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CMA4CH 2012 organise a inexpensive "Multivariate Analysis Course, School for Novices"

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Famous Iris data-set, var-var representation (with an error?)
Yes, Another Chemometrics Course But, Why?

  Perche' organizzare un altra scuola di Analisi Multivariata e di Chemiometria? Perche' alcuni partecipanti dei Meeting precedenti lo hanno suggerito, perche' vorremmo dare un taglio diverso ai tipici, ed ottimi, corsi sull'argomento, perche' la prima edizione del corso e' stata un successo. Organizzare la scuola prima del Meeting ci permette di tenere ad un prezzo basso un corso con magnifici docenti in luogo incantevole in quanto alcuni costi vengono suddivisi tra i due eventi.

  Why we are organizing another Course on Multivariate Analysis and Chemometrics? Because this was suggested by some participants of the two previous meetings, because we would like to present a different point of view with respect to the typical, great courses on the subject, because the first edition of The Course was a success. Moreover, taking into account that the school will be held just before the CMA4CH meeting, the participants will have the advantage of staying in a beautiful place, with qualified teachers at a really convenient price, as some of the cost can be folded on the two events.

  Can you help us in disseminating information on the school? This is the mini-poster that you can hang in your bulletin board. Thanks for your great contribution.

Where, when: the Course

  Il Corso dura 3 giorni, dal 28 al 30 Maggio 2012, in parallelo con il Meeting e il numero degli iscritti e' limitato a 15, con un minimo di 9.

  The "chemometry course for novices" will be held from the 28th to the 30th of May, in parallel with the Meeting, a maximum number of 15 participants is foreseen, with a minimum of 9.

  The Course will be held in one of the classroom of Rome University, the near the location of the CMA4CH Meeting. The classroom will be equipped with 15 tables, each with a power supply (see technical page).

  There is not the internet access in the classroom, but just close to the registration desk a PC with the internet connection will be available for students.

The course is dedicated to ..

  The course is mainly devoted to the neophytes of the matter even if the high level of teachers allows not only neophytes to gain benefits. Clearly, there is not an age limit to participate but the course organisation was thought mainly for young people, with reference to the registration price and the hotel accommodation (both on the program).

  We recommend attendance to anyone who needs to process data from her/his research in the field of Cultural Heritage (relevant examples will be given during the course) and in the field of Environment.

  Colleagues who are now ahead in their career have also realised that Multivariate Analysis is required to obtain pertinent and representative results. We find that many courses and schools are often too specialised or specific to a certain software or a single method. Our course, instead, is conceived in a different way.

  If you would like to know more about definitions of Chemometrics, about what Chemometry is and about the value(s) of well established data set, please use the previous links.

Participants !

  A success! As program, as participation, as results, really do better in 2014 edition is difficult. The "students" present are: Pascale Nirel Cornaz Swiss, Fausta Nantella Italy, Guido Leoni Italy, Andrea Mistaro Italy, Laura Bergamonti Italy, Catalina Chiojdeanu Romania, Susanne Heidi Plattner Germany, Paola Montoro Italy, Isla Young U.K.

Rome University, La Sapienza
Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty
Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH, Application of Multivariate Analysis and Chemometrics to Environment and Cultural Heritage
in the even years of III millennium
Laurea Degree Course of
Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation
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