CF-0F-8F CF-0F-C0 CF-0F-C4 CF-0F-C8 CF-0F-CC CF-0F-CF CF-0F-F0 CF-0F-F4 CF-0F-F8 CF-0F-FC CF-0F-FF
CF-40-xx CF-40-00 CF-40-04 CF-40-08 CF-40-0C CF-40-0F CF-40-40 CF-40-44 CF-40-48 CF-40-4C CF-40-4F CF-40-80 CF-40-84
CF-40-88 CF-40-8C CF-40-8F CF-40-C0 CF-40-C4 CF-40-C8 CF-40-CC CF-40-CF CF-40-F0 CF-40-F4 CF-40-F8 CF-40-FC CF-40-FF
CF-44-xx CF-44-00 CF-44-04 CF-44-08 CF-44-0C CF-44-0F CF-44-40 CF-44-44 CF-44-48 CF-44-4C CF-44-4F CF-44-80 CF-44-84
CF-44-88 CF-44-8C CF-44-8F CF-44-C0 CF-44-C4 CF-44-C8 CF-44-CC CF-44-CF CF-44-F0 CF-44-F4 CF-44-F8 CF-44-FC CF-44-FF
CF-48-xx CF-48-00 CF-48-04 CF-48-08 CF-48-0C CF-48-0F CF-48-40 CF-48-44 CF-48-48 CF-48-4C CF-48-4F CF-48-80 CF-48-84
CF-48-88 CF-48-8C CF-48-8F CF-48-C0 CF-48-C4 CF-48-C8 CF-48-CC CF-48-CF CF-48-F0 CF-48-F4 CF-48-f8 CF-48-FC CF-48-FF
CF-4C-xx CF-4C-00 CF-4C-04 CF-4C-08 CF-4C-0C CF-4C-0F CF-4C-40 CF-4C-44 CF-4C-48 CF-4C-4C CF-4C-4F CF-4C-80 CF-4C-84
CF-4C-88 CF-4C-8C CF-4C-8F CF-4C-C0 CF-4C-C4 CF-4C-C8 CF-4C-CC CF-4C-CF CF-4C-F0 CF-4C-F4 CF-4C-F8 CF-4C-FC CF-4C-FF
CF-4F-xx CF-4F-00 CF-4F-04 CF-4F-08 CF-4F-0C CF-4F-0F CF-4F-40 CF-4F-44 CF-4F-48 CF-4F-4C CF-4F-4F CF-4F-80 CF-4F-84
CF-4F-88 CF-4F-8C CF-4F-8F CF-4F-C0 CF-4F-C4 CF-4F-C8 CF-4F-CC CF-4F-CF CF-4F-F0 CF-4F-F4 CF-4F-F8 CF-4F-FC CF-4F-FF
CF-80-xx CF-80-00 CF-80-04 CF-80-08 CF-80-0C CF-80-0F CF-80-40 CF-80-44 CF-80-48 CF-80-4C CF-80-4F CF-80-80 CF-80-84
CF-80-88 CF-80-8C CF-80-8F CF-80-C0 CF-80-C4 CF-80-C8 CF-80-CC CF-80-CF CF-80-F0 CF-80-F4 CF-80-F8 CF-80-FC CF-80-FF
CF-84-xx CF-84-00 CF-84-04 CF-84-08 CF-84-0C CF-84-0F CF-84-40 CF-84-44 CF-84-48 CF-84-4C CF-84-4F CF-84-80 CF-84-84
CF-84-88 CF-84-8C CF-84-8F CF-84-C0 CF-84-C4 CF-84-C8 CF-84-CC CF-84-CF CF-84-F0 CF-84-F4 CF-84-F8 CF-84-FC CF-84-FF
CF-88-xx CF-88-00 CF-88-04 CF-88-08 CF-88-0C CF-88-0F CF-88-40 CF-88-44 CF-88-48 CF-88-4C CF-88-4F CF-88-80 CF-88-84
CF-88-88 CF-88-8C CF-88-8F CF-88-C0 CF-88-C4 CF-88-C8 CF-88-CC CF-88-CF CF-88-F0 CF-88-F4 CF-88-f8 CF-88-FC CF-88-FF
CF-8C-xx CF-8C-00 CF-8C-04 CF-8C-08 CF-8C-0C CF-8C-0F CF-8C-40 CF-8C-44 CF-8C-48 CF-8C-4C CF-8C-4F CF-8C-80 CF-8C-84
CF-8C-88 CF-8C-8C CF-8C-8F CF-8C-C0 CF-8C-C4 CF-8C-C8 CF-8C-CC CF-8C-CF CF-8C-F0 CF-8C-F4 CF-8C-F8 CF-8C-FC CF-8C-FF
CF-8F-xx CF-8F-00 CF-8F-04 CF-8F-08 CF-8F-0C CF-8F-0F CF-8F-40 CF-8F-44 CF-8F-48 CF-8F-4C CF-8F-4F CF-8F-80 CF-8F-84
CF-8F-88 CF-8F-8C CF-8F-8F CF-8F-C0 CF-8F-C4 CF-8F-C8 CF-8F-CC CF-8F-CF CF-8F-F0 CF-8F-F4 CF-8F-F8 CF-8F-FC CF-8F-FF
CF-C0-xx CF-C0-00 CF-C0-04 CF-C0-08 CF-C0-0C CF-C0-0F CF-C0-40 CF-C0-44 CF-C0-48 CF-C0-4C CF-C0-4F CF-C0-80 CF-C0-84
CF-C0-88 CF-C0-8C CF-C0-8F CF-C0-C0 CF-C0-C4 CF-C0-C8 CF-C0-CC CF-C0-CF CF-C0-F0 CF-C0-F4 CF-C0-F8 CF-C0-FC CF-C0-FF
CF-C4-xx CF-C4-00 CF-C4-04 CF-C4-08 CF-C4-0C CF-C4-0F CF-C4-40 CF-C4-44 CF-C4-48 CF-C4-4C CF-C4-4F CF-C4-80 CF-C4-84
CF-C4-88 CF-C4-8C CF-C4-8F CF-C4-C0 CF-C4-C4 CF-C4-C8 CF-C4-CC CF-C4-CF CF-C4-F0 CF-C4-F4 CF-C4-F8 CF-C4-FC CF-C4-FF
CF-C8-xx CF-C8-00 CF-C8-04 CF-C8-08 CF-C8-0C CF-C8-0F CF-C8-40 CF-C8-44 CF-C8-48 CF-C8-4C CF-C8-4F CF-C8-80 CF-C8-84
CF-C8-88 CF-C8-8C CF-C8-8F CF-C8-C0 CF-C8-C4 CF-C8-C8 CF-C8-CC CF-C8-CF CF-C8-F0 CF-C8-F4 CF-C8-f8 CF-C8-FC CF-C8-FF
CF-CC-xx CF-CC-00 CF-CC-04 CF-CC-08 CF-CC-0C CF-CC-0F CF-CC-40 CF-CC-44 CF-CC-48 CF-CC-4C CF-CC-4F CF-CC-80 CF-CC-84
CF-CF-xx CF-CF-00 CF-CF-04 CF-CF-08 CF-CF-0C CF-CF-0F CF-CF-40 CF-CF-44 CF-CF-48 CF-CF-4C CF-CF-4F CF-CF-80 CF-CF-84
CF-F0-xx CF-F0-00 CF-F0-04 CF-F0-08 CF-F0-0C CF-F0-0F CF-F0-40 CF-F0-44 CF-F0-48 CF-F0-4C CF-F0-4F CF-F0-80 CF-F0-84
CF-F0-88 CF-F0-8C CF-F0-8F CF-F0-C0 CF-F0-C4 CF-F0-C8 CF-F0-CC CF-F0-CF CF-F0-F0 CF-F0-F4 CF-F0-F8 CF-F0-FC CF-F0-FF
CF-F4-xx CF-F4-00 CF-F4-04 CF-F4-08 CF-F4-0C CF-F4-0F CF-F4-40 CF-F4-44 CF-F4-48 CF-F4-4C CF-F4-4F CF-F4-80 CF-F4-84
CF-F4-88 CF-F4-8C CF-F4-8F CF-F4-C0 CF-F4-C4 CF-F4-C8 CF-F4-CC CF-F4-CF CF-F4-F0 CF-F4-F4 CF-F4-F8 CF-F4-FC CF-F4-FF
CF-F8-xx CF-F8-00 CF-F8-04 CF-F8-08 CF-F8-0C CF-F8-0F CF-F8-40 CF-F8-44 CF-F8-48 CF-F8-4C CF-F8-4F CF-F8-80 CF-F8-84
CF-F8-88 CF-F8-8C CF-F8-8F CF-F8-C0 CF-F8-C4 CF-F8-C8 CF-F8-CC CF-F8-CF CF-F8-F0 CF-F8-F4 CF-F8-f8 CF-F8-FC CF-F8-FF
CF-FC-xx CF-FC-00 CF-FC-04 CF-FC-08 CF-FC-0C CF-FC-0F CF-FC-40 CF-FC-44 CF-FC-48 CF-FC-4C CF-FC-4F CF-FC-80 CF-FC-84
CF-FF-xx CF-FF-00 CF-FF-04 CF-FF-08 CF-FF-0C CF-FF-0F CF-FF-40 CF-FF-44 CF-FF-48 CF-FF-4C CF-FF-4F CF-FF-80 CF-FF-84
F0-00-xx F0-00-00 F0-00-04 F0-00-08 F0-00-0C F0-00-0F F0-00-40 F0-00-44 F0-00-48 F0-00-4C F0-00-4F F0-00-80 F0-00-84
F0-00-88 F0-00-8C F0-00-8F F0-00-C0 F0-00-C4 F0-00-C8 F0-00-CC F0-00-CF F0-00-F0 F0-00-F4 F0-00-F8 F0-00-FC F0-00-FF
F0-04-xx F0-04-00 F0-04-04 F0-04-08 F0-04-0C F0-04-0F F0-04-40 F0-04-44 F0-04-48 F0-04-4C F0-04-4F F0-04-80 F0-04-84
F0-04-88 F0-04-8C F0-04-8F F0-04-C0 F0-04-C4 F0-04-C8 F0-04-CC F0-04-CF F0-04-F0 F0-04-F4 F0-04-F8 F0-04-FC F0-04-FF
F0-08-xx F0-08-00 F0-08-04 F0-08-08 F0-08-0C F0-08-0F F0-08-40 F0-08-44 F0-08-48 F0-08-4C F0-08-4F F0-08-80 F0-08-84
F0-08-88 F0-08-8C F0-08-8F F0-08-C0 F0-08-C4 F0-08-C8 F0-08-CC F0-08-CF F0-08-F0 F0-08-F4 F0-08-f8 F0-08-FC F0-08-FF
F0-0C-xx F0-0C-00 F0-0C-04 F0-0C-08 F0-0C-0C F0-0C-0F F0-0C-40 F0-0C-44 F0-0C-48 F0-0C-4C F0-0C-4F F0-0C-80 F0-0C-84
F0-0C-88 F0-0C-8C F0-0C-8F F0-0C-C0 F0-0C-C4 F0-0C-C8 F0-0C-CC F0-0C-CF F0-0C-F0 F0-0C-F4 F0-0C-F8 F0-0C-FC F0-0C-FF
F0-0F-xx F0-0F-00 F0-0F-04 F0-0F-08 F0-0F-0C F0-0F-0F F0-0F-40 F0-0F-44 F0-0F-48 F0-0F-4C F0-0F-4F F0-0F-80 F0-0F-84
F0-0F-88 F0-0F-8C F0-0F-8F F0-0F-C0 F0-0F-C4 F0-0F-C8 F0-0F-CC F0-0F-CF F0-0F-F0 F0-0F-F4 F0-0F-F8 F0-0F-FC F0-0F-FF
F0-40-xx F0-40-00 F0-40-04 F0-40-08 F0-40-0C F0-40-0F F0-40-40 F0-40-44 F0-40-48 F0-40-4C F0-40-4F F0-40-80 F0-40-84
F0-40-88 F0-40-8C F0-40-8F F0-40-C0 F0-40-C4 F0-40-C8 F0-40-CC F0-40-CF F0-40-F0 F0-40-F4 F0-40-F8 F0-40-FC F0-40-FF
F0-44-xx F0-44-00 F0-44-04 F0-44-08 F0-44-0C F0-44-0F F0-44-40 F0-44-44 F0-44-48 F0-44-4C F0-44-4F F0-44-80 F0-44-84
F0-44-88 F0-44-8C F0-44-8F F0-44-C0 F0-44-C4 F0-44-C8 F0-44-CC F0-44-CF F0-44-F0 F0-44-F4 F0-44-F8 F0-44-FC F0-44-FF
F0-48-xx F0-48-00 F0-48-04 F0-48-08 F0-48-0C F0-48-0F F0-48-40 F0-48-44 F0-48-48 F0-48-4C F0-48-4F F0-48-80 F0-48-84
F0-48-88 F0-48-8C F0-48-8F F0-48-C0 F0-48-C4 F0-48-C8 F0-48-CC F0-48-CF F0-48-F0 F0-48-F4 F0-48-f8 F0-48-FC F0-48-FF
F0-4C-xx F0-4C-00 F0-4C-04 F0-4C-08 F0-4C-0C F0-4C-0F F0-4C-40 F0-4C-44 F0-4C-48 F0-4C-4C F0-4C-4F F0-4C-80 F0-4C-84
F0-4C-88 F0-4C-8C F0-4C-8F F0-4C-C0 F0-4C-C4 F0-4C-C8 F0-4C-CC F0-4C-CF F0-4C-F0 F0-4C-F4 F0-4C-F8 F0-4C-FC F0-4C-FF
F0-4F-xx F0-4F-00 F0-4F-04 F0-4F-08 F0-4F-0C F0-4F-0F F0-4F-40 F0-4F-44 F0-4F-48 F0-4F-4C F0-4F-4F F0-4F-80 F0-4F-84
F0-4F-88 F0-4F-8C F0-4F-8F F0-4F-C0 F0-4F-C4 F0-4F-C8 F0-4F-CC F0-4F-CF F0-4F-F0 F0-4F-F4 F0-4F-F8 F0-4F-FC F0-4F-FF
F0-80-xx F0-80-00 F0-80-04 F0-80-08 F0-80-0C F0-80-0F F0-80-40 F0-80-44 F0-80-48 F0-80-4C F0-80-4F F0-80-80 F0-80-84
F0-80-88 F0-80-8C F0-80-8F F0-80-C0 F0-80-C4 F0-80-C8 F0-80-CC F0-80-CF F0-80-F0 F0-80-F4 F0-80-F8 F0-80-FC F0-80-FF
F0-84-xx F0-84-00 F0-84-04 F0-84-08 F0-84-0C F0-84-0F F0-84-40 F0-84-44 F0-84-48 F0-84-4C F0-84-4F F0-84-80 F0-84-84
F0-84-88 F0-84-8C F0-84-8F F0-84-C0 F0-84-C4 F0-84-C8 F0-84-CC F0-84-CF F0-84-F0 F0-84-F4 F0-84-F8 F0-84-FC F0-84-FF
F0-88-xx F0-88-00 F0-88-04 F0-88-08 F0-88-0C F0-88-0F F0-88-40 F0-88-44 F0-88-48 F0-88-4C F0-88-4F F0-88-80 F0-88-84
F0-88-88 F0-88-8C F0-88-8F F0-88-C0 F0-88-C4 F0-88-C8 F0-88-CC F0-88-CF F0-88-F0 F0-88-F4 F0-88-f8 F0-88-FC F0-88-FF
F0-8C-xx F0-8C-00 F0-8C-04 F0-8C-08 F0-8C-0C F0-8C-0F F0-8C-40 F0-8C-44 F0-8C-48 F0-8C-4C F0-8C-4F F0-8C-80 F0-8C-84
F0-8C-88 F0-8C-8C F0-8C-8F F0-8C-C0 F0-8C-C4 F0-8C-C8 F0-8C-CC F0-8C-CF F0-8C-F0 F0-8C-F4 F0-8C-F8 F0-8C-FC F0-8C-FF
F0-8F-xx F0-8F-00 F0-8F-04 F0-8F-08 F0-8F-0C F0-8F-0F F0-8F-40 F0-8F-44 F0-8F-48 F0-8F-4C F0-8F-4F F0-8F-80 F0-8F-84
F0-8F-88 F0-8F-8C F0-8F-8F F0-8F-C0 F0-8F-C4 F0-8F-C8 F0-8F-CC F0-8F-CF F0-8F-F0 F0-8F-F4 F0-8F-F8 F0-8F-FC F0-8F-FF
F0-C0-xx F0-C0-00 F0-C0-04 F0-C0-08 F0-C0-0C F0-C0-0F F0-C0-40 F0-C0-44 F0-C0-48 F0-C0-4C F0-C0-4F F0-C0-80 F0-C0-84
F0-C0-88 F0-C0-8C F0-C0-8F F0-C0-C0 F0-C0-C4 F0-C0-C8 F0-C0-CC F0-C0-CF F0-C0-F0 F0-C0-F4 F0-C0-F8 F0-C0-FC F0-C0-FF
F0-C4-xx F0-C4-00 F0-C4-04 F0-C4-08 F0-C4-0C F0-C4-0F F0-C4-40 F0-C4-44 F0-C4-48 F0-C4-4C F0-C4-4F F0-C4-80 F0-C4-84
F0-C4-88 F0-C4-8C F0-C4-8F F0-C4-C0 F0-C4-C4 F0-C4-C8 F0-C4-CC F0-C4-CF F0-C4-F0 F0-C4-F4 F0-C4-F8 F0-C4-FC F0-C4-FF
F0-C8-xx F0-C8-00 F0-C8-04 F0-C8-08 F0-C8-0C F0-C8-0F F0-C8-40 F0-C8-44 F0-C8-48 F0-C8-4C F0-C8-4F F0-C8-80 F0-C8-84
F0-C8-88 F0-C8-8C F0-C8-8F F0-C8-C0 F0-C8-C4 F0-C8-C8 F0-C8-CC F0-C8-CF F0-C8-F0 F0-C8-F4 F0-C8-f8 F0-C8-FC F0-C8-FF
F0-CC-xx F0-CC-00 F0-CC-04 F0-CC-08 F0-CC-0C F0-CC-0F F0-CC-40 F0-CC-44 F0-CC-48 F0-CC-4C F0-CC-4F F0-CC-80 F0-CC-84
F0-CC-88 F0-CC-8C F0-CC-8F F0-CC-C0 F0-CC-C4 F0-CC-C8 F0-CC-CC F0-CC-CF F0-CC-F0 F0-CC-F4 F0-CC-F8 F0-CC-FC F0-CC-FF
F0-CF-xx F0-CF-00 F0-CF-04 F0-CF-08 F0-CF-0C F0-CF-0F F0-CF-40 F0-CF-44 F0-CF-48 F0-CF-4C F0-CF-4F F0-CF-80 F0-CF-84
F0-CF-88 F0-CF-8C F0-CF-8F F0-CF-C0 F0-CF-C4 F0-CF-C8 F0-CF-CC F0-CF-CF F0-CF-F0 F0-CF-F4 F0-CF-F8 F0-CF-FC F0-CF-FF
F0-F0-xx F0-F0-00 F0-F0-04 F0-F0-08 F0-F0-0C F0-F0-0F F0-F0-40 F0-F0-44 F0-F0-48 F0-F0-4C F0-F0-4F F0-F0-80 F0-F0-84
F0-F0-88 F0-F0-8C F0-F0-8F F0-F0-C0 F0-F0-C4 F0-F0-C8 F0-F0-CC F0-F0-CF F0-F0-F0 F0-F0-F4 F0-F0-F8 F0-F0-FC F0-F0-FF
F0-F4-xx F0-F4-00 F0-F4-04 F0-F4-08 F0-F4-0C F0-F4-0F F0-F4-40 F0-F4-44 F0-F4-48 F0-F4-4C F0-F4-4F F0-F4-80 F0-F4-84
F0-F4-88 F0-F4-8C F0-F4-8F F0-F4-C0 F0-F4-C4 F0-F4-C8 F0-F4-CC F0-F4-CF F0-F4-F0 F0-F4-F4 F0-F4-F8 F0-F4-FC F0-F4-FF
F0-F8-xx F0-F8-00 F0-F8-04 F0-F8-08 F0-F8-0C F0-F8-0F F0-F8-40 F0-F8-44 F0-F8-48 F0-F8-4C F0-F8-4F F0-F8-80 F0-F8-84
F0-F8-88 F0-F8-8C F0-F8-8F F0-F8-C0 F0-F8-C4 F0-F8-C8 F0-F8-CC F0-F8-CF F0-F8-F0 F0-F8-F4 F0-F8-f8 F0-F8-FC F0-F8-FF
F0-FC-xx F0-FC-00 F0-FC-04 F0-FC-08 F0-FC-0C F0-FC-0F F0-FC-40 F0-FC-44 F0-FC-48 F0-FC-4C F0-FC-4F F0-FC-80 F0-FC-84
F0-FC-88 F0-FC-8C F0-FC-8F F0-FC-C0 F0-FC-C4 F0-FC-C8 F0-FC-CC F0-FC-CF F0-FC-F0 F0-FC-F4 F0-FC-F8 F0-FC-FC F0-FC-FF
F0-FF-xx F0-FF-00 F0-FF-04 F0-FF-08 F0-FF-0C F0-FF-0F F0-FF-40 F0-FF-44 F0-FF-48 F0-FF-4C F0-FF-4F F0-FF-80 F0-FF-84
F0-FF-88 F0-FF-8C F0-FF-8F F0-FF-C0 F0-FF-C4 F0-FF-C8 F0-FF-CC F0-FF-CF F0-FF-F0 F0-FF-F4 F0-FF-F8 F0-FF-FC F0-FF-FF
F4-00-xx F4-00-00 F4-00-04 F4-00-08 F4-00-0C F4-00-0F F4-00-40 F4-00-44 F4-00-48 F4-00-4C F4-00-4F F4-00-80 F4-00-84
F4-00-88 F4-00-8C F4-00-8F F4-00-C0 F4-00-C4 F4-00-C8 F4-00-CC F4-00-CF F4-00-F0 F4-00-F4 F4-00-F8 F4-00-FC F4-00-FF
F4-04-xx F4-04-00 F4-04-04 F4-04-08 F4-04-0C F4-04-0F F4-04-40 F4-04-44 F4-04-48 F4-04-4C F4-04-4F F4-04-80 F4-04-84
F4-04-88 F4-04-8C F4-04-8F F4-04-C0 F4-04-C4 F4-04-C8 F4-04-CC F4-04-CF F4-04-F0 F4-04-F4 F4-04-F8 F4-04-FC F4-04-FF
F4-08-xx F4-08-00 F4-08-04 F4-08-08 F4-08-0C F4-08-0F F4-08-40 F4-08-44 F4-08-48 F4-08-4C F4-08-4F F4-08-80 F4-08-84
F4-08-88 F4-08-8C F4-08-8F F4-08-C0 F4-08-C4 F4-08-C8 F4-08-CC F4-08-CF F4-08-F0 F4-08-F4 F4-08-f8 F4-08-FC F4-08-FF
F4-0C-xx F4-0C-00 F4-0C-04 F4-0C-08 F4-0C-0C F4-0C-0F F4-0C-40 F4-0C-44 F4-0C-48 F4-0C-4C F4-0C-4F F4-0C-80 F4-0C-84
F4-0C-88 F4-0C-8C F4-0C-8F F4-0C-C0 F4-0C-C4 F4-0C-C8 F4-0C-CC F4-0C-CF F4-0C-F0 F4-0C-F4 F4-0C-F8 F4-0C-FC F4-0C-FF
F4-0F-xx F4-0F-00 F4-0F-04 F4-0F-08 F4-0F-0C F4-0F-0F F4-0F-40 F4-0F-44 F4-0F-48 F4-0F-4C F4-0F-4F F4-0F-80 F4-0F-84
F4-0F-88 F4-0F-8C F4-0F-8F F4-0F-C0 F4-0F-C4 F4-0F-C8 F4-0F-CC F4-0F-CF F4-0F-F0 F4-0F-F4 F4-0F-F8 F4-0F-FC F4-0F-FF
F4-40-xx F4-40-00 F4-40-04 F4-40-08 F4-40-0C F4-40-0F F4-40-40 F4-40-44 F4-40-48 F4-40-4C F4-40-4F F4-40-80 F4-40-84
F4-40-88 F4-40-8C F4-40-8F F4-40-C0 F4-40-C4 F4-40-C8 F4-40-CC F4-40-CF F4-40-F0 F4-40-F4 F4-40-F8 F4-40-FC F4-40-FF
F4-44-xx F4-44-00 F4-44-04 F4-44-08 F4-44-0C F4-44-0F F4-44-40 F4-44-44 F4-44-48 F4-44-4C F4-44-4F F4-44-80 F4-44-84
F4-44-88 F4-44-8C F4-44-8F F4-44-C0 F4-44-C4 F4-44-C8 F4-44-CC F4-44-CF F4-44-F0 F4-44-F4 F4-44-F8 F4-44-FC F4-44-FF
F4-48-xx F4-48-00 F4-48-04 F4-48-08 F4-48-0C F4-48-0F F4-48-40 F4-48-44 F4-48-48 F4-48-4C F4-48-4F F4-48-80 F4-48-84
F4-48-88 F4-48-8C F4-48-8F F4-48-C0 F4-48-C4 F4-48-C8 F4-48-CC F4-48-CF F4-48-F0 F4-48-F4 F4-48-f8 F4-48-FC F4-48-FF
F4-4C-xx F4-4C-00 F4-4C-04 F4-4C-08 F4-4C-0C F4-4C-0F F4-4C-40 F4-4C-44 F4-4C-48 F4-4C-4C F4-4C-4F F4-4C-80 F4-4C-84
F4-4C-88 F4-4C-8C F4-4C-8F F4-4C-C0 F4-4C-C4 F4-4C-C8 F4-4C-CC F4-4C-CF F4-4C-F0 F4-4C-F4 F4-4C-F8 F4-4C-FC F4-4C-FF
F4-4F-xx F4-4F-00 F4-4F-04 F4-4F-08 F4-4F-0C F4-4F-0F F4-4F-40 F4-4F-44 F4-4F-48 F4-4F-4C F4-4F-4F F4-4F-80 F4-4F-84
F4-4F-88 F4-4F-8C F4-4F-8F F4-4F-C0 F4-4F-C4 F4-4F-C8 F4-4F-CC F4-4F-CF F4-4F-F0 F4-4F-F4 F4-4F-F8 F4-4F-FC F4-4F-FF
F4-80-xx F4-80-00 F4-80-04 F4-80-08 F4-80-0C F4-80-0F F4-80-40 F4-80-44 F4-80-48 F4-80-4C F4-80-4F F4-80-80 F4-80-84
F4-80-88 F4-80-8C F4-80-8F F4-80-C0 F4-80-C4 F4-80-C8 F4-80-CC F4-80-CF F4-80-F0 F4-80-F4 F4-80-F8 F4-80-FC F4-80-FF
F4-84-xx F4-84-00 F4-84-04 F4-84-08 F4-84-0C F4-84-0F F4-84-40 F4-84-44 F4-84-48 F4-84-4C F4-84-4F F4-84-80 F4-84-84
F4-84-88 F4-84-8C F4-84-8F F4-84-C0 F4-84-C4 F4-84-C8 F4-84-CC F4-84-CF F4-84-F0 F4-84-F4 F4-84-F8 F4-84-FC F4-84-FF
F4-88-xx F4-88-00 F4-88-04 F4-88-08 F4-88-0C F4-88-0F F4-88-40 F4-88-44 F4-88-48 F4-88-4C F4-88-4F F4-88-80 F4-88-84
F4-88-88 F4-88-8C F4-88-8F F4-88-C0 F4-88-C4 F4-88-C8 F4-88-CC F4-88-CF F4-88-F0 F4-88-F4 F4-88-f8 F4-88-FC F4-88-FF
F4-8C-xx F4-8C-00 F4-8C-04 F4-8C-08 F4-8C-0C F4-8C-0F F4-8C-40 F4-8C-44 F4-8C-48 F4-8C-4C F4-8C-4F F4-8C-80 F4-8C-84
F4-8C-88 F4-8C-8C F4-8C-8F F4-8C-C0 F4-8C-C4 F4-8C-C8 F4-8C-CC F4-8C-CF F4-8C-F0 F4-8C-F4 F4-8C-F8 F4-8C-FC F4-8C-FF
F4-8F-xx F4-8F-00 F4-8F-04 F4-8F-08 F4-8F-0C F4-8F-0F F4-8F-40 F4-8F-44 F4-8F-48 F4-8F-4C F4-8F-4F F4-8F-80 F4-8F-84
F4-8F-88 F4-8F-8C F4-8F-8F F4-8F-C0 F4-8F-C4 F4-8F-C8 F4-8F-CC F4-8F-CF F4-8F-F0 F4-8F-F4 F4-8F-F8 F4-8F-FC F4-8F-FF
F4-C0-xx F4-C0-00 F4-C0-04 F4-C0-08 F4-C0-0C F4-C0-0F F4-C0-40 F4-C0-44 F4-C0-48 F4-C0-4C F4-C0-4F F4-C0-80 F4-C0-84
F4-C0-88 F4-C0-8C F4-C0-8F F4-C0-C0 F4-C0-C4 F4-C0-C8 F4-C0-CC F4-C0-CF F4-C0-F0 F4-C0-F4 F4-C0-F8 F4-C0-FC F4-C0-FF
F4-C4-xx F4-C4-00 F4-C4-04 F4-C4-08 F4-C4-0C F4-C4-0F F4-C4-40 F4-C4-44 F4-C4-48 F4-C4-4C F4-C4-4F F4-C4-80 F4-C4-84
F4-C4-88 F4-C4-8C F4-C4-8F F4-C4-C0 F4-C4-C4 F4-C4-C8 F4-C4-CC F4-C4-CF F4-C4-F0 F4-C4-F4 F4-C4-F8 F4-C4-FC F4-C4-FF
F4-C8-xx F4-C8-00 F4-C8-04 F4-C8-08 F4-C8-0C F4-C8-0F F4-C8-40 F4-C8-44 F4-C8-48 F4-C8-4C F4-C8-4F F4-C8-80 F4-C8-84
F4-C8-88 F4-C8-8C F4-C8-8F F4-C8-C0 F4-C8-C4 F4-C8-C8 F4-C8-CC F4-C8-CF F4-C8-F0 F4-C8-F4 F4-C8-f8 F4-C8-FC F4-C8-FF
F4-CC-xx F4-CC-00 F4-CC-04 F4-CC-08 F4-CC-0C F4-CC-0F F4-CC-40 F4-CC-44 F4-CC-48 F4-CC-4C F4-CC-4F F4-CC-80 F4-CC-84
F4-CC-88 F4-CC-8C F4-CC-8F F4-CC-C0 F4-CC-C4 F4-CC-C8 F4-CC-CC F4-CC-CF F4-CC-F0 F4-CC-F4 F4-CC-F8 F4-CC-FC F4-CC-FF
F4-CF-xx F4-CF-00 F4-CF-04 F4-CF-08 F4-CF-0C F4-CF-0F F4-CF-40 F4-CF-44 F4-CF-48 F4-CF-4C F4-CF-4F F4-CF-80 F4-CF-84
F4-CF-88 F4-CF-8C F4-CF-8F F4-CF-C0 F4-CF-C4 F4-CF-C8 F4-CF-CC F4-CF-CF F4-CF-F0 F4-CF-F4 F4-CF-F8 F4-CF-FC F4-CF-FF
F4-F0-xx F4-F0-00 F4-F0-04 F4-F0-08 F4-F0-0C F4-F0-0F F4-F0-40 F4-F0-44 F4-F0-48 F4-F0-4C F4-F0-4F F4-F0-80 F4-F0-84
F4-F0-88 F4-F0-8C F4-F0-8F F4-F0-C0 F4-F0-C4 F4-F0-C8 F4-F0-CC F4-F0-CF F4-F0-F0 F4-F0-F4 F4-F0-F8 F4-F0-FC F4-F0-FF
F4-F4-xx F4-F4-00 F4-F4-04 F4-F4-08 F4-F4-0C F4-F4-0F F4-F4-40 F4-F4-44 F4-F4-48 F4-F4-4C F4-F4-4F F4-F4-80 F4-F4-84
F4-F4-88 F4-F4-8C F4-F4-8F F4-F4-C0 F4-F4-C4 F4-F4-C8 F4-F4-CC F4-F4-CF F4-F4-F0 F4-F4-F4 F4-F4-F8 F4-F4-FC F4-F4-FF
F4-F8-xx F4-F8-00 F4-F8-04 F4-F8-08 F4-F8-0C F4-F8-0F F4-F8-40 F4-F8-44 F4-F8-48 F4-F8-4C F4-F8-4F F4-F8-80 F4-F8-84
F4-F8-88 F4-F8-8C F4-F8-8F F4-F8-C0 F4-F8-C4 F4-F8-C8 F4-F8-CC F4-F8-CF F4-F8-F0 F4-F8-F4 F4-F8-f8 F4-F8-FC F4-F8-FF
F4-FC-xx F4-FC-00 F4-FC-04 F4-FC-08 F4-FC-0C F4-FC-0F F4-FC-40 F4-FC-44 F4-FC-48 F4-FC-4C F4-FC-4F F4-FC-80 F4-FC-84
F4-FC-88 F4-FC-8C F4-FC-8F F4-FC-C0 F4-FC-C4 F4-FC-C8 F4-FC-CC F4-FC-CF F4-FC-F0 F4-FC-F4 F4-FC-F8 F4-FC-FC F4-FC-FF
F4-FF-xx F4-FF-00 F4-FF-04 F4-FF-08 F4-FF-0C F4-FF-0F F4-FF-40 F4-FF-44 F4-FF-48 F4-FF-4C F4-FF-4F F4-FF-80 F4-FF-84
F4-FF-88 F4-FF-8C F4-FF-8F F4-FF-C0 F4-FF-C4 F4-FF-C8 F4-FF-CC F4-FF-CF F4-FF-F0 F4-FF-F4 F4-FF-F8 F4-FF-FC F4-FF-FF
F8-00-xx F8-00-00 F8-00-04 F8-00-08 F8-00-0C F8-00-0F F8-00-40 F8-00-44 F8-00-48 F8-00-4C F8-00-4F F8-00-80 F8-00-84
F8-00-88 F8-00-8C F8-00-8F F8-00-C0 F8-00-C4 F8-00-C8 F8-00-CC F8-00-CF F8-00-F0 F8-00-F4 F8-00-F8 F8-00-FC F8-00-FF
F8-04-xx F8-04-00 F8-04-04 F8-04-08 F8-04-0C F8-04-0F F8-04-40 F8-04-44 F8-04-48 F8-04-4C F8-04-4F F8-04-80 F8-04-84
F8-04-88 F8-04-8C F8-04-8F F8-04-C0 F8-04-C4 F8-04-C8 F8-04-CC F8-04-CF F8-04-F0 F8-04-F4 F8-04-F8 F8-04-FC F8-04-FF
F8-08-xx F8-08-00 F8-08-04 F8-08-08 F8-08-0C F8-08-0F F8-08-40 F8-08-44 F8-08-48 F8-08-4C F8-08-4F F8-08-80 F8-08-84
F8-08-88 F8-08-8C F8-08-8F F8-08-C0 F8-08-C4 F8-08-C8 F8-08-CC F8-08-CF F8-08-F0 F8-08-F4 F8-08-f8 F8-08-FC F8-08-FF
F8-0C-xx F8-0C-00 F8-0C-04 F8-0C-08 F8-0C-0C F8-0C-0F F8-0C-40 F8-0C-44 F8-0C-48 F8-0C-4C F8-0C-4F F8-0C-80 F8-0C-84
F8-0C-88 F8-0C-8C F8-0C-8F F8-0C-C0 F8-0C-C4 F8-0C-C8 F8-0C-CC F8-0C-CF F8-0C-F0 F8-0C-F4 F8-0C-F8 F8-0C-FC F8-0C-FF
F8-0F-xx F8-0F-00 F8-0F-04 F8-0F-08 F8-0F-0C F8-0F-0F F8-0F-40 F8-0F-44 F8-0F-48 F8-0F-4C F8-0F-4F F8-0F-80 F8-0F-84
F8-0F-88 F8-0F-8C F8-0F-8F F8-0F-C0 F8-0F-C4 F8-0F-C8 F8-0F-CC F8-0F-CF F8-0F-F0 F8-0F-F4 F8-0F-F8 F8-0F-FC F8-0F-FF
F8-40-xx F8-40-00 F8-40-04 F8-40-08 F8-40-0C F8-40-0F F8-40-40 F8-40-44 F8-40-48 F8-40-4C F8-40-4F F8-40-80 F8-40-84
F8-40-88 F8-40-8C F8-40-8F F8-40-C0 F8-40-C4 F8-40-C8 F8-40-CC F8-40-CF F8-40-F0 F8-40-F4 F8-40-F8 F8-40-FC F8-40-FF
F8-44-xx F8-44-00 F8-44-04 F8-44-08 F8-44-0C F8-44-0F F8-44-40 F8-44-44 F8-44-48 F8-44-4C F8-44-4F F8-44-80 F8-44-84
F8-44-88 F8-44-8C F8-44-8F F8-44-C0 F8-44-C4 F8-44-C8 F8-44-CC F8-44-CF F8-44-F0 F8-44-F4 F8-44-F8 F8-44-FC F8-44-FF
F8-48-xx F8-48-00 F8-48-04 F8-48-08 F8-48-0C F8-48-0F F8-48-40 F8-48-44 F8-48-48 F8-48-4C F8-48-4F F8-48-80 F8-48-84
F8-48-88 F8-48-8C F8-48-8F F8-48-C0 F8-48-C4 F8-48-C8 F8-48-CC F8-48-CF F8-48-F0 F8-48-F4 F8-48-f8 F8-48-FC F8-48-FF
F8-4C-xx F8-4C-00 F8-4C-04 F8-4C-08 F8-4C-0C F8-4C-0F F8-4C-40 F8-4C-44 F8-4C-48 F8-4C-4C F8-4C-4F F8-4C-80 F8-4C-84
F8-4C-88 F8-4C-8C F8-4C-8F F8-4C-C0 F8-4C-C4 F8-4C-C8 F8-4C-CC F8-4C-CF F8-4C-F0 F8-4C-F4 F8-4C-F8 F8-4C-FC F8-4C-FF
F8-4F-xx F8-4F-00 F8-4F-04 F8-4F-08 F8-4F-0C F8-4F-0F F8-4F-40 F8-4F-44 F8-4F-48 F8-4F-4C F8-4F-4F F8-4F-80 F8-4F-84
F8-4F-88 F8-4F-8C F8-4F-8F F8-4F-C0 F8-4F-C4 F8-4F-C8 F8-4F-CC F8-4F-CF F8-4F-F0 F8-4F-F4 F8-4F-F8 F8-4F-FC F8-4F-FF
F8-80-xx F8-80-00 F8-80-04 F8-80-08 F8-80-0C F8-80-0F F8-80-40 F8-80-44 F8-80-48 F8-80-4C F8-80-4F F8-80-80 F8-80-84
F8-80-88 F8-80-8C F8-80-8F F8-80-C0 F8-80-C4 F8-80-C8 F8-80-CC F8-80-CF F8-80-F0 F8-80-F4 F8-80-F8 F8-80-FC F8-80-FF
F8-84-xx F8-84-00 F8-84-04 F8-84-08 F8-84-0C F8-84-0F F8-84-40 F8-84-44 F8-84-48 F8-84-4C F8-84-4F F8-84-80 F8-84-84
F8-84-88 F8-84-8C F8-84-8F F8-84-C0 F8-84-C4 F8-84-C8 F8-84-CC F8-84-CF F8-84-F0 F8-84-F4 F8-84-F8 F8-84-FC F8-84-FF
F8-88-xx F8-88-00 F8-88-04 F8-88-08 F8-88-0C F8-88-0F F8-88-40 F8-88-44 F8-88-48 F8-88-4C F8-88-4F F8-88-80 F8-88-84
F8-88-88 F8-88-8C F8-88-8F F8-88-C0 F8-88-C4 F8-88-C8 F8-88-CC F8-88-CF F8-88-F0 F8-88-F4 F8-88-f8 F8-88-FC F8-88-FF
F8-8C-xx F8-8C-00 F8-8C-04 F8-8C-08 F8-8C-0C F8-8C-0F F8-8C-40 F8-8C-44 F8-8C-48 F8-8C-4C F8-8C-4F F8-8C-80 F8-8C-84
F8-8C-88 F8-8C-8C F8-8C-8F F8-8C-C0 F8-8C-C4 F8-8C-C8 F8-8C-CC F8-8C-CF F8-8C-F0 F8-8C-F4 F8-8C-F8 F8-8C-FC F8-8C-FF
F8-8F-xx F8-8F-00 F8-8F-04 F8-8F-08 F8-8F-0C F8-8F-0F F8-8F-40 F8-8F-44 F8-8F-48 F8-8F-4C F8-8F-4F F8-8F-80 F8-8F-84
F8-8F-88 F8-8F-8C F8-8F-8F F8-8F-C0 F8-8F-C4 F8-8F-C8 F8-8F-CC F8-8F-CF F8-8F-F0 F8-8F-F4 F8-8F-F8 F8-8F-FC F8-8F-FF
F8-C0-xx F8-C0-00 F8-C0-04 F8-C0-08 F8-C0-0C F8-C0-0F F8-C0-40 F8-C0-44 F8-C0-48 F8-C0-4C F8-C0-4F F8-C0-80 F8-C0-84
F8-C0-88 F8-C0-8C F8-C0-8F F8-C0-C0 F8-C0-C4 F8-C0-C8 F8-C0-CC F8-C0-CF F8-C0-F0 F8-C0-F4 F8-C0-F8 F8-C0-FC F8-C0-FF
F8-C4-xx F8-C4-00 F8-C4-04 F8-C4-08 F8-C4-0C F8-C4-0F F8-C4-40 F8-C4-44 F8-C4-48 F8-C4-4C F8-C4-4F F8-C4-80 F8-C4-84
F8-C4-88 F8-C4-8C F8-C4-8F F8-C4-C0 F8-C4-C4 F8-C4-C8 F8-C4-CC F8-C4-CF F8-C4-F0 F8-C4-F4 F8-C4-F8 F8-C4-FC F8-C4-FF
F8-C8-xx F8-C8-00 F8-C8-04 F8-C8-08 F8-C8-0C F8-C8-0F F8-C8-40 F8-C8-44 F8-C8-48 F8-C8-4C F8-C8-4F F8-C8-80 F8-C8-84
F8-C8-88 F8-C8-8C F8-C8-8F F8-C8-C0 F8-C8-C4 F8-C8-C8 F8-C8-CC F8-C8-CF F8-C8-F0 F8-C8-F4 F8-C8-f8 F8-C8-FC F8-C8-FF
F8-CC-xx F8-CC-00 F8-CC-04 F8-CC-08 F8-CC-0C F8-CC-0F F8-CC-40 F8-CC-44 F8-CC-48 F8-CC-4C F8-CC-4F F8-CC-80 F8-CC-84
F8-CC-88 F8-CC-8C F8-CC-8F F8-CC-C0 F8-CC-C4 F8-CC-C8 F8-CC-CC F8-CC-CF F8-CC-F0 F8-CC-F4 F8-CC-F8 F8-CC-FC F8-CC-FF
F8-CF-xx F8-CF-00 F8-CF-04 F8-CF-08 F8-CF-0C F8-CF-0F F8-CF-40 F8-CF-44 F8-CF-48 F8-CF-4C F8-CF-4F F8-CF-80 F8-CF-84
F8-CF-88 F8-CF-8C F8-CF-8F F8-CF-C0 F8-CF-C4 F8-CF-C8 F8-CF-CC F8-CF-CF F8-CF-F0 F8-CF-F4 F8-CF-F8 F8-CF-FC F8-CF-FF
F8-F0-xx F8-F0-00 F8-F0-04 F8-F0-08 F8-F0-0C F8-F0-0F F8-F0-40 F8-F0-44 F8-F0-48 F8-F0-4C F8-F0-4F F8-F0-80 F8-F0-84
F8-F0-88 F8-F0-8C F8-F0-8F F8-F0-C0 F8-F0-C4 F8-F0-C8 F8-F0-CC F8-F0-CF F8-F0-F0 F8-F0-F4 F8-F0-F8 F8-F0-FC F8-F0-FF
F8-F4-xx F8-F4-00 F8-F4-04 F8-F4-08 F8-F4-0C F8-F4-0F F8-F4-40 F8-F4-44 F8-F4-48 F8-F4-4C F8-F4-4F F8-F4-80 F8-F4-84
F8-F4-88 F8-F4-8C F8-F4-8F F8-F4-C0 F8-F4-C4 F8-F4-C8 F8-F4-CC F8-F4-CF F8-F4-F0 F8-F4-F4 F8-F4-F8 F8-F4-FC F8-F4-FF
F8-F8-xx F8-F8-00 F8-F8-04 F8-F8-08 F8-F8-0C F8-F8-0F F8-F8-40 F8-F8-44 F8-F8-48 F8-F8-4C F8-F8-4F F8-F8-80 F8-F8-84
F8-F8-88 F8-F8-8C F8-F8-8F F8-F8-C0 F8-F8-C4 F8-F8-C8 F8-F8-CC F8-F8-CF F8-F8-F0 F8-F8-F4 F8-F8-f8 F8-F8-FC F8-F8-FF
F8-FC-xx F8-FC-00 F8-FC-04 F8-FC-08 F8-FC-0C F8-FC-0F F8-FC-40 F8-FC-44 F8-FC-48 F8-FC-4C F8-FC-4F F8-FC-80 F8-FC-84
F8-FC-88 F8-FC-8C F8-FC-8F F8-FC-C0 F8-FC-C4 F8-FC-C8 F8-FC-CC F8-FC-CF F8-FC-F0 F8-FC-F4 F8-FC-F8 F8-FC-FC F8-FC-FF
F8-FF-xx F8-FF-00 F8-FF-04 F8-FF-08 F8-FF-0C F8-FF-0F F8-FF-40 F8-FF-44 F8-FF-48 F8-FF-4C F8-FF-4F F8-FF-80 F8-FF-84
F8-FF-88 F8-FF-8C F8-FF-8F F8-FF-C0 F8-FF-C4 F8-FF-C8 F8-FF-CC F8-FF-CF F8-FF-F0 F8-FF-F4 F8-FF-F8 F8-FF-FC F8-FF-FF
FC-00-xx FC-00-00 FC-00-04 FC-00-08 FC-00-0C FC-00-0F FC-00-40 FC-00-44 FC-00-48 FC-00-4C FC-00-4F FC-00-80 FC-00-84
FC-00-88 FC-00-8C FC-00-8F FC-00-C0 FC-00-C4 FC-00-C8 FC-00-CC FC-00-CF FC-00-F0 FC-00-F4 FC-00-F8 FC-00-FC FC-00-FF
FC-04-xx FC-04-00 FC-04-04 FC-04-08 FC-04-0C FC-04-0F FC-04-40 FC-04-44 FC-04-48 FC-04-4C FC-04-4F FC-04-80 FC-04-84
FC-04-88 FC-04-8C FC-04-8F FC-04-C0 FC-04-C4 FC-04-C8 FC-04-CC FC-04-CF FC-04-F0 FC-04-F4 FC-04-F8 FC-04-FC FC-04-FF
FC-08-xx FC-08-00 FC-08-04 FC-08-08 FC-08-0C FC-08-0F FC-08-40 FC-08-44 FC-08-48 FC-08-4C FC-08-4F FC-08-80 FC-08-84
FC-08-88 FC-08-8C FC-08-8F FC-08-C0 FC-08-C4 FC-08-C8 FC-08-CC FC-08-CF FC-08-F0 FC-08-F4 FC-08-f8 FC-08-FC FC-08-FF
FC-0C-xx FC-0C-00 FC-0C-04 FC-0C-08 FC-0C-0C FC-0C-0F FC-0C-40 FC-0C-44 FC-0C-48 FC-0C-4C FC-0C-4F FC-0C-80 FC-0C-84
FC-0C-88 FC-0C-8C FC-0C-8F FC-0C-C0 FC-0C-C4 FC-0C-C8 FC-0C-CC FC-0C-CF FC-0C-F0 FC-0C-F4 FC-0C-F8 FC-0C-FC FC-0C-FF
FC-0F-xx FC-0F-00 FC-0F-04 FC-0F-08 FC-0F-0C FC-0F-0F FC-0F-40 FC-0F-44 FC-0F-48 FC-0F-4C FC-0F-4F FC-0F-80 FC-0F-84
FC-0F-88 FC-0F-8C FC-0F-8F FC-0F-C0 FC-0F-C4 FC-0F-C8 FC-0F-CC FC-0F-CF FC-0F-F0 FC-0F-F4 FC-0F-F8 FC-0F-FC FC-0F-FF
FC-40-xx FC-40-00 FC-40-04 FC-40-08 FC-40-0C FC-40-0F FC-40-40 FC-40-44 FC-40-48 FC-40-4C FC-40-4F FC-40-80 FC-40-84
FC-40-88 FC-40-8C FC-40-8F FC-40-C0 FC-40-C4 FC-40-C8 FC-40-CC FC-40-CF FC-40-F0 FC-40-F4 FC-40-F8 FC-40-FC FC-40-FF
FC-44-xx FC-44-00 FC-44-04 FC-44-08 FC-44-0C FC-44-0F FC-44-40 FC-44-44 FC-44-48 FC-44-4C FC-44-4F FC-44-80 FC-44-84
FC-44-88 FC-44-8C FC-44-8F FC-44-C0 FC-44-C4 FC-44-C8 FC-44-CC FC-44-CF FC-44-F0 FC-44-F4 FC-44-F8 FC-44-FC FC-44-FF
FC-48-xx FC-48-00 FC-48-04 FC-48-08 FC-48-0C FC-48-0F FC-48-40 FC-48-44 FC-48-48 FC-48-4C FC-48-4F FC-48-80 FC-48-84
FC-48-88 FC-48-8C FC-48-8F FC-48-C0 FC-48-C4 FC-48-C8 FC-48-CC FC-48-CF FC-48-F0 FC-48-F4 FC-48-f8 FC-48-FC FC-48-FF
FC-4C-xx FC-4C-00 FC-4C-04 FC-4C-08 FC-4C-0C FC-4C-0F FC-4C-40 FC-4C-44 FC-4C-48 FC-4C-4C FC-4C-4F FC-4C-80 FC-4C-84
FC-4C-88 FC-4C-8C FC-4C-8F FC-4C-C0 FC-4C-C4 FC-4C-C8 FC-4C-CC FC-4C-CF FC-4C-F0 FC-4C-F4 FC-4C-F8 FC-4C-FC FC-4C-FF
FC-4F-xx FC-4F-00 FC-4F-04 FC-4F-08 FC-4F-0C FC-4F-0F FC-4F-40 FC-4F-44 FC-4F-48 FC-4F-4C FC-4F-4F FC-4F-80 FC-4F-84
FC-4F-88 FC-4F-8C FC-4F-8F FC-4F-C0 FC-4F-C4 FC-4F-C8 FC-4F-CC FC-4F-CF FC-4F-F0 FC-4F-F4 FC-4F-F8 FC-4F-FC FC-4F-FF
FC-80-xx FC-80-00 FC-80-04 FC-80-08 FC-80-0C FC-80-0F FC-80-40 FC-80-44 FC-80-48 FC-80-4C FC-80-4F FC-80-80 FC-80-84
FC-80-88 FC-80-8C FC-80-8F FC-80-C0 FC-80-C4 FC-80-C8 FC-80-CC FC-80-CF FC-80-F0 FC-80-F4 FC-80-F8 FC-80-FC FC-80-FF
FC-84-xx FC-84-00 FC-84-04 FC-84-08 FC-84-0C FC-84-0F FC-84-40 FC-84-44 FC-84-48 FC-84-4C FC-84-4F FC-84-80 FC-84-84
FC-84-88 FC-84-8C FC-84-8F FC-84-C0 FC-84-C4 FC-84-C8 FC-84-CC FC-84-CF FC-84-F0 FC-84-F4 FC-84-F8 FC-84-FC FC-84-FF
FC-88-xx FC-88-00 FC-88-04 FC-88-08 FC-88-0C FC-88-0F FC-88-40 FC-88-44 FC-88-48 FC-88-4C FC-88-4F FC-88-80 FC-88-84
FC-88-88 FC-88-8C FC-88-8F FC-88-C0 FC-88-C4 FC-88-C8 FC-88-CC FC-88-CF FC-88-F0 FC-88-F4 FC-88-f8 FC-88-FC FC-88-FF
FC-8C-xx FC-8C-00 FC-8C-04 FC-8C-08 FC-8C-0C FC-8C-0F FC-8C-40 FC-8C-44 FC-8C-48 FC-8C-4C FC-8C-4F FC-8C-80 FC-8C-84
FC-8C-88 FC-8C-8C FC-8C-8F FC-8C-C0 FC-8C-C4 FC-8C-C8 FC-8C-CC FC-8C-CF FC-8C-F0 FC-8C-F4 FC-8C-F8 FC-8C-FC FC-8C-FF
FC-8F-xx FC-8F-00 FC-8F-04 FC-8F-08 FC-8F-0C FC-8F-0F FC-8F-40 FC-8F-44 FC-8F-48 FC-8F-4C FC-8F-4F FC-8F-80 FC-8F-84
FC-8F-88 FC-8F-8C FC-8F-8F FC-8F-C0 FC-8F-C4 FC-8F-C8 FC-8F-CC FC-8F-CF FC-8F-F0 FC-8F-F4 FC-8F-F8 FC-8F-FC FC-8F-FF
FC-C0-xx FC-C0-00 FC-C0-04 FC-C0-08 FC-C0-0C FC-C0-0F FC-C0-40 FC-C0-44 FC-C0-48 FC-C0-4C FC-C0-4F FC-C0-80 FC-C0-84
FC-C0-88 FC-C0-8C FC-C0-8F FC-C0-C0 FC-C0-C4 FC-C0-C8 FC-C0-CC FC-C0-CF FC-C0-F0 FC-C0-F4 FC-C0-F8 FC-C0-FC FC-C0-FF
FC-C4-xx FC-C4-00 FC-C4-04 FC-C4-08 FC-C4-0C FC-C4-0F FC-C4-40 FC-C4-44 FC-C4-48 FC-C4-4C FC-C4-4F FC-C4-80 FC-C4-84
FC-C4-88 FC-C4-8C FC-C4-8F FC-C4-C0 FC-C4-C4 FC-C4-C8 FC-C4-CC FC-C4-CF FC-C4-F0 FC-C4-F4 FC-C4-F8 FC-C4-FC FC-C4-FF
FC-C8-xx FC-C8-00 FC-C8-04 FC-C8-08 FC-C8-0C FC-C8-0F FC-C8-40 FC-C8-44 FC-C8-48 FC-C8-4C FC-C8-4F FC-C8-80 FC-C8-84
FC-C8-88 FC-C8-8C FC-C8-8F FC-C8-C0 FC-C8-C4 FC-C8-C8 FC-C8-CC FC-C8-CF FC-C8-F0 FC-C8-F4 FC-C8-f8 FC-C8-FC FC-C8-FF
FC-CC-xx FC-CC-00 FC-CC-04 FC-CC-08 FC-CC-0C FC-CC-0F FC-CC-40 FC-CC-44 FC-CC-48 FC-CC-4C FC-CC-4F FC-CC-80 FC-CC-84
FC-CF-xx FC-CF-00 FC-CF-04 FC-CF-08 FC-CF-0C FC-CF-0F FC-CF-40 FC-CF-44 FC-CF-48 FC-CF-4C FC-CF-4F FC-CF-80 FC-CF-84
FC-F0-xx FC-F0-00 FC-F0-04 FC-F0-08 FC-F0-0C FC-F0-0F FC-F0-40 FC-F0-44 FC-F0-48 FC-F0-4C FC-F0-4F FC-F0-80 FC-F0-84
FC-F0-88 FC-F0-8C FC-F0-8F FC-F0-C0 FC-F0-C4 FC-F0-C8 FC-F0-CC FC-F0-CF FC-F0-F0 FC-F0-F4 FC-F0-F8 FC-F0-FC FC-F0-FF
FC-F4-xx FC-F4-00 FC-F4-04 FC-F4-08 FC-F4-0C FC-F4-0F FC-F4-40 FC-F4-44 FC-F4-48 FC-F4-4C FC-F4-4F FC-F4-80 FC-F4-84
FC-F4-88 FC-F4-8C FC-F4-8F FC-F4-C0 FC-F4-C4 FC-F4-C8 FC-F4-CC FC-F4-CF FC-F4-F0 FC-F4-F4 FC-F4-F8 FC-F4-FC FC-F4-FF
FC-F8-xx FC-F8-00 FC-F8-04 FC-F8-08 FC-F8-0C FC-F8-0F FC-F8-40 FC-F8-44 FC-F8-48 FC-F8-4C FC-F8-4F FC-F8-80 FC-F8-84
FC-F8-88 FC-F8-8C FC-F8-8F FC-F8-C0 FC-F8-C4 FC-F8-C8 FC-F8-CC FC-F8-CF FC-F8-F0 FC-F8-F4 FC-F8-f8 FC-F8-FC FC-F8-FF
FC-FC-xx FC-FC-00 FC-FC-04 FC-FC-08 FC-FC-0C FC-FC-0F FC-FC-40 FC-FC-44 FC-FC-48 FC-FC-4C FC-FC-4F FC-FC-80 FC-FC-84
FC-FF-xx FC-FF-00 FC-FF-04 FC-FF-08 FC-FF-0C FC-FF-0F FC-FF-40 FC-FF-44 FC-FF-48 FC-FF-4C FC-FF-4F FC-FF-80 FC-FF-84
FF-00-xx FF-00-00 FF-00-04 FF-00-08 FF-00-0C FF-00-0F FF-00-40 FF-00-44 FF-00-48 FF-00-4C FF-00-4F FF-00-80 FF-00-84
FF-00-88 FF-00-8C FF-00-8F FF-00-C0 FF-00-C4 FF-00-C8 FF-00-CC FF-00-CF FF-00-F0 FF-00-F4 FF-00-F8 FF-00-FC FF-00-FF
FF-04-xx FF-04-00 FF-04-04 FF-04-08 FF-04-0C FF-04-0F FF-04-40 FF-04-44 FF-04-48 FF-04-4C FF-04-4F FF-04-80 FF-04-84
FF-04-88 FF-04-8C FF-04-8F FF-04-C0 FF-04-C4 FF-04-C8 FF-04-CC FF-04-CF FF-04-F0 FF-04-F4 FF-04-F8 FF-04-FC FF-04-FF
FF-08-xx FF-08-00 FF-08-04 FF-08-08 FF-08-0C FF-08-0F FF-08-40 FF-08-44 FF-08-48 FF-08-4C FF-08-4F FF-08-80 FF-08-84
FF-08-88 FF-08-8C FF-08-8F FF-08-C0 FF-08-C4 FF-08-C8 FF-08-CC FF-08-CF FF-08-F0 FF-08-F4 FF-08-f8 FF-08-FC FF-08-FF
FF-0C-xx FF-0C-00 FF-0C-04 FF-0C-08 FF-0C-0C FF-0C-0F FF-0C-40 FF-0C-44 FF-0C-48 FF-0C-4C FF-0C-4F FF-0C-80 FF-0C-84
FF-0C-88 FF-0C-8C FF-0C-8F FF-0C-C0 FF-0C-C4 FF-0C-C8 FF-0C-CC FF-0C-CF FF-0C-F0 FF-0C-F4 FF-0C-F8 FF-0C-FC FF-0C-FF
FF-0F-xx FF-0F-00 FF-0F-04 FF-0F-08 FF-0F-0C FF-0F-0F FF-0F-40 FF-0F-44 FF-0F-48 FF-0F-4C FF-0F-4F FF-0F-80 FF-0F-84
FF-0F-88 FF-0F-8C FF-0F-8F FF-0F-C0 FF-0F-C4 FF-0F-C8 FF-0F-CC FF-0F-CF FF-0F-F0 FF-0F-F4 FF-0F-F8 FF-0F-FC FF-0F-FF
FF-40-xx FF-40-00 FF-40-04 FF-40-08 FF-40-0C FF-40-0F FF-40-40 FF-40-44 FF-40-48 FF-40-4C FF-40-4F FF-40-80 FF-40-84
FF-40-88 FF-40-8C FF-40-8F FF-40-C0 FF-40-C4 FF-40-C8 FF-40-CC FF-40-CF FF-40-F0 FF-40-F4 FF-40-F8 FF-40-FC FF-40-FF
FF-44-xx FF-44-00 FF-44-04 FF-44-08 FF-44-0C FF-44-0F FF-44-40 FF-44-44 FF-44-48 FF-44-4C FF-44-4F FF-44-80 FF-44-84
FF-44-88 FF-44-8C FF-44-8F FF-44-C0 FF-44-C4 FF-44-C8 FF-44-CC FF-44-CF FF-44-F0 FF-44-F4 FF-44-F8 FF-44-FC FF-44-FF
FF-48-xx FF-48-00 FF-48-04 FF-48-08 FF-48-0C FF-48-0F FF-48-40 FF-48-44 FF-48-48 FF-48-4C FF-48-4F FF-48-80 FF-48-84
FF-48-88 FF-48-8C FF-48-8F FF-48-C0 FF-48-C4 FF-48-C8 FF-48-CC FF-48-CF FF-48-F0 FF-48-F4 FF-48-f8 FF-48-FC FF-48-FF
FF-4C-xx FF-4C-00 FF-4C-04 FF-4C-08 FF-4C-0C FF-4C-0F FF-4C-40 FF-4C-44 FF-4C-48 FF-4C-4C FF-4C-4F FF-4C-80 FF-4C-84
FF-4C-88 FF-4C-8C FF-4C-8F FF-4C-C0 FF-4C-C4 FF-4C-C8 FF-4C-CC FF-4C-CF FF-4C-F0 FF-4C-F4 FF-4C-F8 FF-4C-FC FF-4C-FF
FF-4F-xx FF-4F-00 FF-4F-04 FF-4F-08 FF-4F-0C FF-4F-0F FF-4F-40 FF-4F-44 FF-4F-48 FF-4F-4C FF-4F-4F FF-4F-80 FF-4F-84
FF-4F-88 FF-4F-8C FF-4F-8F FF-4F-C0 FF-4F-C4 FF-4F-C8 FF-4F-CC FF-4F-CF FF-4F-F0 FF-4F-F4 FF-4F-F8 FF-4F-FC FF-4F-FF
FF-80-xx FF-80-00 FF-80-04 FF-80-08 FF-80-0C FF-80-0F FF-80-40 FF-80-44 FF-80-48 FF-80-4C FF-80-4F FF-80-80 FF-80-84
FF-80-88 FF-80-8C FF-80-8F FF-80-C0 FF-80-C4 FF-80-C8 FF-80-CC FF-80-CF FF-80-F0 FF-80-F4 FF-80-F8 FF-80-FC FF-80-FF
FF-84-xx FF-84-00 FF-84-04 FF-84-08 FF-84-0C FF-84-0F FF-84-40 FF-84-44 FF-84-48 FF-84-4C FF-84-4F FF-84-80 FF-84-84
FF-84-88 FF-84-8C FF-84-8F FF-84-C0 FF-84-C4 FF-84-C8 FF-84-CC FF-84-CF FF-84-F0 FF-84-F4 FF-84-F8 FF-84-FC FF-84-FF
FF-88-xx FF-88-00 FF-88-04 FF-88-08 FF-88-0C FF-88-0F FF-88-40 FF-88-44 FF-88-48 FF-88-4C FF-88-4F FF-88-80 FF-88-84
FF-88-88 FF-88-8C FF-88-8F FF-88-C0 FF-88-C4 FF-88-C8 FF-88-CC FF-88-CF FF-88-F0 FF-88-F4 FF-88-f8 FF-88-FC FF-88-FF
FF-8C-xx FF-8C-00 FF-8C-04 FF-8C-08 FF-8C-0C FF-8C-0F FF-8C-40 FF-8C-44 FF-8C-48 FF-8C-4C FF-8C-4F FF-8C-80 FF-8C-84
FF-8C-88 FF-8C-8C FF-8C-8F FF-8C-C0 FF-8C-C4 FF-8C-C8 FF-8C-CC FF-8C-CF FF-8C-F0 FF-8C-F4 FF-8C-F8 FF-8C-FC FF-8C-FF
FF-8F-xx FF-8F-00 FF-8F-04 FF-8F-08 FF-8F-0C FF-8F-0F FF-8F-40 FF-8F-44 FF-8F-48 FF-8F-4C FF-8F-4F FF-8F-80 FF-8F-84
FF-8F-88 FF-8F-8C FF-8F-8F FF-8F-C0 FF-8F-C4 FF-8F-C8 FF-8F-CC FF-8F-CF FF-8F-F0 FF-8F-F4 FF-8F-F8 FF-8F-FC FF-8F-FF
FF-C0-xx FF-C0-00 FF-C0-04 FF-C0-08 FF-C0-0C FF-C0-0F FF-C0-40 FF-C0-44 FF-C0-48 FF-C0-4C FF-C0-4F FF-C0-80 FF-C0-84
FF-C0-88 FF-C0-8C FF-C0-8F FF-C0-C0 FF-C0-C4 FF-C0-C8 FF-C0-CC FF-C0-CF FF-C0-F0 FF-C0-F4 FF-C0-F8 FF-C0-FC FF-C0-FF
FF-C4-xx FF-C4-00 FF-C4-04 FF-C4-08 FF-C4-0C FF-C4-0F FF-C4-40 FF-C4-44 FF-C4-48 FF-C4-4C FF-C4-4F FF-C4-80 FF-C4-84
FF-C4-88 FF-C4-8C FF-C4-8F FF-C4-C0 FF-C4-C4 FF-C4-C8 FF-C4-CC FF-C4-CF FF-C4-F0 FF-C4-F4 FF-C4-F8 FF-C4-FC FF-C4-FF
FF-C8-xx FF-C8-00 FF-C8-04 FF-C8-08 FF-C8-0C FF-C8-0F FF-C8-40 FF-C8-44 FF-C8-48 FF-C8-4C FF-C8-4F FF-C8-80 FF-C8-84
FF-C8-88 FF-C8-8C FF-C8-8F FF-C8-C0 FF-C8-C4 FF-C8-C8 FF-C8-CC FF-C8-CF FF-C8-F0 FF-C8-F4 FF-C8-f8 FF-C8-FC FF-C8-FF
FF-CC-xx FF-CC-00 FF-CC-04 FF-CC-08 FF-CC-0C FF-CC-0F FF-CC-40 FF-CC-44 FF-CC-48 FF-CC-4C FF-CC-4F FF-CC-80 FF-CC-84
FF-CF-xx FF-CF-00 FF-CF-04 FF-CF-08 FF-CF-0C FF-CF-0F FF-CF-40 FF-CF-44 FF-CF-48 FF-CF-4C FF-CF-4F FF-CF-80 FF-CF-84
FF-F0-xx FF-F0-00 FF-F0-04 FF-F0-08 FF-F0-0C FF-F0-0F FF-F0-40 FF-F0-44 FF-F0-48 FF-F0-4C FF-F0-4F FF-F0-80 FF-F0-84
FF-F0-88 FF-F0-8C FF-F0-8F FF-F0-C0 FF-F0-C4 FF-F0-C8 FF-F0-CC FF-F0-CF FF-F0-F0 FF-F0-F4 FF-F0-F8 FF-F0-FC FF-F0-FF
FF-F4-xx FF-F4-00 FF-F4-04 FF-F4-08 FF-F4-0C FF-F4-0F FF-F4-40 FF-F4-44 FF-F4-48 FF-F4-4C FF-F4-4F FF-F4-80 FF-F4-84
FF-F4-88 FF-F4-8C FF-F4-8F FF-F4-C0 FF-F4-C4 FF-F4-C8 FF-F4-CC FF-F4-CF FF-F4-F0 FF-F4-F4 FF-F4-F8 FF-F4-FC FF-F4-FF
FF-F8-xx FF-F8-00 FF-F8-04 FF-F8-08 FF-F8-0C FF-F8-0F FF-F8-40 FF-F8-44 FF-F8-48 FF-F8-4C FF-F8-4F FF-F8-80 FF-F8-84
FF-F8-88 FF-F8-8C FF-F8-8F FF-F8-C0 FF-F8-C4 FF-F8-C8 FF-F8-CC FF-F8-CF FF-F8-F0 FF-F8-F4 FF-F8-f8 FF-F8-FC FF-F8-FF
FF-FC-xx FF-FC-00 FF-FC-04 FF-FC-08 FF-FC-0C FF-FC-0F FF-FC-40 FF-FC-44 FF-FC-48 FF-FC-4C FF-FC-4F FF-FC-80 FF-FC-84
FF-FF-xx FF-FF-00 FF-FF-04 FF-FF-08 FF-FF-0C FF-FF-0F FF-FF-40 FF-FF-44 FF-FF-48 FF-FF-4C FF-FF-4F FF-FF-80 FF-FF-84

After a research on Internet for HTML colors codes I think this is the larger page available with color collection.

In the last years at
Universita' Degli Studi di Roma
La Sapienza
Dr. G. Visco
already contract professor for Chemistry in Environment & Cultural Heritage into -->
Corso di Laurea in: Scienze Applicate ai Beni Culturali ed alla Diagnostica per la loro Conservazione

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