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  • what fee include
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    How, where you can register

      All participants, including invited speakers, poster and oral presenters, session chairs, cochairs, auditors and Scientific Committee members must pay a registration fee. We are looking for "sponsors" to cut away the registration fee for some young scientists, if authors.

      Th registration must be done exclusively through the delegate Travel and Services agency. The main payment methods are accepted. The form is on the download web page.

      If you need any information by the Meeting Committees (by Email) you can fill our web-form to request information, (not for registration).

      There are 2 registration fee, one for person in presence, one very low for person in remote connection.

      Unfortunately, today we are not able to calculate the expense, wait please.

      Receipts of all payments will be furnished at the registration desk or sent to you be standard mail. This is an international meeting, if you need the "registration certification" useful to travel visas (or for Italian embassy in your country) ask on time the Organising Committee.

      Please remember, we are chemists not congresses organisers, so you can help us following rules for Abstract, Poster, Subscribe, etc.

    What fees include

      The following table outlines what is included in the registration fee.

      We are working on , please wait.

    Privacy statement

      Safeguarding your and our privacy is our objective, but we suggest to read the following text before subscribing.

      Author presenting a poster or oral communication will be asked to supply a photography, affiliation and a short curriculum (for this web site). The authors MUST accomplish for the publication of the Long Abstract one year after the Meeting's end on this web site (please read other rules in Authors web page). The full text of any presentation will be inserted in the Meeting CD, Authors CAN request the non insertion.

      The aim of the meeting is to produce a list of participants and experts on Measure, Diagnostics, Statistics in Environment and Cultural Heritage fields to be published on this web site.

      Doing registration and with the presence at the meeting the participant accept to be present in some panoramic view and group pictures will be taken during the Meeting. Some of these pictures will be then published on this web site (see 2006 edition here, the 2008 here, or the 2010 here, or the 2012 edition here, and the 2014 edition here, for the 2016 edition see here)). Addresses, e-mails and other information given by participants will NOT BE disclosed.

      The sponsors and exhibitors will only obtain curricula, photo and other "visible" information from this web site, unless you fill some paper forms during the Meeting!

    Organizer work at:
    Rome University, La Sapienza: Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty: Rome, Italy, Europe
    CMA4CH Meeting, measurements, diagnostics, statistics in Environment and Cultural Heritage fields
    → in the even years of III millennium ←
    Organizer teach on:
    Laurea Degree Course of Chemistry and Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and Conservation
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