The news list of the Meeting (on the top the last one), see also the Summary page:

  1. november: for the 2020 edition of CMA4CH we announce to accept also (if very well conducted): confirmatory study, research with negative results and so-called null studies
  2. september: the Special Issue of previous version of CMA4CH was published today in Environmental Science and Pollution Research journal in Volume 25, Issue 29
  3. september: help us to spread the information on this Meeting, print the Call For Papers and the A3 mini-poster and bring them to the next congress in which you will participate
  4. september: some web pages are on-line, first topics and scope and why attend? and request information also The Course page, and partly of download page
  5. august: if you are looking for notices on previous edition, see this page
  6. july: redesign of web site for the 2020 edition
  7. january: the email to and to contact this web site is confirmed, this
Not so much news!
  1. july 2018: the special-issue whit a selection of papers presented at CMA4CH 2016 is in press on ESPR Journal
  2. january 2018: the two .ISO to burn the CD, for The Course and for The Meeting are ready, you already receive the links to download it, be careful the file seem .ZIP but are .ISO renamed.
  3. december 2017: 20:30 Tuesday Open Event, staff and committess close "The Meeting" in a Pinseria Romana, if you like to stay with us .... The event is in the registration fee for the Course students
  4. november: once part of the web page for enter in Italy, Visa, Embassies, Schengen and so on are rewritten, read it accurately
  5. september: returning from a crash we change the Copyright license to "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Italy", please see the new copyleft page
  6. september 09, the 1st edition of the "inexpensive course, chemometry for novices" from the 23th to the 25th September was a concrete success
  7. in the same way of other chemometrics congresses, oral presentation slides must be IN ENGLISH but you can speak in ANY Mediterranean language (see the Wednesday morning dedicated section, please)
Rome University, La Sapienza
Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty
Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH Meeting, measurements, diagnostics, statistics in Environment and Cultural Heritage fields
→ in the even years of III millennium ←
Laurea Degree Course of
Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation
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