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  One of the scopes of the Meeting is make a list of researchers in the field of Meeting itself. So an idea is obtain a list of presenters, authors, participants, attendancers, members of scientific and organising committee, but in family name alphabetic list with affiliation and work field. In this page you can find: the Scientific Committee, the Organising Committee, the Presenters and last Attendancers list.

Scientific Committee
Prof. Pierluigi Barbieri

 Researcher in Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry at the University of Trieste. Already researcher in Analytical Chemistry, with main activity in environmental chemometrics and Quantitative Structure Toxicology Relationships. Actually engaged in experimental environmental chemistry and toxicology and air quality modelling.
 Teaching applied analytical chemistry and risk assessment of chemicals. Author of more than 40 scientific papers and 100 congress communications.

Dr. Marco Calderisi

 Degree in chemistry at Pisa Univeristy in 2000. Chemometric consultant since 2002. Expert in Experimental Design and Multivariate data analysis in the field of environmental chemistry, industrial research and process control.
 Actually involved in food industries process control, industrial waste water treatment, metal alloy design and environmental electronic nose measurement.
 Partner of a Siena University spin-off project named TerraData Environmetrics.

Prof. Luigi Campanella

 Full professor of Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry at Rome University, La Sapienza. Already full professor of Analytical Chemistry. Actually engaged in the field of Environmental Chemistry, Toxicological Analytical Chemistry and Biosensors. In the past other fields of interest: Electroanalytical Chemistry, Food Analysis, Bioindicators, Cultural Heritage and diffusion of Scientific Culture.
 Author of three books of Analytical Applied Chemistry, of more than 400 papers in the preferred research topics and of three patents.

Prof. Tommaso Ferri

 Associate Professor of Electronalytical Chemistry at Rome University "La Sapienza". The research activity mainly is in the electroanalytical chemistry field. In particular he has been involved in developing of membrane electrodes, amperometric biosensors and modified voltammetric electrodes for environmental and biomedical purposes.
 In addition he applied voltammetric and spectroscopic techniques for environmental studies like for instance metals (selenium, tellurium, heavy metals, organotins, etc..) speciation in different environmental matrices (urban sludges, ores, waters etc.). He is co-author of more than 80 papers on international scientific journals.

Dr. Nazzareno Gabrielli

 Chemist, already Director of "Gabinetto di Ricerche Scientifiche dei Musei Vaticani" (in Vatican State), involved from about 40 years in problems related to conservation and restoration of works of art.
 Participation in the restoration of "Pieta' di Michelangelo" in 1972. He has directed and coordinated the restoration of frescos in the "Cappella Sistina" (Michelangelo and quattrocentisti) and of the Necropolis under San Peter Basilica.
 Consultant, for about ten years, for the restoration of Byzantine monasteries in the old Yugoslav.

Prof. Giovanni Ettore Gigante

 Full professor of physic at Rome University. He is between the founders of the Italian Archeometry Association and a promoter of the Science and Technologies Courses applied to Cultural Heritage.
 He is at present the "President of the Advice" of Laurea Course in Sciences Applied To Cultural Heritage and Italian National Coordinator of "The College Of The Presidents" of such study courses.
 His scientific interests have been initially in the development of imaging techniques and of spectroscopy for medical jobs, today are tuned principally in Archeometry and in Conservation Of The Cultural Heritage.

Prof. Emilio Marengo

 Full professor of Analytical Chemistry at Piemonte Orientale University, Department Environmental and Life Science. His scientific and research activity concerns on: develop, optimisation and validation of techniques analytical, medical diagnostic optimisation, proteomica, certification of business and laboratory quality, characterisation of environmental systems, diagnostic of products and productive processes. Also in developing of analytical methods and application of multivariate techniques and artificial neuronal nets.
 He is co-author of more then 100 publications and 50 congress communications, and has been responsible for COFIN interuniversity funding for 2003 on "archeometric study and developing of monitoring techniques of the state of conservation of artifacts".

Prof. Mauro Tomassetti

 Full professor at Rome University. Research interests are in the development of electrochemical sensors and biosensors working both in aqueous and organic solvents and in their application to environmental, biopharmaceutical and food analysis.
 Also interests are in thermoanalytical studies (TG, DTA, DSC) for the stability or purity control and the characterisation of several materials (drugs, foodstuffs, polymers, ancients, etc.) and in the study and characterisation of archaeological finds and cultural heritages, investigated by means of several instrumental techniques of chemical analysis.
 About 300 publications and 450 communications to Congresses, overall in the above recorded fields of research.

Dr. Giovanni Visco

 At present contract researcher at Rome University; already contract professor at Chemistry Department, as well as coworker from 1982 for the acquisition, processing, and chemometrics treatment of the analytical and environmental chemist data with the Prof. L. Campanella research group
As visible in photo engaged in diagnoses on cultural heritage (XVI century frescos, XV century tortoises fountain) and environmental remediation. He is co-author of more than 35 papers on international scientific journals and same number of congress communications, coordinator of committees

Organising Committee
Dr. Francesco Bellanti

 Graduated (laurea magistralis) in Analytical Chemistry at Rome University, La Sapienza. Author of some congress presentations and publications in degradation of drugs and in spectrophotometric analytical methods.
 At the present analytical chemist in an international pharmaceutical company.

Mauro Castrucci

 To be graduate (laurea magistralis) in Analytical Chemistry at Rome University, La Sapienza. Already author of some congress presentations and publications about degradation of new type of pollutants, drugs and personal care products, with HPOP (High Performance Oxidation Process).

Dr. Emanuela Gregori, PhD

 Chemist at National Institute of Health of Rome. The research activity was focused on environmental and food analysis. Author of some congress presentations and publications about analytical chemistry applied to pollution, food analysis and cultural heritage.

Dr. Andrea Macchia

 Born in Rome, in 1978. For his first level's degree (2004) in the Course of "Science Applied to the Cultural Heritage and to the Diagnostic for Conservation", he has used the EDXRF technique for the analysis of canvas paintings. Actually, for his second level's degree in the same Course, he's carrying out a study to tweak an innovative chemical compound for cleaning copper compounds from stone basements of bronze statues. On May 2005, he has pooled the AIEDABC, the Italian Association of Expert in Diagnostic Applied to the Cultural Heritage.

A_Masi Alessia Masi

 First level's degree (2004) in the Course of "Science Applied to the Cultural Heritage and to the Diagnostic for Conservation", with research on "Electronic and optic microscopy diagnostic on canvas painting", with use of SEM and digital microscope. Actually engaged in his second level's degree in the same Course. Also has been research on historiographic and iconographic attribution of Guarcino canvas. Coworker in electronic publishing for forensic and photographic journals.

PhD Maria Pia Sammartino

 Researcher at Rome University, La Sapienza. The research activity was mainly focused on analytical applications of electrochemistry while, actually, it is strongly bound with the didactic activity and regards the application of, mainly, non invasive/non destructive or microinvasive/non destructive analysis of ancient objects of art in Cultural Heritage field.
 The full activity (didactic and scientific) aims to suggest the proper "analytical iter", to be followed approaching a work of art, in order to ensure the maximum information with the minimum damage.

Presenters list
P. Avino
Dr. Pasquale Avino

 P. Avino received Master Science in Chemistry in 1992 and Ph.D. in 1997 at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". From 1997 to 1998 he was appointed as Post-graduate Researcher at the University of California, Irvine (USA) studying the separation of non-methane compounds and the halocarbons and their behaviour in atmosphere under the supervision of proff. Rowland and Blake.
 From 1999 until now he has appointed as Researcher at the ISPESL Research Center (Italy). Dr. Avino is involved in the Air Chemical Laboratory: his studies are devoted to the different aspects of the atmospheric pollution in residential and industrial sites. In 2003 he was the recipient of the "Environmental Sapio" Award for his research in the environmental field, in the atmospheric particulate matter.

A. Baklanov
PhD Alexander A. Baklanov

 Senior scientist at the Meteorological Research Division of the Danish Meteorological Institute since 1998. Previously employed for 5 years at the University of Umeĺ and the Swedish Defence Research Establishment (FOA, Atmospheric Physics Group), at the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria, and for many years in research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
 MSc (1979) in Physics, PhD (1983) in Mathematical methods in Geophysics (Atmosphere Physics), DrSci (1998) in Meteorology and Climatology. Leader of several international research projects, including the EU FUMAPEX project: "Integrated Systems for Forecasting Urban Meteorology, Air Pollution and Population Exposure".

P. Ballirano
Prof. Paolo Ballirano

 In 1994 get a PhD in Earth Sciences. Thesis awarded as the best Italian thesis of mineralogical subject of the year. In 1997 became the first Italian Active Member of the International Center for Diffraction Data (I.C.D.D.). In 1998 awarded as the best Italia young researcher in the mineralogical field for the period 1996-1998.
 Currently is Associate Professor in Mineralogy at the di Scienze della Terra of the University of Roma "La Sapienza". Principal areas of research: X-ray powder diffraction, spectroscopy, kinetics of phase transitions.

G.R. Casale
Dr. Giuseppe Rocco Casale

 Degree in Physics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", now at the end of a PhD in Biophysics for a study of solar UV radiation dosimetry and its possible applications on human beings.
 Co-author of 12 international papers and several congress presentations in atmospheric science, mainly on ozone, solar UV radiation and their environmental impact. Recently interested in the effects of solar UV radiation on works of art and artefacts in the outdoor environment.

F. Cecere
Dr. Francesca Cecere

 Born in Rome, in 1982. For her first level's degree (2004) in the Course of "Science Applied to the Cultural Heritage and to the Diagnostic for Conservation", she has used the SEM-EDS technique for the analysis of roman sandwich gold glass, in collaboration with Roman National Museum.
 For her second level's degree (2006) in the same Course, she has used the same techinique for the analysis of "glass paste" of Meridional Etruria in collaboration with Etruscan National Museum of Villa Giulia.

C. Coluzza
Prof. Carlo Coluzza

 Associate Professor of physic at University of Rome "La Sapienza". The principal subject of his research is the local variation of physical and chemical properties of inhomogeneous materials.
 He is presently involved in studies of semiconductor clean surfaces, layered compounds, biological materials, and materials of interest for cultural heritage, using Near Field Optics Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, Photoemission Spectromicroscopy, Laterally Resolved Photocurrent measurements.

G. deGennaro
PhD Giuseppe de Gennaro

 Researcher in Analytical chemistry, University of Bari from 2004. Ph.D. in Chemistry Sci-ences (2001). Principal fields of research in environmental chemistry: characterization of aerosol particulate matter, quantification and speciation of inorganic and organic fractions, application of receptor models and neural networks. Teaching activities in Analytical Chemistry and Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry. Scientific coordinator of MIUR project PCOST "Studio del Particolato COSTiero". Scientific coordinator of LEnviroS srl, Spin Off of Bari University. National assistant coordinator of Younger Group of the Italian Chemistry Society from 2003. Author of several publications on international scientific journals and congress presentations. Referee of several international scientific journals.

G. Dogan
Guray Dogan

 Ph.D candidate since February 2005. Research assistant in Middle East Technical University-Department of Environmental Engineering, Ankara-Turkey.
 Research fields: Long range transport of pollutants, air pollution, source apportionment.

M.I. Dias
PhD Maria Isabel Dias

 PhD in Geology, 1998. Researcher in the Cultural Heritage and Sciences Group at Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear (Portugal Nuclear and Technological Institute).
 Principal fields of research: nuclear methods of analyses and absolute dating by luminescence applied to cultural heritage and earth sciences; compositional (geochemical and mineralogical) studies of archaeological and geological materials; clay minerals.

P. Fermo
Dr. Paola Fermo

 Researcher in Analytical Chemistry from 1999, Milan University. Principal fields of research: environmental chemistry (characterization of aerosol particulate matter, quantification and speciation of the carbonaceous fraction) and analytical chemistry applied to cultural heritage (provenance study of ancient ceramics, study of Italian Renaissance majolicas, characterization of pigment and analysis of organic residues in pottery). Author of about 50 scientific publications and 80 congress communications.
 Scientific coordinator of a research unit within FIRB 2003 project: "Applying archaeology, archaeometry and information systems to improve the knowledge, the conservation and the valorisation of the ancient Mediterranean landscape".

B. Giussani
Dr. Barbara Giussani

 Researcher in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Insubria in Como. Her research activity is mainly devoted to the development of new analytical methodologies for analysis of trace metals in different matrices and applied Chemometrics. The acquired expertises gave the opportunity to lead research works in Environmental Sciences, Catalysis, Cultural Heritage and Archaeology.
 An ongoing collaboration with CAMO Process AS for training in statistical analysis has been established.

H. Khajehsharifi
PhD Habibollah Khajehsharifi

 was born in Yazd, Iran. He received the M.S. degree in analytical chemistry from the Department of Chemistry, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran, in 1994. Also, He received the Ph.D. degree in analytical chemistry in 2005 from Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran.
 He joined the Yasouj University (YU), Yasooj (near to Dena Mountain at south west of iran), Iran, as an Assistant Professor of analytical chemistry in 2005.
 His research includes sensor design and the application of chemometrics methods in spectroscopy for different analytical chemistry purposes.

P. Ielpo
Ph.D. Pierina Ielpo

 Research assistant from April 2005 in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry at department of chemistry of Bari University. PhD degree (2004). Fields of research: analytical chemistry (development of ion chromatographic methods and sample preparation techniques), environmental chemistry (sampling and characterization of aerosol particulate matter, automatic monitoring of atmospheric pollutants, application of statistical methods like PCA and TTFA and neural networks to atmospheric pollutants).
 Author of several publications on international scientific journals and congress presentations.

F. Modugno
PhD Federico Marini

 Born in Rome in 1977, dr. Federico Marini received his M.Sc. in Chemistry in 2000 and his Ph.D in Chemical Sciences in 2004 at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", where he is, at present, Research Associate. In 2003, he was visiting researcher at the National Institute of Chemistry (Ljubljana, Slovenia) for 4 months, working with the group of prof. Jure Zupan on the application of artificial neural networks to different chemical problems.
 His research activity is focused on different aspects of chemometrics, with particular attention to the design and setup of new algorithms and to the application of various classification techniques to the authentication of foodstuff.

F. Modugno
Dr. Francesca Modugno

 PhD in Chemical Science in 2001 from University of Pisa. Since 2002 she is researcher in Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of University of Pisa, teaching analytical chemistry and chemometrics.
 Her main research interest is in the development and application of analytical methods based on chromatography and mass spectrometry to the diagnosis and conservation of cultural heritage. In particular, her works deals with the characterisation of organic materials as lipid, proteins, terpenic resins and lignocellulosic polymers in artistic and archaeological objects, and with the study of their degradation processes.

R.C. Moreno
Dr. Ramon Checa-Moreno

 He graduated in Chemistry at the University of Granada. PhD in 2003. Actually, he is civil servant (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) working as researcher in two ways: development and validation of analytical methodologies for determination of veterinary medicine residues and, on the other hand, identification and characterization of binder materials present at Cultural Heritage's work of art using chromatography and pattern recognition techniques.
 He is member of an investigation group belonging to University of Granada, Spain.

F.S. Panero
Francisco S. Panero

 Was born in Roraima (extreme North of Brazil) on 29th September in 1984. Graduated in Chemistry in 2006 in the University Federal of Roraima (UFRR). From 2003 to 2005, scholarship holder of the Laboratory of Water Analysis of the UFRR (oriented by Dr. Henrique E. B. da Silva, Doctor in Chemical Science in 1999 from University of Campinas).
 Fields of research: application of exploratory data analysis (HCA and PCA) in Water Analysis, and application in multivaried calibration (PLS and PCR) in Near-Infrared (NIR). At present I'm student of physics at the University Federal of Roraima.

S. Plattner
Dr. Susanne Plattner

 Susanne H. Plattner was born in Munich, Germany, in 1977. She moved to Rome, Italy in 1997. From 1997 to 1999 she attended a school for restorers of paintings. In 2003 she degraded at the University of Rome La Sapienza in the course of "Science Applied to the Cultural Heritage and to the Diagnostic for Conservation" with a thesis about the digital detection in radiography applied to cultural heritage.
 For the second level degree of the same course in may 2006 she carried out a study on the corrosion of archaeological copper alloys using a recently excavated coin hoard as case study.

M.I. Prudencio
Prof. Maria Isabel Prudêncio

 Professor Degree in Geology, 2005. Responsible for the Cultural Heritage and Sciences Group at Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear (Portugal Nuclear and Technological Institute).
 Principal fields of research: nuclear methods of analyses and absolute dating by luminescence applied to cultural heritage and earth sciences; trace elements geochemistry; gamma spectrometry; environmental geology.

S. Ridolfi
Dr. Stefano Ridolfi

 Dr. Stefano Ridolfi was born in Rome in 1969. He earned his degree in Physics with a research on Field Portable X Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers and applications in the Cultural Heritage. Since 2001 he manages a company "ARSMENSURAE" devoted to non destructive analysis on the Cultural Heritage with portable systems.
 More updated information about this activity can be found at . In the spare time he plays piano and plays with his wonderful 3 children.

E. Robotti
PhD Elisa Robotti

 PhD in Chemical Sciences in 2004 from the University of Eastern Piedmont. She is contract researcher in Analytical Chemistry at the same University. Her research activity deals with the development and application of chemometric tools to different analytical fields: proteomics (analysis of 2D-PAGE maps), cultural heritage (monitoring the conservation state), environment (extraction of information from environmental datasets), procedures for process/product optimisation and quality control.

T. Trafela
Tanja Trafela

 Graduate in Chemistry at Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia on 2006.
 Engaged in PhD study from 2006, previous experience in researcher field of Chemistry and Chemical Technology with Chair of Analytical Chemistry. Working field: preservation of cultural heritage, antioxidants in wines.

L. Trizio
Dr. Livia Trizio

 Was born in Bari on 18th november 1978. She graduated in Chemistry in 2003 at the University of Bari. From 2003 to 2005, she has worked for the University of Bari, dealing with the management of air quality monitoring networks, validation, elaboration and statistical air quality data processing (as the application of receptor models).
 For this year she has been performing the research doctorate in Chemistry Sciences; she is dealing with the application of neural networks to predict the pollutant levels.

G.R. Vatankhah
PhD G. Reza Vatankhah

 Assistant professor in Faculty of Conservation, The Art University of Isfahan, Iran. His research interests are applications of modern chemical methods and chemometrics in conservation and restoration of cultural properties.
 Because of his background (Electrochemistry), he has special attention to metallic objects and corrosion studies.

E. Vuerich
Dr. Emanuele Vuerich

 He was born in Rome on 14th February 1975. He graduated in Physics in 2000 at the University of Rome 3, Physics of Materials (recently created). From 2000 to 2001, he has worked for the IESS (Institute of Solid State Electronics) CNR, Rome.
 Then he joined the Italian Air Force in Meteorological Service and obtained the degree of first level weather forecaster (according to W.M.O., World Meteorological Organization, ONU). Attended European Centre of Medium Weather Forecast courses. He is always dealing with meteorological instrumentations and systems, and calibration. He has teaching experiences in his institution and at the European University of Rome, where he is part of "The Men and Climate" group of the Master in Environment Sciences.

S.S. Zilitinkevich
Prof. Sergej S. Zilitinkevich

 Professor at University of Helsinki. Graduated from Dept. Theoret. Phys., Leningrad University (1959). Degrees: PhD (1961), Dr Sci (1970), Professor of Geophysics (Acad Sci USSR, 1972), Professor of Meteorology (Uppsala, 1997). In 1966 established Leningrad Division of Institute of Oceanology Acad. Sci. Since 1990 in EU: 1990 RISOE (Denmark); 1991-97 MPIfM, AWI and GKSS (Germany); 1998-2003 Professor and Chair of Meteorology at Uppsala University (Sweden); since 2004 Professor and Marie Curie Chair at University of Helsinki (Finland).
 Publications: 8 books and two hundred papers in peer reviewed journals, 2-3 invited lectures at international conferences per year. Member of Academia Europaea. The EGS "Vilhelm Bjerkness Medal" (2000).

Participants, Attendancers
Prof. Alessio Borraccino

Chemist, teacher at Rome Artistic High School, Via Ripetta 218, Rome, Italy

Prof. Maurizio Caselli

Bari University, Chemistry Department, Bari, Italy

Dr. Eleonora Delnevo

Milan University, Dep. of Inorganic and Analytic Chemistry, Via Venezian 21, Italy

Dr. Maria Cristina Mammarella

Italian National Agency for Nuclear and Alternative Energy, Viale Regina Margherita 125, 00198 Rome, Italy

Prof. Mauro Pasquali

Rome University, La Sapienza, Department of Engineering, Rome, Italy.

Dr. Morais Pereira


Dr. Anna Maria Siani

Rome University, La Sapienza, Department of Physic, Rome, Italy.

Dr. Fabio Sigismondi

Director of Ars Labor, Institute for Restoration, Rome, Italy.

Rome University, La Sapienza
M.P.N. Sciences Faculty
Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH, Chemometrics and Multivariate Analysis
applied to Cultural Heritage and Environment
in the even years of III millennium, 2006
Laurea Degree Course of Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation
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