Information for Authors, Presenters and Attendances

What is this? A prize for solver
Special Issue

  We are going to close an agreement with an international scientific journal (with C.A. IF) to publish a Special able to collect a selection of works presented at CMA4CH2020.

  In our research for a Journal we make attention to stay away from "Predatory publishing", see description in Wikipedia. Can you suggest us one Journal, free of charge for authors, multidisciplinary, with C.A. IF?

  As example of previous special-issue a selection of works presented in the 2016 edition was in ESPR journal.

  The papers MUST pass the standard peer review of the Journal but, as in previous, the Scientific Committee can support you with suggestion and internal pre-review.

Meeting organisation, copyright

  The Meeting permits you to exchange new ideas, get access to information not published yet, participate in an interdisciplinary forum and share your research with other engineers, scientists, researchers and company managers.

  This Meeting will consist of a series of oral presentations performed during four days. The three main sections of the meeting will be presented and discussed in a series of oral and poster contributions.

  Each session begins with a plenary lecture (40 minutes) to stress the most important accomplishments, trends and technical challenges in particular research fields; then, oral contributes, selected on the basis of extended abstracts, will be presented (16-20 minutes) in serial sessions.

  Considering the high interest of poster presentations during the previous meetings, no other meeting sections will be held during the poster session. Please attend your poster during poster-session.

  The copyright of long abstracts, posters, talks presentations and personal communications belongs to the authors. We do not ask for copyright-transfer but only a signed authorisation in order to insert the abstract and other information in the conference Proceedings Book, and/or Meeting CD. Be careful the copyright infringement and copyright claim must be impute to authors only.

Meeting languages

  The official language of the meeting is ........ all of the Mediterranean area (see this section). But all the participants must follow these few rules:

  1. Poster, slides, videos shows, movies, writing on blackboard, MUST BE IN ENGLISH;
  2. To encourage the participation of young scientists and heritage restorers you can speak in ONE of the Mediterranean languages but slides in support of your Oral presentation must be IN ENGLISH;
  3. If your discourse is not in English, all the presentations slides must contain a long description of figures, tables, words all IN ENGLISH, to permit the reader to understand your work.
General rules for presenter
  1. The rules are avialable when the new date was established;
  2. .
Gold medal !?

  The embargo policy of the CMA4CH meeting is still the same since its first edition: all long abstract are stored in a secure place in the Meeting web site and the link (to the past Meetings and authors' contribution) will be activated one years after the end of the Meeting to obtain maximum diffusion of the knowledge and to avoid the "dark digital age" problem.

  The full text of posters/orals are included only in the CD within the proceeding book, they NEVER will be online!

  The web site of provider uses HTTPanalyze to check every month the downloaded files so we can obtain information about the most appreciated file by the scientific community.

  In the matter of long-Abstract download, every year, through the ranking system, we certify the three most downloaded works from the web site to its Authors (in reality we simply send a certificate but probably, in the future, if we have money we will send even a gold medal!)

Conflict of interest, ethical guidelines

  The CMA4CH lead all authors to abide the principles of ethical research as a prerequisite to participate in the activities (i.e. publication of papers, presentations at the meetings, etc.).

  No form of mingling can be accepted between scientific presentation and advertising in any form, commercial papers and/or without research/development contents will be rejected.

  With an opportune Cover Letter the authors have to sign the right obtained of clearance (from Government, company, private owners, e.g.) necessary to publish and present the research work, this should be obtained by author(s) before submitting the abstract. The Cover Letter should also include a declaration stating that animals sufferance in experiments, etc ... was avoided or at list limited. A draft of this Letter is available on line.

  The Cover Letter must be understood in their principles and then filled in and/or modified and finally signed in original and sent by standard mail. None work can be accepted without the signed cover letter including all of ethical requests.

  Please contact ASAP the Organising Committee if you have questions about your presentation.

Review Procedure

  Submitting proposals is an easy but scheduled procedure, so please follow the following rules:

Presentation Policy

  Each registered participant cannot present more than one talk and one poster with her/his name as first author. This policy of one plus one will be strictly enforced. The only exception is the addition of an opening lecture.

  Anyway she/he may present additional talks or posters as co-author of an other (registered) author.

  You can express a preference concerning the kind of presentation, but, as above stated, the Scientific Committee will evaluate it and will decide for one of the following: 1) Invited lecture that generally is organised in advance; 2) Oral, the Scientific Committee will try to satisfy your request; 3) Poster, the Scientific Committee will try to satisfy your request; 4) Virtual presentation with a slide show, with a limited number of PC we make a tentative to satisfy your request.

  Presenters should be prepared for the possibility that some proposed communications may be switched to/from poster and oral presentation following scheduled program.

  Our policy is to get an agreement with Author(s) for the opening lecture and for plenary lectures.

Deadline and Call for papers

  Of course having not today the date of the CMA4CH Meeting the deadline is not established.

Long abstract submission, and book-CD  
Guide for Oral presenters  
Guide for Poster presenters  
Guide for Virtual presentation

  After some request we establish a new for of "presentation" in CMA4CH Meeting, the Virtual Presentation, with reduced fee but with all features of a standard presentation. This to permit participation from far away countries or to researchers with a few founds. The Virtual Presentation is only a slide show continuous running (up to 20 minutes) in the conference room, on the same computer the second and third virtual running continuously.

  We, experimentally, have space only for 3 Virtual Presentation and those presentation stay in the meeting CD also. In order to create the CD "just on time", your virtual presentation MUST be submitted to the organisation in the week before the meeting. This is mandatory.

  All virtual presentations must be checked with one of your PC devote to slide-show, so we need almost one week before to give us time to ask authors for a modify is problems rising.

  The slide show run for all of the day of poster presentation, and chairman of poster session suggest to the audience to read accurately. There are rules for virtual presentation (but here you can find a .ZIP with all rules inside):

  If you like to know more on Virtual Congresses you can read the paper of S. Lecueder and D.E. Manyari. In our Meeting the virtual presentation compete for one prize and participate in the subsequent publication in a scientific journal.

  The virtual presentation must pass all of steps, pre-submission, long-abstract submission, peer review, stay in proceeding book and web site, and so on. To know the registration fee please read this page.

Guide for session Chairman

  Our policy is to select Session Chairman between Authors of considerable expertise on the topic (we will do a choice in May). The contribution of the Session Chairman to the organisation of the Meeting is fundamental. The following guideline must be followed in order to simplify and improve the Meeting program:

  It is not required that the Chairman controls the efficiency of hardware and software, this is done by organising staff.

Guide for our Referees

  In the relation to the refereeing system, the Meeting policy is: when the paper passes the first two steps (pre-submission inquiries and pre-screening of the abstract) referees have to write several suggestions for the Authors in order to improve the work quality or to clarify the presented data, cut-away the paper should be avoided if not really necessary (but see the next last point).

  The rules for Referees are only three:

  Unfortunately, a lot of abstracts come very closed to the deadline so, with the previous experience, we kindly ask the Referee to reply very quickly, no more than one-two days so that the organisation can send back to Authors their suggestions and obtain the final form on time to print the abstract book.


  If your Contribution incorporates any material from other parties (logos, definitions, names, molecules, brand or similar under copyright), you will procure at your expense, prior to the date of delivery, the permission from each copyright holder.

  This permission must be retained perpetually by the authors. The CMA4CH meeting organisation is not responsible for Copyright infringement made by authors. The first author of the presented work must sign a Cover Letter with the opportune declarations. If the paper is accepted the Cover Letter must be signed in original and sent by snail mail.

  Be careful the value for copyright infringement and copyright claim must be impute to authors only.

PostMeeting journal publications
  1. A selection of the works presented in the previous 2006 edition of the Meeting was published in the famous Microchemical Journal, April 2008 issue;
  2. for the 2008 edition a selection of the works presented was published on the international journal Current Analytical Chemistry, January 2010 issue;
  3. a selection of works presented on the 2010 edition of Taormina was published on the famous Chemistry Central Journal, May 2012 issue;
  4. selected form all works presented some paper was published, for the 2012 edition, on Chemistry Central Journal, November 2013 issue;
  5. following the previous edition also the 2014 held in Rome was published with a special issue on June 2017;
  6. the selection of papers presented at CMA4CH 2016 was published on the special issue of ESPR journal;
If you cannot attend ....

  If you cannot attend the meeting you must write promptly to the Organising Committee for the crossing out. Abstracts already submitted will be crossed out from the meeting abstract page, from the book, from the CD. If you have already submitted the registration ensure the cancellation section on our web page.

  You must contact us for the possible penalty concerning the hotel reservation. The not-attendances must pay the bank re-transfer. By registering, you accept the booking and the crossing out conditions (you can find these in the registration page).

Award, prizes and grants
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CMA4CH, Application of Multivariate Analysis and Chemometrics to Environment and Cultural Heritage
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