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Established prizes (Meeting):

  In this edition we have more then 20 book as prizes for students and meeting participants, and the PLStoolbox+MIA software. So we decide to extract all, it is too difficult for Commission make a list of 20 winners. The prizes are:

  1. Best, overall, CMA4CH 2012 presentation. The famous Software House Eigenvector Research offer for the best presentation (oral or poster) one full licence of the last version of Solo + MIA, many thanks;
  2. 9 books from Oxford University Press. We think all participants and students are interesting to those books with titles in cultural heritage, mathematics, environment, chemistry, thanks to OUP for support;
  3. 6 books coming from Umetrics Academy. The two book on Multivariate and Megavariate Data Analysis and the book on Design of Experiments edited by Umetrics, Sweden, are surely interesting for our participants;
  4. 6 books from John Wiley & Son. I suppose the last three books of Prof. R.G. Brereton on Chemometrics are necessary for participants and students and we must thanks Wiley for support;
  5. and the our famous prize, a high quality USB memory stick, 8GB, with inside about 4 GBytes of multivariate/chemometrics software. This large collection contains hard/easy to find software but only free, GPL, Open Source or Demo. Offer from a anonymous sponsor;
Established prizes (Course):
  1. 8 books from the previous long list was been extracted among students participants.
best prize
Best overall presentation

 The winner is Dr. P. Ielpo and V. Paolillo, G. de Gennaro; with "Gaseous Pollutants and PM10 Trends from Monitoring Networks in Bari Province: PCA and APCS Applications on Two Years and Half Data Set".

1st prize
1st Winner by extraction

 The winner is Prof. A. Kachbi and L. Saidi-Mansouri, O. Kebiche-Senhadji, M. Benamor with "Characterization and Stability of CTA-based Polymer Inclusion Membranes Using 2-NPOE as Plasticizer and BMIMPF6 as ionic liquid". In the photo we can see prof. Kachbi at social dinner.

2nd prize
2nd Winner by extraction

 The winner is Prof. L. D'Alessio with "Everything is fractal". In the photo we can see prof. D'Alessio on the left at prize party.

3rd prize
3rd Winner by extraction

 The winner is PhD Vasiliki Boti and V. Sakkas, T. Albanis with "Measurement Uncertainty of o Matrix Solid Phase Dispersion Analysis Method of Endocrine Disruptors in Different Food Commodities". She win our collection of software.

4th prize
4th Winner by extraction

 The winner is Prof. A.M. Salvi and F.Langerame, T.Gatta, M.P. Sammartino wiht "Surface Degradation of Indoor Stonework in an Ancient Roman Church: XPS and SEM/EDS Investigation". In the photo we can see prof. Salvi on the right at prize party.

other Winner

 Other prizes was extracted among participants of the Meeting and among students of the Course.

Rome University, La Sapienza
Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty
Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH, Application of Multivariate Analysis and Chemometrics to Environment and Cultural Heritage
in the even years of III millennium
Laurea Degree Course of
Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation
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