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Prizes, Grants

Established prizes:
  1. Best, overall, CMA4CH 2008 presentation. The famous Software House Eigenvector Research offer for the best presentation (oral or poster) one full licence of the last version of Solo 4.2, many thanks;
  2. One of the our famous fixation, young researchers. The first prize for best, oral/poster, presentation is the two last books of Prof. R.G. Brereton on Chemometrics. The prize is supported by Latium region distributor of Carlo Erba laboratory reagent supplier;
  3. The second prize for young is a high quality USB memory stick, 4GB, with inside about 2 GBytes of multivariate/chemometrics software. This large collection contains hard/easy to find software but only free, GPL, Open Source or Demo. Offer from a anonymous sponsor;
  4. The third young prize is the old book of Prof. R.G. Brereton, a cult-book on chemometrics. Offered half from anonymous and half from Carlo Erba distributor.
  1. One of the young and one of the PhD students obtain a discount on registration fee, also we make all in our possibility to reduce the cost for other two researchers.
  2. For 2010 edition we hope to obtain founds from Sponsor or Voluntary to established larger grants!
Prizes rules

  For us young researchers are not-30 years old, working in one of the meeting field, Environment, Cultural Heritage, Chemometry. The presentation can be oral or poster. In the proposed paper, the young researcher's must be the first author and must furnish a basic contribute to work subtended the presentation.

  The awarding of the best presentation(s) in any section, and the delivery of the diplomas to the authors is due for the afternoon of Tuesday, just before the posters discussion.

  The prize party is opened to all the participants and financed by Organisation. The following event photos present in this web page show the winner and participants. The photo stay here up to when this site will exist.

  An international commission selects all the prizes. The Commission is composed by italian and not Professors. A single rules for the Commission is .... not voting for coworkers.

four winners
The four winners

 The four winners, from left to right: Dr. Alessia Daveri (University of Perugia, Italy), Dr. Stéphanie Duchêne (Research Laboratory for Historical Monuments, France), Prof. Pietro L. Cosentino, (Palermo University, Italy), PhD Maria Isabel Dias (in place of PhD Maria José Trindade, Instituto Tecnológico e Nuclear, Portugal).

Cosentino prize
Best overall presentation

 The winner is Prof. P.L. Cosentino (Italy) with: P. Capizzi, G. Fiandaca, R. Martorana, P. Messina, I. Razo Amoroz; "Identification of Precious Artefacts and Stones: The Sonic Imprint"
 In the photo we can see, from left to right, Cosentino and M.P. Sammartino of Organising Committee.

Duchene prize
Young winner

 The winner is Dr. S. Duchêne (France) with: R. Bruder, J.B. Sirven, V. Detalle; "Chemometrics and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Analysis for Identification of Wall Paintings Pigments"
 In the photo we can see, from left to right, S. Duchêne and the coordinator of the Meeting, G. Visco.

Trindade prize
2nd young prize

 The winner is PhD M.J. Trindade, with: F. Rocha, M.I. Dias; "Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Clays from the Algarve Basin, Portugal: Contribution of Multivariate Analysis to Paleoenvironmental Studies"
 Receive the prize M.I. Dias (on the left) in place of M.J. Trindade, on the right the coordinator of the Meeting, G. Visco.

Daveri prize
3rd young prize

 The winner is Dr. A. Daveri (Italy) with: G. Verri, F. Rosi, C. Miliani, P. Benedetti, F. Piqué; "Principal Component Analysis of Reflectance Medium Infrared Spectra for the Non-Invasive Identification of Organic Materials in Wall Paintings"
 In the photo we can see, from left to right, A. Daveri and the coordinator.

Rome University, La Sapienza
Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty
Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH, Multivariate Analysis and Chemometry
for Cultural Heritage and Environment
in the even years of III millennium, 2008
Laurea Degree Course of
Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation
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