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Cultherimetry & Cultherimetrics

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  After the 2006 edition of the CMA4CH meeting, doing editing of paper presented to build a special issue of a famous journal, at 1 may 2007, the Dr. Giovanni Visco, in Rome, invented the words Cultherimetrics & Cultherimetry with following definitions.

Scientific background

  The scope of these new words is describing the statistical, mathematical and engineering method able to describe multivariate measurements applied to cultural heritage field.

  These words describe the statistical methods for cultural heritage field sciences, including, but not only: nonlinear regression, generalised linear models, spatial analyses, multivariate methods, experimental design, temporal analyses, meta-analysis, quantitative descriptions, risk assessment, ancient study, true/false analysis, counterfeit contrasting, multi-methods/multi-technique applied to "best know" cultural finds, multi-parameter monitoring, graphical representation.

  Also these words can be applied to multivariate analysis of environmental changes and their impacts on cultural heritage finds/objects/building.

Topics, for these words

  Enhance the knowledgement of serial ancient finds using statistical methods.

  Individuation of provenience of single or many objects starting with multi-method, multi-parameter and using statistical methods.

  Better know of one or many objects using multivariate analysis after application of a single or multi technique/methods.


  For a new word cannot be present citations! But some book cover some of previous topics:

  1. R.A. Fisher, Statistical Method for Research Workers, Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd, 1954
  2. second
CopyRight or CopyLeft?

  The word Cultherimetrics and the word Cultherimetry are Copyright of Dr. Giovanni Visco, Rome.

  The two new words are protected by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License from Creative Commons Organisation. The Legal Code. Every use is subject to this licence and GNU licence. In case of controversy among the two the most restrictive must be used for any country in the world.

  For the first ten years (2008-2017) use of these names must do with citation of the Author.

The author permits to everyone the use of these two new words for:

  1. publication in scientific journal
  2. use in meeting, congress, conference communications
  3. only with citation of Author if used in books
  4. didactics, experiments, other activity for students

  With respect of previous "licences" these words are free available, their use is free of charge, every form of payment is absolutely forbidden for the distribution.

Organizer work at:
Rome University, La Sapienza: Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty: Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH Meeting
in the even years of III millennium, 2006 -- 2022
Organizer teach on:
Laurea Degree Course of Chemistry and Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and Conservation
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