Rome University, La Sapienza
Chemistry Department
Rome, Italy, Europe
Dr. Giovanni Visco, Ott 2007
Chemiometria, analisi multivariata, clustering, pattern recognition, exploratory data analysis ...
Corso di Laurea in: Scienze Applicate ai Beni Culturali ed alla Diagnostica per la loro Conservazione
Corso di laurea in: Chimica Ambientale
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the Data Set

well established Chemometrics or Chemometry Data Set (s)

definitions, what's inside? some Data Set

in fuga
Data set, definition

  Looking for an anomalous datum in a long list of measures, analysing if that coin does part of the group assumed by us as true, trying to remove a spike in the measure of the brightness into the library, analysing if the version 3.0 of the software, writed by your friend Mario, works well and finally to check our ability to use statistical procedures; we have necessity of secure data, note, from many scientists studied and re-studied, of whom we know the problems, a Data Set.

in fuga
Data set, what's inside?

  Before use a data set or before download a file of measures we must know something.

  A consideration must be done on the mistakes present in the dataset, almost everyone presents one or more numerical mistakes coming from a typing mistake, a wrong measure, two data reversed, etc..

  We have preferred to take back the original data without any correction. Some time the study is really to find the statistical tool which highlights these mistakes.

non piu' solo
Famous Data set

Starting from original paper collected in my library, list, descriptions, files in Lotus .WKS format & .CSV type 1 format:

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