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Photo Gallery of Town and Meeting

Rome Animation n.1
Rome, of course

  The 4th edition of CMA4CH Meeting was held in Italy, in one of the most famous city of the Mediterranean area. 2 thousand years ago 1 milion of person live around this city, today is not famous for engineering or commerce but only for culture.

  The Meeting will be held inside the National Research Council, the main italian "non university" research institution. The building is in front of La Sapienza University and near the centre of Rome (not 20 Km away) and we hope you will agree with our selection.

  We suggest to spent some other days in Mirabilia Urbis Romae. It is a very popular tourist destination since 800 b.C.! This small city is cut by the famuos Tiber and exted of some hills.

Photo gallery, the Meeting and the town

  As usual for the CMA4CH we put online some photo of the meeting and of the city.

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some photos are obtained with one of better digital camera, other with a phone!
2006 edition Nemi lake (70 KB)
2006 edition not canned meat (133 KB)
2006 edition, not only strawberry (105 KB)
2008 edition Ventotene island (50 KB)
2008 edition A. Spinelli (185 KB)
2008 edition the Europe (350 KB)
2010 edition Taormina (418 KB)
Are we able to build a bridge before the next Big Earthquake destroys it? (220 KB)
you excuse me but someone say that I am not suitable for flying (760 KB)
marco aurelio
2012, Rome, 2500 years old bronze statue (230 KB)
2012 edition, Rome, P. Bisogno hall at CNR (89 KB)
2012 book1
2012 abstract book Covers (1.3 MB)
2012 book2
2012 abstract book Pag 54-55 (1.3 MB)
2012 course1
participants at 2012 Chemometric Course (1.4 MB)
2012 course2
other view of participants at 2012 Course (1.4 MB)
prize party1
the Prize Party (1.6 MB)
Prize party2
list of our sponsors (1.0 MB)
Prize party3
books from Umetrics, 1 hand of a winner (1.5 MB)
Prize party4
books from Wiley and Oxford, two winners (1.6 MB)
poster 1
the Poster session (1.5 MB)
poster 2
other side of Poster session (1.6 MB)
poster 3
one poster from Romania (1.6 MB)
poster 4
other poster from Romania (1.5 MB)
poster 5
a poster from Iran (1.6 MB)
poster 6
a poster from Hungary (1.5 MB)
poster 7
poster session prof. Tomassetti (1.6 MB)
poster 8
poster session dr. Hatvani (1.5 MB)
poster 9
poster session dr. Hatvani and their Prof. (1.5 MB)
poster 10
dr. Visco at poster session (1.6 MB)
poster 11
poster session dr. Caratelli (1.5 MB)
poster 12
a photo of poster session (1.6 MB)
poster 13
the coordinator of the meeting (1.6 MB)
poster 14
photo of poster session (1.7 MB)
poster 15
posters session M. Castrucci (1.6 MB)
poster 16
prof. D'Alessio and the physicists (1.5 MB)
poster 17
photo at poster session (1.6 MB)
poster 18
friends of the meeting (1.6 MB)
poster 19
dr. A.M. Siani in front of one poster (1.5 MB)
visiting the excavation of Palazzo Valentini (1.4 MB)
half of the meeting participants (1.4 MB)
other view of participants (1.4 MB)
dinner 1
J. Wise and F. Marini at social dinner (1.5 MB)
dinner 2
Castrucci and the Eupromed sponsor (D. Ruiu and wife) (1.6 MB)
dinner 4
from right, prof. Montenero, prof. Borracino et al. (1.6 MB)
dinner 5
from left, prof. D'Alessio, prof. Salvi, et al. (1.5 MB)
dinner 6
from right, prof. Ferri and wife, prof. Montenero (1.5 MB)
dinner 7
in the center, prof. Tomassetti et al. (1.6 MB)
dinner 8
panorama view of social dinner (1.5 MB)
dinner 9
a view of the social dinner (1.5 MB)
dinner 10
other view of the dinner (1.6 MB)
dinner 11
in the center, phd Marini et al. (1.6 MB)
dinner 12
Wise's family (1.5 MB)
dinner 13
on the right, phd B.M. Wise (1.6 MB)
dinner 14
other view of Wise's family (1.5 MB)
dinner 15
on the left, Dr. M. Gajić-Kvaščev et al. (1.5 MB)
dinner 16
on the right, Dr. A.A. Krejčová et al. (1.6 MB)
dinner 17
on the right, prof. R.G. Brereton (1.6 MB)
dinner 18
other view of prof. R.G. Brereton (1.5 MB)
dinner 19
prof. Brereton and Wise familiy (1.5 MB)
dinner 20
two of the students and dr. R. Leardi on the right (1.5 MB)
dinner 21
in the center dr. I.G. Hatvani and his Prof. (1.6 MB)
dinner 22
two colleagues from Hungary (1.5 MB)
dinner 23
one of the students table (1.4 MB)
dinner 24
othe view of students table (1.5 MB)
dinner 25
on the left prof. A. Kachbi (1.6 MB)
dinner 26
our idea of Meeting, Hungary and Algeria speaking (with help of an orange juice) (1.6 MB)
dinner 27
in the background prof. A. Salvi standing (1.6 MB)
dinner 28
our staff, on left M. Castrucci and Ruiu's Family (1.6 MB)
dinner 29
our staff, in the center M.G. Papa et al. (1.6 MB)
dinner 30
other photo of our staff (1.5 MB)
dinner 31
other view of staff's table (1.5 MB)
dinner 32
our staff at dinner (1.6 MB)
dinner 33
last photo of staff's table (1.6 MB)
dinner 34
the coordinator of Meeting G. Visco, phd M.P. sammartino; standing M.G. Papa and friend (1.5 MB)
dinner 35
G. Visco poor photo, only to show the tile (1.6 MB)
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Rome University, La Sapienza
Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty
Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH, Application of Multivariate Analysis and Chemometrics to Environment and Cultural Heritage
in the even years of III millennium
Laurea Degree Course of
Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation
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