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  All pages having the URL (and showing the above drawing) were written in pure HTML 4.01 language by Dr. Giovanni Visco. Employed as Appointed Professor in Rome University till now at Faculty of Mathematical Physic and Natural Science, as well as co-worker from 1982 for the acquisition, processing, and chemometrics treatment of the analytical and environmental chemist data with the Prof. L. Campanella research group.


  The HTML code has been written "by hand" without the help of graphic making-up software, studying the set of instructions HTML 4.0, passing then for the validator of W3C (launching it from the inside utility of the beautiful Opera Browser) to get the validation, tested on various browsers among which Netscape, Opera, Mosaic, Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Chrome to adorn us with best view with any browser to which we want to refer.


  The code you find under these pages is freeware, so it can be used for didactic purposes, of research or academicians. For Copyright we send you again at the proper page. We think it should be profitable to anyone who wants to write in HTML language we advise to not use a graphic editor if you want to remark the legibility more than special effects.


  In my pages I often use non standard colours, and to answer students' queries I write an exhaustive page, 650 KBytes, with a colours table (or RGB color triplets in HTML if you like), freeware of course. Also in other page you can find a large list of HTML characters encoding. Please, remember to return to CMA4CH, here!.

Liability waiver

  These pages are provided for free on an "as is" basis, without any warranties or conditions. Neither Dr. Giovanni Visco nor the La Sapienza University shall have any liability for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to, loss of revenue or profit, lost or damaged data or other commercial or economic loss.

  Rome University La Sapienza is not responsible for either the contents of this web page nor any other page that can be linked from this web page and that the material is not endorsed, sponsored or provided by or on behalf of the University.

In the last years at
Universita' Degli Studi di Roma
La Sapienza
Dr. G. Visco
already contract professor for Chemistry in Environment & Cultural Heritage into --------->
Laurea Degree Course of
Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation

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