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patronizes, links Exchange, list of the sponsors, 2008 Ed., call for grants


This is the list of patronise of CMA4CH 2008 Meeting:
logoUnesco  Under the patronage of United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization, UNESCO (Patronise granted by Commissione Nazionale Italiana per l'Unesco). Today, Unesco functions as a laboratory of ideas and a standard-setter to forge universal agreements on emerging ethical issues.
 UNESCO is working to create the conditions for genuine dialogue based upon respect for shared values and the dignity of each civilization and culture. The world urgently requires global visions of sustainable development based upon observance of human rights, mutual respect and the alleviation of poverty, all of which lie at the heart of Unesco's mission and activities.
logoUnimed  UNIMED, the Mediterranean Universities Union, founded in October 1991, under the auspices of the University of Rome "La Sapienza", is an association of 74 Universities from the countries bordering the Mediterranean basin. This institution can be depicted by the image of a University "without walls": a University network providing the civil society with a large know-how and the best specialists of the area.
logoSCI  Societa' Chimica Italiana, Viale Liegi 48C, Roma, Italy (Italian Chemical Society). The main association of Italian chemist in any field from organic to theoretical from analytical to didactics.
Cons. Naz. Chimici  Consiglio Nazionale dei Chimici, the Government National Advise of Chemistry is the representation organ of the profession, inside it has "the Professional Register" of chemist able to produce certified analysis and the appeal court in the disciplinary matters. A chemist can not develop professional activity without inscription in this list, useful to verify that the professional is really qualified.
logoAiedabc  Diagnosis on Cultural Heritage, Italian Experts Association A association of scientist with a degree in one of the natural, physical and/or applied scientific disciplines and with further knowledge in conservation technologies, which enables him/her to contribute to the study and conservation of cultural heritage within an interdisciplinary team. Associazione Italiana Esperti in Diagnostica Applicata ai Beni Culturali, Via Tasso 108, Roma, Italy, an Italian Consulting Agency (and web site) devote to diffuse chemometry in Italy. You can ask them for consultancy, problems solving, coworking in any field of chemometry, from industry problem solving to research applications
Links Exchange

  We exchange links between to our pages and many other web sites devoted to the three main topics of the Meeting, many thanks to:

List of the sponsors, 2008 Ed.
EigenvectorLogo  Eigenvector Research, Inc. offers the "best presentation" prize. The company was founded by Barry M. Wise and Neal B. Gallagher on 1995, their most famous product is PLS_Toolbox and with this chemometrics package the company is know by chemometricians.
 The prize consists in one full licence of the new software package Solo 4.2. Solo is stand-alone software which allows the user to perform multivariate analyses in a point-and-click environment. It includes the main PLS_Toolbox graphical user interfaces and do not need other software engine.
Cesarano, Carlo Erba  Many thanks to Dr. Luigi Cesarano, Carlo Erba Reagents agent, for the offert of the young prize.
 If you need something for your laboratory, reagents, small instruments, glasses, plastics, pipette, and so on, you can call the Agent of Carlo Erba in Latio at 06,86209512 and ask Dr. L. Cesarano or write an .
 If you do not live in Latio the Dr. Cesarano can switch the call to your regional distributor.
anonymous  Obtain values software for a young researcher is difficult and expensive. Avoiding out of law methods a good choice is looking for on freeware/shareware or better open source software.
 The prize for the second best presentations, oral or poster, is a top quality 4 GBytes USB memory stick with inside a large collection of multivariate analysis software, someone really difficult to find.
Your support for prizes and grants

  Company, Organisation, Academy, Foundation, Editors and single can support money prizes and grants for YOUNG. During the Meeting the prizes/grants and relative supporters will be listed on a poster in alphabetic order.

  The name/brand of supporters for prizes/grants will be show in: Meeting web site, proceeding book, B1 poster at prizes party and obtain thanks from Committees (and gratitude from young).

  Grants covering the costs for the Meeting participation (registration fee and/or stay) of YOUNG scientists and researchers. Also grants cover cost of researchers coming from development country. Other prizes/grants can be proposed.

We established three prizes and need support for:

  1. best overall presentation with young as first author;
  2. best presentation in Environment section by young researcher;
  3. best presentation in Cultural Heritage section by young researcher.

  For us, the young researcher's means up to 30 years old, she/he must be the first author in the proposed paper and must furnish a basic contribute to the work subtended to presentation.

Rome University, La Sapienza
Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty
Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH, Multivariate Analysis and Chemometry
for Cultural Heritage and Environment
in the even years of III millennium, 2008
Laurea Degree Course of
Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation
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