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Topics and Scientific Programme

Scientific programme

  The time scheduling of presentations, poster and social events are available in this .PDF file (~100 KBytes with inside authors, affiliations, titles, lectures, posters).

Main topics

All the following subjects are related to Cultural Heritage Analysis (C.H.A.) and Environmental Analysis (E.A.) using Multivariate Analysis (M.A.) and Chemometry (chemometrics):

Sub topics, these subjects are welcome
aid of M.A. for non-invasive non-destructive methods in C.H. and Environmental analysis analysis of serial ancient objects by M.A. application of Experimental Design in E.A. appropriate statistical analyses applied to the studies of Cultural Heritage tourism
archeometrics, application of M.A. and chemometrics better detection limit for trace analysis in E.A. and C.H.A. classification of ancients objects, statistical theory of hypothesis comparison of commercial software packages for M.A.
diagnostic methods for C.H., multiparametric didactic on M.A. and chemometry effect of contaminated ecosystems and human fruition on Cultural heritage finds effect of contaminated ecosystems on Cultural heritage finds itself
environmental quality criteria (EQC) and environmental risk assessment (ERA) expert and decision system to support authority in environmental problems solution GUM and QUAM applied to the measures in C.H. and Environment IPPC suggested Best Available Techniques (BAT) and their possible use in C.H. analysis
is it or isn't it true? The forensic analysis supported by of M.A. and Chemometry light-matter interaction (Spectroscopy, reflectance, fluorescence, e.g.) and M.A. in C.H.A. and E.A. M.A. for characterisation of composition and structure of Art Objects and Archaeological Artifacts M.A. to upgrade the performance characteristics of the Chemical Measurement Process (CMP)
metalworking activity and ancient technology studied with chemometrics and multivariate approach multiparametric, multimethods, multitechniques to validate decisions in C.H.A. and E.A. multivariate approach to study limnological, stratigraphic, excavation profile numerical simulation. Monte Carlo methods for E.A.
pattern recognition of environmental data radiocarbon measurements for C.H. and E.A., discriminant tools, pollutants analysis stolen, theft and missing works of art: the contribution of statistic methods to contrast it time series analysis of environmental data
the Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus of Munchen, the Caestium pyramid of Rome, the Rome Ships of Nemi, the museum of Baghdad: Cultural Heritage in conflict (cultural resource management in conflict situations) intentional, deliberate dissemination of radionuclides in environment (counterweight, army, pigments, etc.), multivariate analysis for diagnostic and remediation
Rome University, La Sapienza
M.P.N. Sciences Faculty
Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH, Chemometrics and Multivariate Analysis
applied to Cultural Heritage and Environment
in the even years of III millennium, 2006
Laurea Degree Course of Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation
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